Cheap Variant Alert: Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Jesse James Variant

You know we like to point out good, cheap variants. Hook readers up with a deal. Today we have the Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Jesse James Variant Limited to 500 Copies for you.


Thanks Alana for the heads up

These are up for $6.19 with free shipping. There are only 25 of the Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Jesse James Variant Limited to 500 Copies left so act quickly.


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26 Responses to Cheap Variant Alert: Shirtless Bear Fighter #1 Jesse James Variant

  1. comicevents says:

    Anthony, thanks for the heads up. I got in on this one.

  2. ki1owatt says:

    grabbed one…thanks

  3. Howie says:

    Maybe 4 or 5 left at the time I type this, after I got my 5 copies. I made great money on Jesse James variants in the past.

  4. Neil Stockbridge says:

    Check this deal out I found in their Ebay store. 5 exclusives that include Bear Fighter for $19.99 free delivery. I grabbed 3 sets. They also have Bear Fighter and Crosswind sets for $10.99 free delivery.

  5. William Zwissler says:

    Picked up two, thanks!

  6. Bobby Mansfield says:

    Picked up a copy for the PC. Clerk at my LCS was putting this book down pretty hard. I told him I enjoyed it. It’s not like I expected it to be Sandman. He said they haven’t sold out of it yet, but with him running it down, it’s no wonder…

    • agentpoyo says:

      Why would someone who owns a shop drive down a book they’re selling? If I owned a shop, every book would be the greatest thing since sliced bread…….

      • JayClue says:

        I think fresh, loafed bread is much better than sliced bread. The saying should be ‘best thing since loafed bread’.

      • Bobby Mansfield says:

        My exact thoughts. He even commented ” it’s not even going back for a 2nd print”. After I left, looked on here and saw that is. Had good laugh about that…

      • That was Rule#1 when I worked at a comic shop, to never negatively criticize any comic book, even if you personally don’t like it; because someone in that room might be a fan. Comic shops have a great power & responsibility to cradle & nurture new readers. If a Spider-Gwen fan walks into a comic shop and hears the owners trashing Spider-Gwen, they will be discouraged from reading comics, instead of being enticed to pick up Silk & Spider-Woman if the owner were praising Gwen & making suggestions.

    • Anthony says:

      Tell him some times comics can just be fun. Not to mention 80% of what Marvel puts out is junk so this cannot be any worse.

  7. Bobby Mansfield says:

    Got mine in today, great service!

    • Anthony says:

      Wow. That was fast. On a side note, Jesse James comics emailed me to thank me for posting and referring so many CHU readers to buy from him. As a reward he is sending me a bunch of variants to post up for free comic Wednesday’s. Keep an eye out for that!

      • comicevents says:

        How does it feel to be a driving force in the comic retail sales world?

      • Anthony says:

        Who me? Pretty crappy. J/K. Most of the times the stuff is gone from shops by the time I get around to getting there or ordering, you wouldn’t believe how many times I have shot myself in the foot. Lol. Buy first and then post, that is my motto. My LCS are readers and there are a ton of readers that go to my LCS. They now know to pull me copies of the things I write about because they start getting phone calls as soon as I post.

      • Alana says:

        I hope other stores take note, Super Limited store exclusive for a good deal under $10 shipped they fly off the shelves!! When a limited store variant sells out quickly because it’s a fair price, that creates a secondary market boom for those that are late to the party looking to get a copy. Much better then charging $99 for a 3 book set where no one wants two of the three books to begin with, 1000s of copies sitting in your inventory for eternity.

  8. comicevents says:

    Issue arrived today. Fast turn around. 👍

  9. Alana says:

    Mine too arrived all the way to Hawaii

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