Louie M’s Amazing LV Comic Con 2017 Wrap Up

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What up CHUicide Squad! Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con took place over June 23rd to June 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Amazing is known for being a true comic book convention and they pulled out all the stops with their stellar guest list: Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Jason Fabok, Kevin Eastman, and Gerry Conway.

Amazing further mixed it up with Ray Park (Darth Maul), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and voice actors from various anime such as Attack on Titan and Sailor Moon.

Unfortunately, there are still residual security concerns from the incident at Phoenix Comicon that is plaguing the con experience nationwide. Shortly before the event, Amazing announced the security procedures on social media – one rule included no backpacks in the exhibit hall (WHAT?!?!). Of course I was sweating that decision since I use my backpack religiously at cons. Luckily, a day before the con, the security procedures were relaxed to a bag and prop check upon entering the exhibit hall.

It’s not unlike Jimmy Jay and Amazing to make decisions in the best interest of attendees, the experience is what has kept this small con going strong for the last 5 years. The lines were long for the marquee names, but well managed by volunteers. I have the best line experiences at Amazing anyway, since so many attendees are hardcore comics fans. It’s not unusual to strike up great conversations or make new friends at Amazing shows.

I do recommend that Amazing boost volunteers on opening day and Saturday morning registration. Maybe setup a temporary table with extra staff to get past the initial rush.

Panels were easy and convenient to get into. I only waited 20 minutes for the Stan Lee panel rather than hours.

Venom is no doubt the hottest thing on the con floor. Symbiote madness is everywhere!

Aside from Venom, comic book exhibitors were displaying keys and hot moderns from the big two, probably 90%. Would really like to see more independent comics on display. I can’t blame exhibitors, it’s precious real estate and the common attendee will not know characters from Image, Black Mask, Valiant, and other indys. I think Indy work is the best way to convert people into comics.



Regardless, the majority of the floor was dedicated to comics and artist alley rather than mystery boxes so I can’t complain:

Discovered artist Carla Wyzgala and pick up some prints (www.carlations.net).

Got my All New GOTG #1 variant signed by Natali Sanders; her art is incredible, CHU recently posted her cover to Edge of Venomverse #1. She is a very nice person too! (http://darksilverstudio.com/)

Was happy to run into artist Anthony Delaney again. Since I like the dark stuff, picked up a few of his prints and his new self published comic The Changeling. (http://ayedeestudio.com/)

Waited awhile, but was worth it to get my Batman/Flash Lenticulars signed by Jason Fabok

Here are some prices from the floor:

Gotham City Sirens 1: $100

Amazing Spider-man 361: $125 – $165

Batman 24 – $3 – $5

Marvel Must Haves NYX 1-3 – $50 (big $$ for reprint, what a time to be alive!)

Venom 3 J Scott Campbell Variant – $300

Secret Wars 2 – $30

Batman/Flash lenticulars – $8-12

Venom 1 Mcfarlane variant – $300

Walking Dead 167 – $5

Seven to Eternity 1 – $35

Slayer 1 Eric Powell Variant – $10 (the S2E and Slayer were being sold by the great guys at http://www.comicmysterybox.com)

Amazing’s next show is in Hawaii with William Shatner, make a vacation out of it! https://www.amazinghawaiicomiccon.com/


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  1. Cyber Golem says:

    Jason Fabok – is one of my all time favorite artist!! Thanks for Sharing!!

    • Louie says:

      Super cool guy too. Wasn’t doing sketches, just focusing on getting through all of the autographs all weekend long.

  2. melthemovieguy says:

    great write up….damn 72e only 35

  3. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce the marvel msut haves are at $50 sweet. 7toe #1 at only $35 not so much. one of my goals for next year to be set up at this show. blind adam out

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