Avengers Infinity War First Look

The first look video from Marvel Studios has hit the web and gives background info on the upcoming movie. Check it out below:
Try this for leaked footage 


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21 Responses to Avengers Infinity War First Look

  1. Mike Leamy says:

    video from February?

  2. Cyber Golem says:

    Yea – this ones old.

  3. OC_Guy says:

    Can not wait for this one!

  4. Cyber Golem says:

    Wow!! This is gonna be great!! Thanks Anthony.

  5. JayClue says:

    I think I just pee’d my pants a lil. 😁

  6. A. King says:

    Looks good, I can’t wait for these to be released. I just hope that they can do it justice in only two movies. On a unrelated note, I just heard that George Romero died……….R.I.P.

  7. Jesus says:

    Was that death standing over the world with its arms spread out?

  8. JayClue says:

    I know New Avengers #8 is the hot book right now, but I’ve been getting tons of offers on my New Avengers #10, 1st Thane. What do you guys think are the chances of Thane ever making it to the big screen (possibly even Infinity War Pt.2?)?

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