Poyo’s Picks for July 12th, 2017

Is it Wednesday already? This great American Family Roadtrip has me disconnected from everything. Not even paying attention to what day it is. Thankfully, Anthony is there to send me a furious text to remind me to keep my deadlines. I have seen so much over the past week that it has been amazing, breathtaking really. Visited the Goonies Beach for one… Oh wait, that’s right, Comics… Here you go. As always, chime in if you love it or hate it in the comments. Don’t hold back you won’t hurt my feelings.
Batman #27 (DC COMICS) – Batman fighting both the forces of the Riddler and the Joker, two of his best villains is worth the grab. Top notch characters deserve top notch villains, and that is something that has been lacking for a while.
Astonishing X-Men #1 (MARVEL) – Nothing is blowing me away with this week’s line up from Marvel. But bringing back core teams of X-Men like the good old days has me optimistic. Runner up goes to Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #2. I feel Deadpool is overdone, but Cllen Bunn writing him is always a good thing.
DUCKTALES #0Ducktales #0 (IDW) – I am sure either Anthony or Mel has this on their list since we are all around the same age and all fondly remember the cartoon. It is coming back as well, s this could be a good book to hold.
Sisters of Sorrow #1 (BOOM STUDIOS)- A grindhouse style story in comics. Not many are around right now. I love the concept, but a four issue miniseries could hold it back from shooting up in price. Runner up goes to ARCHIE #22. We all know that comic book deaths are not permanent. So if someone should die like the covers suggest, they will be back.

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  1. The Sisters of Sorrow will be on my pick up list tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to visit the giant red woods of northern Cali. The seem unreal to me.

    1. Yeah, I tried to fit in the Redwoods but it would have added another day or so onto the trip. It’s gonna be another trip for sure.

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