Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 145th edition of the open forum!
Man, George Romero passing took the wind out of my sails. Not that I didn’t think it would ever happen, but it sucks when legends go on to the other side.
Lots of cool news out and lots of good news coming up…. SDCC around the corner. Maybe you will find out why I have been grabbing up copies of Replica #1 from Aftershock…. Don’t say you weren’t warned.
Hope you are having a safe one, no blowing off fingers with fire works. How are you spending the day?
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Here are Anthony’s pick-ups for 7/19/17

38 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

      1. My guy puts them aside for me too. He gave me his Redneck, Kill the Minotaur and a few others recently. Best price around. Free!

  1. Replica #1, huh? Well, bought three copies of the regular cover and two of the 1:10 for just over thirty dollars after shipping. Small gamble, so why not…. What’s your gut feeling on this one Tony?

  2. I’m excited for Secret Empire. It’s been great. I realize it’s more cool to poop on marvel events (though I’ve often felt the same way about past events). But this one has been pretty good. Really curious to see how it all comes together.
    I think Archie 22 might be the hot book tomorrow. Supposedly a death, but who knows.
    Besides Archie, are there any other must grab books this week for possible spec? Last week was a slow one for me.

  3. Hey all
    Hope everyone is doing well!
    Busy as ever but I’m done for the night so I have some time to post!
    Grabbed a few pops this week while I was grabbing a bday gift for my friend. The hot topic exclusive venom and a cable.
    Took last Friday and did nothing around the new house for a change, caught up on some reading! No physical issue backlog now, only digital.
    Tomorrow I will get:
    Back to the future
    Green lanterns
    I hate fairyland
    Justice league
    Spectacular spider-man
    Secret empire
    Renew your vows
    Might Thor
    Totally awesome hulk
    Wild storm

    1. Forgot to mention my Gasolina ashcan.
      I also got a free glow in the dark cosmic cube promo item for secret empire #6.

  4. This weeks pickups….
    All the comicmint Metal covers
    Unknown comics bundle
    Preordered the Venomized 2 set
    Saving money for some More variants buying this week as well as patiently waiting to preorder all the Marvel Lenticulars from next months preorders hopefully mm will put them up soon.

  5. On the subject of back issues, my spider sense is tingling about something:
    Why is Avengers 236 (spider-man team up with the avengers) not a more sought after book? Has a great cover of spidey with the avengers and everything. Sure there’s a lot of them out there, but in the past 316 got the attention. I guess because he “joined” temporarily in 316.
    I think it’s overlooked. There is of course also avengers 11, the first avengers/spidey crossover, which is getting hot again btw.
    Anyway I think 236 is an overlooked book and I think I might grab a couple of those sub $2 listings that are currently on eBay.
    ASM 529 is getting even hotter lately (1st iron spider suit). I can’t tell if that one has much more room to grow yet or not.
    Hey did that guy sell that $15,000 Star Trek gold key in the incredible plastic bag yet?

  6. Big pickup this week was a Stan Lee signed, mid grade Marvel Super heroes #18. Not sure if I will be picking up much tomorrow. Maybe just Batman and Justice League.

  7. Picking up this week:
    Alien Dead Orbit 4 (Stokoe!)
    Shaolin Cowboy 4 (possibly both covers, I like Genndy Tartakovsky but am not really feeling this cover)
    F*** Fairyland 14 (cover B, I only buy cover B to this series)
    Aquaman 26 (Dolphin cover to go with my Showcase 79)
    Picked up:
    Strangers in Paradise Vol. 1 issues 2 & 3.
    Notes: I framed my Poison Elves original art page. Most original comic pages are on 11×17 board so they can be shrunk down to the standard comic page size. Drew Hayes, however, was self taught and self published and worked on hand-cut 8×13 paper.

  8. Pickups this week:
    Pestilence #3
    Astonishing X-Men #1 (Dodson variant for cover price)
    Secret Empire #6 (Campbell variant for $30)
    Was at a meeting and happened to stop in at a comic shop I haven’t been to in a year. More of a place for people to play Magic than comics, but they typically have books on the shelves that are anywhere from a week to up to six months old. There sitting right behind the newest copy of Redneck were two silver foil and one gold retailer appreciation copies of Redneck #1. Bought all three for cover price. Couldn’t believe my luck! Was also able to score 3-4 Parrillo Vampirella’s at cover price. Not a bad visit in the least!
    Good hunting everyone!

