Looking for High Grade Amazing Spider-Man #300, here are five

We saw a crazy auction recently where a seller bulked out a bunch of NYX #3. The same seller is back with a Lot of 5 High Grade Amazing Spider-Man #300 
But you have to ask fast and be ready to throw down several thousand dollars. The Lot of 5 High Grade Amazing Spider-Man #300 had about 30 minutes left and is sitting at just above $2,000.  I am watching it to see how it ends. 

30 thoughts on “Looking for High Grade Amazing Spider-Man #300, here are five”

    1. If they really all high grade though, even if 3 of them out of 5 come back as 9.8, you already got your money returned. Honestly, if I had seen these earlier, I would have been tempted myself. I think these would be a great buy and hold, I only see these going up in value as more time passes. Spider-Man isn’t going anywhere.. and Venom isn’t either.

      1. agree… From the looks of them and not being able to see them in person it looks as though maybe one has a shot at a 9.8 with at least two other looking to me as being in 9.6. I doubt any of that lot goes below a 9.4 unless there is unseen damage on the back covers, but like you said ASM #300 is only going to go up in value! It is not only a legit key now but a major one at that! Still boggles my mind a bit how much it has grown!

  1. Of the four copies I bought in the early 2k’s I still have three..One a 9.6 the other two higher grade but not certified. Never thought I would see the day they would go for this much money. Not complaining, just a little surprised.

  2. High demand items in seller markets may be great for sellers but perhaps not so great for buyers? People who brought those items cheap may think buyers overpay.

    1. I think these are only going to continue going up in value as more time passes. $2750 isn’t really that bad a price if they truly are all high grade with no problems.

    1. Recent 9.6 grades are ending anywhere between $700 – $850 range as well. So yeah, whoever won these at $2750, they’re best option is to get these graded, they could be looking at a really nice profit turn around if these are 9.6 or better for all of them.

  3. You should of been buying them at $50 7years ago if your investing in this book. The first Venom appearance in Spider-Man 3 never really pushed the books value up lol, but in these crazy times a Venom movie pushes this book astronomical.

    1. Spider-Man 3 was terrible though! Plus it wasn’t until more recently that all this Marvel that done a lot of hyping up/heating up the market. Crazy how high they’re going for though.

  4. I bought 3 off the shelf when they hit the stands back in the day. I also grabbed a couple more over the years for cheap. Deep down I knew someday these books would finally get the credit they deserve.

    1. It’s funny because I got some off a spinner rack at 7-11. Years later I was buying collections and they all had them in there. Sold off probably 20 over the years with the last one I sold about two years ago.

      1. Same I’ve sold several I actually have 2 more with a facilitator getting signed by Lee/McFarland hopefully 9.8s

  5. These books are way over valued. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see something in the comic market going up for a change, but it’s so volatile!
    A year ago, a 9.6 was at 400 USD. Now it’s 700?

    1. Well, Since Marvel characters started appearing in movies in the early 2k’s more and more people are collecting first appearances and key issues…Not just in North America and parts of Europe. It has grown steadily all over the globe and those wanting the key issues want US printed issues. The demand, even for larger print runs (such as ASM #300) of very popular characters first appearances is huge right now and it doesn’t look like that is going to slow down. It is a sellers market for sure. To be honest, books such as ASM #300 and #361 haven’t come close to their ceilings yet. By the time the movie is released I wouldn’t be surprised if 9.6’s of 300 are constantly selling for $1000 to $1200 each. “IF” the movie is good probably more than that.

  6. Man if I only had a time machine….. I’m glad to see the book is getting the praise it deserves, but it does seem like an overload (from a buyers perspective).

    1. If you had a time machine, youre better off picking up the sports almanac, a la Marty McFly, then to go back and buy comic books.

      1. Get stacks of Detective #27’s and flood the market so collectors could actually get their hands on it instead of investment firms.

        1. You go back in time, but you stick them in a safety deposit box (with some of the best backer boards and mylar bags) or somewhere else safe, so they still age. You come back with high value comics, they’re gonna say they’re the best counterfeits since they show all original but don’t show any type of age.

      2. Haha, yeah betting on sports would take too much time for me so I would probably go back with the winning powerball numbers from one of the crazy high jackpots. That way I could afford a few copies of this book. Plus a bigger house so my wife doesn’t complain about all my books and boxes laying everywhere.

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