Alana’s Weekend Specs: SDCC 2017 late edition

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs. Comic con is upon us and with new trailers dropping we have new specs to cover. News of a solo Dr. Doom film and Spawn reboot have the comic world a buzz. Tons of upcoming comic character roles have been cast this week as well. So a lot of I told you so’s this weekend with books that were written up in the past on Weekend Specs but finally were confirmed for Tv or film. I also have a handful of new TV/Film specs with low price points that should be easily found. Let’s Jump In!!!

Flash #180 1st Baron Katana 1st Samuroids.
New trailer for the coming season of Flash at SDCC revealed the Samuroids and or Baron Katana. Found in the $10-$50 range and an old 12 cent Flash book it has some room to grow.

Amazing Spider-Man #411 1st Gaunt
Some rumors regarding the Spiderverse Silver and Black movie broke this week. It appears Gaunt will be one of the villains of the film. Mendel Stromm 1st appeared in ASM #37 as an Oscorp employee and became Gaunt the Robot Master in issue #411.

Web of Spider-Man #36 1st Tombstone
Have written this up in the past on Weekend Specs and now it looks like Tombstone will be joining Gaunt in Silver and Black. Don’t have very high expectations for a Silver Sable movie but let’s hope they prove me wrong. As for all the supposed Spiderverse movies, I think they are all in trouble. I think Kraven could work as a standalone but like Blind Adam said they can’t really have someone wearing a fishbowl on their head the whole time for a Mysterio movie.

Journey into Mystery #97, #99 cameo and 1st full Surtur
Surtur appears in the new trailer for Thor 3. Have written this up in the past as well now it comes to fruition. I think Journey into Mystery #97 is a mention only and not a cameo I have to dig it out and check, but out of the two #99 is the one you want.

Justice League of America Vibe #3 1st Breacher.
Danny Trejo was cast as Breacher in The Flash television show. Good cheap spec can be found in dollar bins. The Thinker was also cast for the coming season of Flash his first appearance we’ve written up in the past too,  All Flash #12

Flashpoint #1 #1 This book now becomes a 2fer used in Television and now the title of the coming Flash film. Has also been written up in the past for Weekend Specs. There is a SDCC variant for this that could catch some heat as well as the regular cover.

Ironman #219 1st appearance Ghost
So looks like this is the main Villain for Antman and the Wasp from SDCC news today. Book is cheap now is the time to buy might be a good flip down the road.

Powerman #24 1st Black Goliath Bill Foster
Another book written up on past Weekend Specs. I said Bill Foster would either show up on Luke Cage or Antman’s sequel and we news from SDCC today Laurence Fishburne will play Bill Foster in Antman and the Wasp. So will he become the Black Goliath is the next big question. Michelle Pfeiffer was also cast as Janet Van Dyne.

Fantastic Four #51st Doctor Doom, 1st Banner/Hulk in full page ad
Biggest and best news is a coming Doctor Doom standalone film with the creator of  Fox ‘s TV show Legion Noah Hawley at the helm. Let’s hope they have it right this time. Books already pricey but with a solo movie on the horizon I expect this to become more valuable then FF #1, that’s a bold statement.

So there you have it friends a new list of specs to hunt down for your weekend back issue safari. Lots of good info and trailers coming out of SDCC it’s hard to keep up, hope this helps. Thanks for reading and Happy Hunting!!!


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26 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Specs: SDCC 2017 late edition

  1. Josh M says:

    Isn’t Avengers #32 1st Bill Foster appearance? Wouldn’t that be the real money play?

    Great article as usual.

    • Alana says:

      It matters if he becomes Goliath. If he does both books will heat up. If he just shows up as a scientist at Pym labs then his first appearance would make sense, but If he doesn’t show up as Goliath I don’t think much heat will come to Avengers #32 it would be like collecting Hellen Cho’s 1st appearance because she was in Age of Ultron.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Looks as though Laurence Fishburne will be playing Bill Foster and he is a bit older. I would think anything Goliath would be in a flashback or something…Never know. Downy Jr. is kinda old now, but he has been playing the part for almost a decade. Doubt they would bring him in at his age if everything was just starting. Either way, mid grades of Avengers #32 and Power Man #24 are not expensive right now. Great time to pick them up for the personal collection.

  2. JT says:

    I’ve been waiting for Ghost to get big for awhile.

  3. Cody says:

    The day FF5 goes for more than FF1 I’ll literally eat my shoe. FF1 is so much more than a first app of a team as the turning point for marvel comics as a whole.

  4. keld says:

    shouldn’t be asm 418 not 411?

  5. Sam Finley says:

    I had to reread the FF5 will be more valuable than FF1 sentence multiple times to make sure I wasn’t misunderstanding you. That is seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Get real.