  9. Had a pretty productive Wednesday at the LCS’. My pick ups were:
    Vader #2 vol.2, 1:25, NM $20
    Normandy Gold #2, loving these hard case crime series’
    Edge of Venomverse #1, Mattina daredevil variant, $12
    Harley Quinn #24, reg. X1, cho x2
    Awesome Hulk #21
    Generation gone #1
    XMen Gold #8
    Secret Empire #6, Hydra Hero Variant
    Spec. Spidey #2, reg and J.Lee
    Darth Maul #5
    Batman #27
    Sisters of Sorrow #1
    Jimmy s Bastards #2
    Minimum Carnage Alpha
    Minimum Carnage Omega
    Carnage #10, 1st Raze,
    Earth X #1, 1st May Parker x2
    Fantastic Four #360, 1st Dreadface
    Ultimate Fallout #4 2nd print
    Ultimate Fallout #4 1st print
    Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #1
    Amazing Fantasy #15, 2005 reprint
    Batman #21, Lenticular x3 @ cover
    Flash #21 Lenticular
    Trump VS Time Lincoln #1, LMAO
    Astonishing XMen #1Dodson var. x3
    ROM vs Transformers #1, incentive variant
    DuckTales #0, Scrooge McDuck incentive variant
    Aquaman #26, beautiful cover art
    Archie #22, cover b
    Calexit #1 x2
    ASM #493
    Superman: American Alien #7, 1:25 Jock variant $20
    Gotham Adventures #10, early Harley cover
    Harley Quinn #26 & #27 2003 series
    Wonder Woman Frison covers #7, #8, #16, #23, #24. My Frison set is complete now!
    Trinity #11, b cover x3, hopeful flips
    Gasolina Ashcan #1 x2
    And my gold this week, that I found in the back issue bins, were 3 copies of Doctor Aphra #3, 40th anni for cover.
    And a Superior Carnage #1 1:25 ($20) & Superior Carnage #2 1:25 ($20)

  10. Looks like a few copies of Aquaman 26b have sold for 10+ on feebay today. Wonder if it’ll continue to trend up. The cover art is really nicely done.

  11. LCS
    Kill The Minotaur 2
    Batman 27 reg cvr
    Harley Quinn 24 var cvr
    Aquaman 26 var cvr
    Couldn’t find an Archie!!!! Here’s hoping for a 2nd print.
    Action Comics Vol 2 #981 Cover A Regular Patrick Zircher Cover
    All-New Wolverine #21 Cover B Variant David Lopez Mary Jane Cover
    Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #8 Cover A Regular Ryan Stegman Cover
    American Gods Shadows #4 Cover A Regular Glenn Fabry Cover
    Amerikarate #4 Cover B Variant Daniel A Massa Karate Warriors Cover
    Betty & Veronica Vol 2 #3 Cover E Variant Paolo Rivera Cover
    Birthright #25
    Bitch Planet Triple Feature #1 Cover A Regular Valentine DeLandro Cover
    Black Hood Season 2 #5 Cover B Variant Michael Walsh Cover
    Briggs Land Lone Wolves #1 Cover B Variant Kim Jung Gi Cover
    Captain America Sam Wilson #23 (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Comic Shop News #1571
    Copperhead #14
    Darkness Visible #5 Cover B Variant Dave Kendall Subscription Cover
    Detective Comics Vol 2 #958 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover
    Fantomah #1 Cover A Regular Djibril Morrisette Cover NEXT WEEK
    Flash Vol 5 #24 Cover B Variant Howard Porter Cover
    Generation X Vol 2 #3
    Grass Kings #4 Cover C Variant Tula Lotay Cover
    Green Valley #9
    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 3 #6 Cover B Harvey Tolibao
    Hard Case Crime Normandy Gold #1 Cover A Regular Fay Dalton Cover
    Harrow County #24
    Hulk Vol 4 #7 Cover A Regular John Tyler Christopher Cover
    Jimmys Bastards #1 Cover A Regular Dave Johnson Cover
    John Carpenters Tales Of Science Fiction Vault #1 NEXT WEEK
    Kim Reaper #3
    Kingpin Vol 2 #5
    Marvel Previews Vol 4 #1 August 2017
    Mindbender #3 Cover A Regular Federico De Luca & Rolando Di Sessa Cover NEXT WEEK
    Old Man Logan Vol 2 #25 Cover A Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover
    Pitiful Human-Lizard #13
    Rose #3 Cover B Variant Joyce Chin Cover
    Scooby Apocalypse #14 Cover A Regular Howard Porter Cover
    Secret Empire #4 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover
    Secret Warriors Vol 2 #3 Cover B Variant Javier Rodriquez Mary Jane Cover
    Shadows On The Grave #5
    Solar Flare #4 NEXT WEEK
    Sons Of The Devil #13
    Spookhouse #5
    Star Wars Vol 4 #32 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover (Screaming Citadel Part 4)
    Suicide Squad Vol 4 #19 Cover B Variant Whilce Portacio Cover
    Supergirl Vol 7 #10 Cover A Regular Robson Rocha & Daniel Henriques Cover
    Superwoman #11 Cover B Variant Renato Guedes Cover
    Theres Nothing There #2
    Trespasser #1
    Weapon X Vol 3 #4 Cover A 1st Ptg (Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Prelude)
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #27 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover NEXT WEEK
    X-Men Blue #5 Cover B Variant Helen Chen Mary Jane Cover

