Variant Envy: 2017 SDCC DC Silver Foil Con Exclusives!

Thanks to Alana for this post
Hey CHUniverse double article from me today. I wanted to mention what are sure to be the hottest variants coming out of San Diego Comic Con, the DC Foil variants. 
Time to get your preorder on as the DC SDCC Silver foils are up on the bay for preorder. The Justice League #10, Wonder Woman #26, and Batman #24 foils are going to be big!!!! The foil photo Justice League cover will do amazing things at the time of the films release. The foil photo Gadot is to die for and will be everyone’s wanted SDCC book. Batman #24 Catwoman proposal in foil better then the a, b, 2nd, 3rd prints. The books are $15, and $10 at SDCC but obviously already preordering at 3x-4x that and has an alleged 1000 print run for each of the books. I say alleged because who knows but that’s what some are advertising. As for the other foil books have a look.

15 thoughts on “Variant Envy: 2017 SDCC DC Silver Foil Con Exclusives!”

  1. Any idea if they’ll have gold and silver foil covers, like they did for some of the Rebirth books? Or, is this just a foil cover with the cover art or movie photo?

    1. I think they are all silver foils including the photo variants are foil as well. Don’t know on the Gold foil like the Wonder Woman book last year, from everything I’ve read haven’t seen or heard of any gold foil variant this year.

    1. I can’t confirm but have heard the same, since they received so many complaints about the finger prints last year

  2. If I were a betting man, this business has a booth at sdcc and will head over to graphitti booth and load up on the graphitti books well before sdcc doors officially open. I know I’m smashing my head against the wall by saying this is unfair to ticket holders as it gives an unfair advantage. Biggest elephant in the room I rarely hear discussed. Cons should take measures to this prevent activity but that will never happen. Suffice to say I will not purchase these or any other preorder from businesses I know have a booth at a con… any con.

  3. Well, he doesn’t have a booth there. He is waiting in line like everyone else.
    As a vendor at sdcc, I can assure you that we get NO preferential treatment at sdcc. In fact, MANY companies (i.e.: Hasbro, NECA, etc) will not sell to dealers/vendors until MAYBE Sunday.
    I have had many “fans” wanting to sell me the exclusives at my booth for 3-4x retail stating “I can just sell it on eBay and get more”.

    1. My comment is of a general nature and is undeniable that it occurs across all cons across the US. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes countless times. Countless

  4. i need to addd the jla #10 to my list of sdcc variants. the foils will do well downt he road blind adam out

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