Three Image Mystery Box "Here's Negan" Already Hit eBay

Not sure how it is possible, but a CGC 9.8 Signature Series copy of WALKING DEAD HERE’S NEGAN PREVIEW has hit eBay.

The Image Comics 25th Anniversary mystery boxes do not hit stores until tomorrow, however, a CGC 9.8 SS WALKING DEAD HERE’S NEGAN PREVIEW is on eBay. Even more weird is it was signed on 3/5/17….
and another
and yet another

Thanks to Ryan H. for sending this over.

60 thoughts on “Three Image Mystery Box "Here's Negan" Already Hit eBay”

  1. If it’s only available in the box how is it signed and graded already when it’s suppose to come out tomorrow. I guess it’s not only available in the box but elsewhere, another Image line of BS.

    1. The big question is how many more didn’t go into the boxes, or how many extras over the supposed 500 print run are there?
      This entire blind box is one fail after another.

    1. They are indeed…they always have new TWD issues signed by Adlard (for decent prices too!) I think Image always have a few issues in reserve that are supposed to go here or there. I got Lucille and All out War retailer incentives in their black friday boxes a few years back, so I would imagine they have extras that didnt go in the anniversary boxes.

  2. Check out the cgc census! Infinity and Beyond has 11 yellow labels already, plus they have multiple signed, raw, copies for sale as well!
    I can’t believe this. Charlie Adlard is connected to Infinty and Beyond Comics as well.
    Oh, man… This is MAJOR bad news.

      1. How can you look yourself in the mirror after taking a share of the limited books that are suppose to be in a stupid overpriced Blind box collectors and fans are spending hard earned money on. Not only did this company steal away 20 of these limited variants from collectors without them knowing it, they’re trying to set the price at a $1000 on top of that. That’s fraud.

  3. I know some comic stores were not selling the complete boxes but cracking them open & selling the comics individually. Indeed it was suggested in the original promo for the box.
    However a store fortunate enough to get 20 x Negan does not sit right especially as this store is associated with Charlie Adlard.
    This could have been a high point in Image 25th anniversary but with reports of boxes just containing standard variants (&multiple versions of the same title) this really is poor showing.
    Be interested to hear people’s views as to how the negative reaction may impact upon spec.

  4. Jimmy Linguin, over at CBSI, has postulated that that these are probably from Adlard’s artist comp copies, of which he almost certainly received a handful. Makes sense as it is a U.K. store. Not THAT outrageous if true.

    1. Yes, they’re comp copies…. but 30-50 copies? Wtf!?
      He has 11 yellow labels in the census that were signed on March 5th (4.5 months ago) and another couple dozen raw signed copies for sale.
      That’s an insane amount of “comps”, and smacks everyone in the face thst paid $200-300 for a 1 in 4 chance at getting one, ungraded and unsigned.
      This should be a HUGE black eye for Image, Infinity and Beyond Comics and Charlie Adlard.

  5. I had preordered 4 boxes , although for $125, but i’m sorta hoping I dont get any. I’m real disappointed in the whole here’s negan thing. Any Lawyers here? Can this situation be considered for a class action lawsuit? Cuz everyone preorder with no refunds allowed most likely and were promised exclusivity for heres negan and clearly was lied too.

    1. Lawyer here. I’m going to skip all the boring parts about class certification and federal venue choices and skip to the end.
      The damages, avoiding how difficult they would be to prove, would be so minor that they may not even rise to the class action requirements. Even if blind box customers as a class won, they would in all likelihood be awarded a hat each with an Image 25th anniversary logo on it as their sole compensation. I’m not joking.

      1. Most class action law suits are settled by the named plaintiff and the team of lawyers retained to represent the class.
        Most people are unaware of their involvement in the class. Last year I received $0.35 from paypal as a settlement. The payment was my first actual notice. I probably had constructive notice about it and a choice to opt out and preserve my claim, but I digress.
        When they settle, the lawyers’ attorneys fees are usually paid, the names plaintiffs usually get reimbursed their damages, and the rest of the class gets a hat or a mug or another nick nack with the defendant Corporation ‘s name on it (ironic, they get advertising).
        Again, not joking. But still funny.

        1. I opted in for a class action against DeBeers a few years back based on diamond jewelry purchases. I submitted the receipts for the stuff I bought my wife and waited about three years. I got a check in the mail for $350. I spent it on comics.