  12. Man so I tracked down a aquaman 26 cover b. The shop I went to didn’t finish putting up all their new comics for the week for whatever reason. But when I asked the lady just yankee it out of a stack and had it bending flopping around. You’d think a comic shop would know how to handle comics properly. ?

  13. Only went to 1 shop today, pickups included…….
    X files #16b
    TMNT Universe #12b
    H.Q. #4b
    Batman and Superman b covers
    I saw a stack of Archie but passed on them. It is a shop I don’t get to go to very often, and I saw some good variants from the previous weeks that are doing well and since my work is going to take me in the same area tomorrow I’ll pay them another visit to get what I didn’t get today.

  14. I thought overstreet would be a hit on this site. I was wrong. I collect modern stuff just like the next guy does but I wish there was more talk about golden silver or bronze age books….esp silver age….oh well……as always….a great site and well recommended for any collector and investor like myself….but I never never sell. that’s just me.

    1. I buy gold, silver, and Bronze Age books for my collection and as long term holds. They are more blue chip stocks of comics. The moderns, in most cases, are more akin to day trading. (If we are looking at it from an investment analogy). I love Overstreet. I love going into a shop and not seeing a computer and the owner has a thumb worn year or two old copy sitting on the counter. My iPhone vs an Overstreet wins almost every time when it comes to pricing. I wrote a piece early on talking about Overstreet guide being a dead book on arrival because the prices could have actually changed. But it is a guide, a tool to help people figure out a value, and it is a damn good tool at that.

  15. My pickups for this week…
    Aquaman (A + 2xB)
    Batman A
    Batwoman B
    Harley Quinn B
    Superman A
    Super Sons B
    Trinity B
    Amazing Spidey Renew Your Vows
    Astonishing X-Men (1:25 villain variant)
    Luke Cage 2 + 3 (1:25 variants)
    Darth Maul
    Poe Dameron
    Secret Empire (Hyrda Hero cover, plus some cosmic cubes!)
    Totally Awesome Hulk
    Archie (A + C)
    Kill the Minotaur
    Moonstruck (retailer gold foil variant) – b/c I like shiny things
    Dread Gods (Neal Adams variant) – b/c I like Neal Adams
    Calexit – missed it last week
    I also got a Gasolina (ashcan + promo poster) – my LCS is no longer giving ashcans away…I had to negotiate it for $5…not too bad given I think they only got 1 copy vs. a dozen copies of the “Kill the Minotaur” ashcan. Thanks for the heads up on this JayClue…b/c of your comment above, I knew to ask for it (it hasn’t been put out “for sale” yet).
    I really wanted the Art Adams 1:25 variant for P.P. Spectacular Spidey, but passed on the only copy I could find b/c it was damaged. I would have liked the 1:50 Cassaday cover for Astonishing X-Men as well, but too pricey for me. I visited 3 shops and noticed that Aquaman B’s, Trinity B’s and Archie’s were scarce.

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