Alana's Weekend Specs: Sick of Symbiotes

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs!!! This week we talk more symbiotes if your not completely burned out on Spidey/Venom overload already. We also have a Dark Horse book to Netflix, a Image book on AMC, a Vertigo book coming to WGN, and lastly a nice limited Wolverine variant still available at retail. So let’s jump in!!!

The Umbrella Academy 1st series #1, #1-6, and FCBD 2007
Up first this week a Dark Horse book makes it to Netflix! Umbrella Academy a superhero Dark Horse limited series from 2007 is starting to move on the bay. FCBD I believe is the first Umbrella Academy but the 1st series #1-6 will all contain first appearances that will coincide with the show. Set in an alternate universe in 1977 in which JFK was never killed a bunch of god like babies are born this is an Eisner award winning story and written by the lead of My Chemical Romance, might be a hit.

Captain Britain #1 1976 1st Brian Braddock
A lot of talk about pass talk from Kevin Feige of inserting Cap from across the pond in the MCU. This is a very tough book to find in America, with no crosswords or mazes penciled on, with both full pinups intact, with no coupons or send aways cut out, with the Captain Britain mask still in it, with the mask’s eyes unpunched. If you can find a copy that is complete and unmessed with its worth putting away. The mask is very important!!!

Preacher #13 1st Herr Starr
Well if you don’t watch Preacher you probably should! Herr Starr finally appeared. Next to Preacher #1 this is the other Preacher key book you want. Can be found decently priced graded high grade even a SS 9.2 for cheap.

Amazing Spider-Man #569 1st Anti Venom
Everything symbiote is going crazy so is this I have written this up before. Anti Venom was recently added to the free app game Marvel Future Fight. Anti Venoms first is going for bigger money as of late, I recommend the 1:10 Granov Venom variant. There also is a second printing with a later print date and Romita Anti-Venom cover but 2nd prints aren’t my cup of tea, I won’t sell you on them. Later print date is not a first appearance in my book.

Venom Lethal Protector #1 Gold, Venom Lethal Protector #1 Red
So the Gold variant which was going for $20 a year ago has now dried up and only super expensive copies left. Crazy this new symbiote push to comics, even the normal cover Red foil which has to be one of the highest printed comics ever and in dollar bins is starting to go for $20. Just CRAZY! Beware on the error variants that are high priced as they can be faked with a process which could easily go undetected. But I think the real money will be in the next write up issue #4.

Venom Lethal Protector #4 1st Scream, Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher
Have written this up in the past but this will start moving for higher as well. 1st appearance of Venom’s daughter and Carnage’s sister Scream with 4 other symbiotes to boot. Venom will have multiple movies so this story could come into play. Book was a dollar bin all day but not anymore.

Scalped #1 Pilot should be wrapping shortly if you don’t have a copy be on the lookout can be found cheap in the wild. Will be aired on WGN of all places.

Old Man Logan #25 Bloody Ig Deodato variant 600 print run
My variant pick of the week this beautiful white virgin cover of Wolvie dripping blood with a 600 print run. Surprisingly a few copies still left at retail on the bay.
Doesn’t look like the Venom craze is stopping anytime soon, so keep an eye out for those dollar bin red foil Venoms and flip em. Make sure you have all your Venom keys in order as anything symbiote is turning into gold. The second season of Preacher has been a thrill ride so far turning out to be really really good, if your not watching it I would recommend binge watching Preacher. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

12 thoughts on “Alana's Weekend Specs: Sick of Symbiotes”

  1. ASM #569 1:10 variant is such a sweet cover! Glad I got it the day it came out. I have to agree with you on second prints (reprints). Not true first appearances since they are printed weeks to months after the initial release. Sometimes the print runs are very low so I guess that helps with the demand. The Second print cover is pretty nice and has anti Venom on it, but again, that 1:10 variant is just stunning!

  2. So the blonde in the hairband from one of the first set photos for Spider-Man homecoming is indeed Gwen. I knew it from the hairband way back then, so we have our possible Spider-Gwen already cast. We need more Gwen for Poyo.

  3. I’ve had several CB #1 since the early 1980’s and when the mask is intact, actually is more often that you’d think, the rubber band is usually rotted, or even worse rotted and partially stuck to one of the pages. Something to look out for when buying a copy and it makes a 9.4-9.8 extremely tough to find

  4. Hi Alana,
    Totally off topic but just wanted your thoughts on Fantastic Four 4 1st sa Namor.
    Do you think it has legs?
    Huge character and no idea who has the rights.

    1. Hey thanks everyone for the kind words, I don’t know if the rights have been resolved on Namor, Kevin Feige says they have been working on it and should be able to do something with Namor soon but I think there’s a problem with the creators Bill Everett’s estate that has kept Namor off limits. If Namor does come to the MCU I would think it in a Netflix show, with Aquaman beating Namor to the box office I don’t think Marvel would want to launch Namor in a solo film. As for the actual comic FF #4 it will always be a major key but would get a lot more notice and $$$$ if the demand for it was increased from a film or TV role. I remember when all Aquaman books were kinda of the laughing stock of keys in comic collecting, but now people are paying hundreds for these books because of movies. So I think the same thing would happen to your FF book and other Namor keys if you hold them.

  5. #awesomesauce thanks for this information as I love yourwrite ups . venom is going crazysauce in price and deamand even the action figures have spiked in price and it might be time to dust off the marvel trading card series 4 3d hologram card from 1993. #testify blind adam out

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