      2. Yeah, Tony, but imagine how giant that class against DeBeers was? Global, high ticket items, probably over the course of many years. Different class certification story.

  6. Still pretty outrageous either the print run is greater than 500 or these copies are from the 500 that are suppose to be in Blind boxes. Either way they are cheating their customers this book is advertised as being from the blind box only. To give an artist a stack of these and him in turn try to sell them through his comic store at $1000 a pop before a single one has even changed hands or available. He’s price fixing these and has taken away books from his fans or screwing up the print run of this book for his fans. Trying to skim $20 k from this book through your own comic store before it’s even available in a special release is down right appalling for any artist.

    1. If it was a store exclusive, incentive variant, or a regular cover no big deal do what you want with the artist copies but a book only released through Image’s special Blind Box promotion and extremely limited, Your tarnishing the publishers name (Image) by doing this. Why not give him hard cover copies for his store of this book that are selling for $20 instead of comics from the 500print run he’s trying to set the price for at $1000 each. If I were Image I would fire him

    2. Hold up.
      There are 500 Negans but only 259 boxes right? There weee always going to be extras.
      Unless I’m missing a piece of the equation.

      1. 250* my screen is broken. Never happened before in my life. I am the cracked screen guy now. My life is a mess.

  7. And how is it that one EBay seller has three Blind Box original art sketch issues for sale? Are they more common than we think?

  8. Most everything in this business is some kind of “in” or “shady” or “scam” lately. When a fun hobby… any hobby… becomes lucrative then there is b.s. like this all over the hobby. It’s such ashame

  9. My LCS and I ordered two, hoping to get one. He got them both in today! Brought them into my work so they wouldn’t sit in my hot car all afternoon. See whats in them tonight!

    1. Hey Bill if you don’t mind record your self on boxing them and send it to me I will post it I would love to see what’s inside and what you got

      1. Didnt film it but took pictures. Actually git a decent box. No Negan but I got an original sketch copy :p

  10. I ordered one box for my store. Selling them individually. when I get down to the last couple, I’ll probably open for myself.

  11. Couldn’t resist! Started opening one box at work, and the 10th book was a Negan, so I stopped. Do the rest later!

  12. One of my LCSs got 4 boxes, with a friend of mine purchasing 2 of them. He just opened one and pulled a Negan from from it. He said nothing else was special and the book was, overall, in good condition. Nothing a little pressing couldn’t fix.

  13. I’m ok with adlard selling copies, seems like the creators should benefit from their creations. That being said I had no skin in the game as I didn’t even try to get a box.

      1. No one got mad when j Scott Campbell sold 50 plus copies of venom 3 1:100 on his site. I’m sure marvel paid him well for that cover too.

      2. An incentive is not the same as a limited print run, and Venom #3 wasn’t promised to be only available through a $150 Blind box. You can mess with incentive numbers when you mess with the numbers of a limited print you destroy the integrity of this and all future limited print Image books.

  14. This a total mess up by Image, my LCS are saying there are a lot of multiple copies in the boxes. People are being screwed and robbed by image and as for Charlie Adlard you dirty crook…

  15. Ah, comics. Can anyone say that they are truly shocked by this? Disappointed, yes, but shocked? Look at the general shit that goes on in this industry as seen in comic stores, ebay, comic-cons et al. I do feel bad for anyone that was scorched on this though…social media ire for revenge (or vengeance?) seems like it’s ramping up.

  16. So I opened one of my boxes (I should have two more coming in the mail), and here is what I got:
    Redneck – color and blank sketch
    God Country – color and blank sketch
    Regression – color and blank sketch
    Old Guard – color and blank sketch
    Extremity – color and blank sketch
    The Divided States of Hysteria – color and b/w
    The Few – color and b/w
    Youngblood – color and b/w
    Curse Words – color (2)
    Sun Bakery – color
    Eternal Empire – color
    Grrl Scouts – color
    Rock Candy Mountain – color
    Plastic – color
    Rose – color
    Paklis – color
    No Negan…

  17. My LCS got 7 boxes. I am not sure how many they ordered. They asked their customers to open the boxes in the store so they could keep track of the books. Only one of the 7 boxes had a Here’s Negan book.

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