Batman #24 goes to 4th Print

Comic fans love a love story. The now famous issue Batman #24, which features Batman proposing to Catwoman is going to a Fourth Print.

In addition, Batman #25 has sold out and is going back for a 2nd Printing.

From Diamond’s Retailer notice

These new printings will not be offered on Final Order Cutoff. Quantities are limited – order yours today!

Retailers may order this issue by contacting their Diamond Customer Service Representative

Both are in stores July 19th and feature a recolored version of the first print covers.


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8 Responses to Batman #24 goes to 4th Print

  1. Jesus says:

    Did she ever give him an answer on 25?

  2. Jonathan hoffman says:

    I bet she answers at the end of Riddles and Jokes. Watch around issue 33ish

  3. Andrew Cantrell says:

    If you don’t mind newstand editions and still want a 1st print at cover price go to your local books a million. It took me going to three of them before I found them but there was a small stack of them hiding behind other books. They had plenty of #25s at all of them.

  4. Stanley says:

    Batman 24 is both underrated and overrated. In the short run, early market response has been stronger than expected. In the long run, this comic may be no more special than marriage proposals by Peter Parker and Clark Kent.

    • Anthony says:

      I think some books are short term and others are long term. I have been selling this as if it is a short term flip and will fill the gap in my run later.

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