    • flockdeseagulls says:

      No need for that kinda talk, these articles are made to help us , so treat fellow board members kindly.

    • Alana says:

      Doctor Doom is still in comics even has his own series Infamous Iron Man. Fantastic Four has been sidelined for years. I understand the whole relevance of what FF #1 means for the superhero comic genre. But Fantastic Four #1 use to be more valuable then Amazing Fantasy #15 which it is not anymore. While other silver age keys have been gaining FF#1 stays the same and will continue to unless they are let of the “Disney” vault, return to current comics and are on people’s minds. Longer they are gone from comics more forgotten they will become. My Fantastic Four #1 is prob a 1.0 but complete paid $865 on it, my Fantastic Four #5 is cgc graded 2.0 paid $680 guy was asking $900. Both bought this year. So my #5 is in better shape then my #1 but for low grades they are already close in price. That’s what’s great about a Doom standalone film it doesn’t need the F4, but they can’t seem to make a F4 film without Doom. Even the supposed rereboot of Fantastic Four is going to be about Franklin and Valeria not the F4. “Valeria and her different first appearances is part of next weekend Specs”

      • Wells Floyd says:

        Thanks for the tips! Great list!

      • Alana says:

        Dug out my Journey into Mystery #97 it is a 1 panel cameo of Surtur not just a mention in the Tales of Asgard part.

      • Bobby Mansfield says:

        I’ll give it a chance, but all these solo villain movies don’t sound very appealing to me.

      • Sam Finley says:

        Graded copies aren’t close. If you got a 1.0 #1 for $865 you got a steal.The last CGC one sold for $2200 in April. If you look at 2.0 CGC copies in GPA they are $2813 12 month average on 6 sales. The #5 is $762 on 5 sales. $1300 vs $4900 in 4.0 and so on. The 1 is consistently 3.5-4x the value of a 5. There just isn’t any other comic title that has ANY issue more valuable than the first when the #1 is a first appearance. Not Daredevil, Hulk, FF, X-Men, etc. No supporting character is EVER more valuable than the main characters. Period. That’s why thy’re supporting characters.

        On a side note, I generally enjoy your articles and think your specs have a decent amount of validity to them. This comment, however, threw me for a loop.

      • Alana says:

        I get it, like I said I knew it was a bold statement. I don’t agree with everything every spec article says I read myself. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on everything or anything, it’s just about getting the info out for me. Thanks for reading my write ups I’ll try and keep you from going through a loop in the future.

  6. Richard G says:

    Black Goliath #1 the origin story I think is still worth getting in the PC just for the cover — Power Man def on my radar now

  7. 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

    In light of the buzz around the infinity war trailer, a book to be grabbing yesterday is Avengers 125, 1st Thanos in an Avengers comic, and he invades Earth. and that cover is badayass. There are certainly other keys but this one has not gotten enough attention.
    And damnit! I very recently sold the Flashpoint 1-5 set. Argh.

  8. OC_Guy says:

    Surprised Journey into Mystery #112 and Defenders #10 aren’t getting more love with the Thor movie inching closer.

    • 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

      I agree! But that also means it’s time to buy. And I would say from my observations though that they’re both…comics…heating.. up. Narharahar
      I think they’re both at the stage where there’s interest in the books, but people want them cheaper than sellers are asking. If those books are solid specs, the low priced copies will dry up and those same people will be wishing they could get them at these prices a couple of months down the road. Although it’s close enough to the movie that it’s getting to be about that time. I think not enough people know about those two books TBH, they’ve been glazed over by a lot of websites who cover this sort of thing.
      Defenders 10 is an especially badass book. I think the Thor vs Hulk battle in the first Avengers movie was inspired by their fight in that book.
      Vol 1 of the Defenders has always been woefully underappreciated IMO. Some of the best bronze age reading out there.

      • Bobby Mansfield says:

        Agreed. I’m a big Bronze age fan and Defenders is an underrated book imho.

      • OC_Guy says:

        Defenders bronze age is insanely under-appreciated! Have a couple each of JIM #112 and Defenders #10…Might look into buying one more or each……..maybe. Classic covers on both! What’s not to love?!

  9. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    #awesomesauce thank you for the information . thank youfor the flash #180 tip. don’t go crazysuace with flashpoint . the movie still needs a dictor and a script . I have been picking up all vibe books for years vibe is the bomb . any earily gyspy appearance is good as well. thor #385 is a great thor vs hulk cover and battle. web of spiderman is a wall book for me tombstone isunderrated andundervauled the flash wedding issue is another good pick . I will send tony my post s.d.c.c. top twenty hidden gems tomorrow take care and god bless
    blind adam out

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