New Comic Spec Review Video for 7/19/17

Terry Hoknes from and Anthony from discuss the week’s hot new releases. Here is this weeks for delivery 7/19/17:


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5 Responses to New Comic Spec Review Video for 7/19/17

  1. That’s funny. I picked up the Trump book on Midtown pre-order last week – meanwhile I didn’t grab an Archie #22 right below it and now they’re all sold out lol Great vid guys..thanks!

  2. JayClue says:

    Crooked Donald sells comic books. I loved the Antarctic Press’ Incredulous Trump cover. I picked up a couple MAD about Trump books a few weeks ago. MAD magazine doing Trump = gold.

  3. Brennan says:

    Lol now I must have this trump book.

  4. A. King says:

    I did pretty good on the Archie comic that he died in, still have a couple of the magazine size. So I’m definitely going to be getting a couple copies of #22.

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