Wednesday Winner: Batman Elmer Fudd #1

It is nice to pick up your comics on Wednesday. It is even nicer when those comics are going for a couple of times cover price by the end of the week. Batman Elmer Fudd #1 is one of those books.
No kidding, I know what you re thinking, but yes, Batman Elmer Fudd #1 is heating up.
Copies of #1A Cover have sold for as high as $30, with copies now selling for around $10. The Bob Finger Variant have sold for as high as $20 recently. Sets of A and B are selling for around $30 currently.

53 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Batman Elmer Fudd #1”

  1. Never fails to amaze me that the comics I hold off on buying online tend to do this. I figured I would give it several days and put it in with my order lol Congrats to those who got copies!

  2. I sold two and have six more of these. Haven’t moved any today after buying the six this morning. So we’ll see how it turns out. I’m surprised that one single issue of cover A went for $28 while there were many cheaper options out there at the same time.

  3. Ohhhhh that wascally Bat….picked up 4…first speck I got right in a while….had six in the cart but was afraid this would be an Elmer Dudd…..

  4. completely out of left field. I preordered this from my LCS, then left it in my pull slot for next week. I skeptical to go out and buy more to try and flip.

    1. I sold two last night for $14.99 plus shipping no problem. Have a set of A and B up for $30. I spent $18 on 4 and sold 2 for $30 total. I am in the green with more copies to sell.

      1. I just got back from visiting my LCS. I bought one set, have taken pics and listed it. I was able to put away two more sets in my pull box at my LCS, if I’m able to flip this set.

  5. With this book doing so well, I am surprised the other Looney Tunes cross overs did nothing. Especially the WW Taz book. Batman sells comics.

    1. I haven’t read one yet, I may take one listing down so I can keep one. But the reviews have been positive for the book. Plus Tom Kings work as a whole on Batman has been good, so I think that helps.

  6. Batman Elmer Fudd may be an unexpected hit. Widespread sales in market is a better indicator than the subjective opinion of people trying to predict the future. They are usually right or wrong half of the time. To reduce risk, speculators may wait until after markets tell us.

  7. I notice comics selling out ahead of Wednesdays at dreamland Many DC variants and other titles sell out there before Wednesday. Helps if you want to speculate. I just get ideas for what I might read and see if they are on the shelf at my lcs.

  8. i bought copies as well. hope this doesn’t turn into scooby too team up #12 (harley quinn) issue. hot and then cold. i never sell comics and have over 8000 in my collection….which is very small compared to others but good enough for my retirement. great website. period.

    1. Thanks brother. You never know how things will shake out long term. I have close to 40,000 that I have been selling when things pop up as hot. Hopefully the rest will be retirement and kids college fund. Or beach house when I am tired of working.

  9. You have a big collection Daveyboy! Happy retirement indeed! Scooby-Doo and Harlequin aren’t Fudd and Batman, what I think is that there is a longer history and legacy with those characters. So could be a long term spec as well. Have to watch…

      1. Wile E. Coyote hires Lobo to do what he has failed to do so many times before…kill the RoadRunner. Meep, Meep!

  10. youtube…..rush diehard comics….new mutants #87 is the cover… comic book tag top 100..sorry if its long. sit back and enjoy….thanks guys!!!!

  11. Gotta give credit to Mr. Hokness too, he called this one in the spec video. He mentioned it was kind of a silly one, but these sorts of strange combination books can do well with collectors over time.

      1. My LCS had a stack of these when I went there this morning. Ive made a nice profit off of these books today. So much so, that I decided not to go to work. Lol

      2. I sold 2 sets for $32 & $34 shipped, and 2 cover A for $16 each, shipped. I have a standing offer for my 3rd and final set, but I’ll see if it sells for more before I take that offer. $100 US in sales, which works out to $130 CDN, on a $32 initial invest. Maybe I could of gone into work…lol

  12. If you guys havent read the actual book yet, I suggest you do. I enjoyed it, especially the end with Bugs Bunny in it haha.

    1. Mike, I know we spoil you guys by giving away a lot of books. This isn’t one of them. This is a post about a book from this Wednesday you can possibly still find in comic shops and flip.

  13. So it looks like my LCS raised the prices on the comic after I went in Thursday morning and picked up 6 of them. I don’t know I feel about a comic store raising prices when it hasn’t even been out a full week. This is the second time it’s happened, last time was when I bought a few extra copies of redneck (was not even speccing on it since people had a heads up on it).

    1. I know it feels shitty, as your initial purchase was probably that LCS’ heads up on that book, but you can’t be upset at a store trying to sell its product for market value. The problem is, that store probably won’t sell any copies st their new marked up price, but had they let you buy them out, they would make money and you could make money (that you prob would spend at said store regardless). A store near me has tried that in the past. They still have copies of Black Cloud for $10 in there showcase. Lmao.

      1. Problem is my LCS is such a big shop they can afford it. They did that with redneck and ended up selling out after a few weeks. So ugh. Now I got some guy who offered on my four copies of this issue and I didn’t even realize I had “or best offer” up on eBay. Lol tried getting an extra two bucks out of him and he only raising one cent each time ???

      2. He’s offering 11 per comic. I have 4 so 44 plus shipping. Just funny that his initial offer was 10.99 so -_-

        1. I’ve had people start with unrealistic low ball offers. If I counter and they pull that crap by raising it by a penny or whatever, I either decline entirely or I actually counter them by raising the price by 1000% markup. I hate when people waste my time. So I either walk away or waste theirs.

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