Frankie’s Comics and The Variant Collective of The Comic Mint, Sad Lemon, 7ate9, Amorphous Ink, and Golden Apple have announced their variant for The Defenders #4 by Gabriel Dell’Otto. They were further pleased to announce that all 3000 copies of the regular variant are being donated to the US military to be included in care packages sent to the troops by Operation Gratitude. 
Amorphous Ink’s Joshua Cozine proposed the idea, and Kevin Fields (Frankie’s), Steven Finkel (Comic Mint), Simon Payne (Sad Lemon), Chris Bowers (7ate9), and David Dryden (Golden Apple) all agreed that Defenders was the perfect book to honor those that put their lives on the line so that we can sleep at night.
While the regular edition will not be available to fans, collectors won’t be completely left out. 600 copies of a virgin variant edition will be put up for sale on the various websites for $20, a very low price for a short run Marvel variant.
“We’re obviously not making any money at that price even if we sell out,” said Fields. “But this release isn’t about that. We just wanted to do something cool for our soldiers and the collecting community. I wish we could have announced this on July 4th, as that was the impetus for the idea, but it took longer than we thought to find a charity that would actually put the books in the hands of the troops. There are a lot of charities out there that claim to do it, but when you read the fine print, that’s not what they actually do. We’re so happy to be working with Operation Gratitude on this, as we know that our military men and women will have these in their hands soon.”
Defenders #4 releases on 8/9. The virgin edition is available to order now on the following sites:


  1. This is such a good thing they’re doing. I bought two copies earlier. Add a good deed to the excellent art and this is a surefire winner for the PC.

  2. Man, where was this stuff when I was in!? All I remember us getting was some free Redbull, which in retrospect kind of felt like a dick move. Enjoying the 115 degree heat!? Have a Redbull! It’s great for heat exhaustion and battling dehydration!

  3. Awesome, thx for posting this. Picked up two myself.
    So now the question is, 600 total, or 600 per site? If you read Frankies it states a print run of 600, making it seem like they have that many.
    Just curious how this shakes out, number-wise. It would make sense, since there are 6 sites that each would have access to pre-sell an allotment of 100.

      1. They split the Ultimate Batman Metals 50 each to 5 of the stores with a print run of 250 its all sold out but amorphous ink still has 2 copies of anyone’s looking

  4. Why not!… At least I can do a local pick up for one of these stores if I want. Nice looking cover, but would have been nice to see a bit more fight in the Punisher.

  5. I’m guessing the regular cover will be the one to heat up, since the only way to get it is to be a deployed soldier.

    1. 6 of 1 1/2 dozen of another. They are paying for the shipping of the comics out to the charity as opposed to the charity paying to have books shipped to them.

  6. Maybe I’m being cynical, but I don’t understand how they say they won’t turn a decent profit only selling the 600 virgins and donating the regular variants. 600 comics times $20 equals $12000. Assuming a 50% wholesale cost (which is likely much lower if these guys do a lot of exclusive Marvel variants), 3600 copies at $2.00 each (50% of the $3.99 cover price) only totals $7200. That equals $4,800 in profit just from a sellout of the virgins even if they donate all 3000 of the nonvirgin variant. In fact, assuming a 50% wholesale cost (but again, their cost could be as low as 40% of cover price), all they have to sell is 361 copies (or 61%) of the virgins to start turning a profit on this.
    I’m not saying donating these comics isn’t a good thing, but I sincerely doubt they’re not making money on this. As the comments indicate, people are ordering the virgin covers after hearing this story that might not have otherwise, plus they’ll get a tax write-off (not sure if it would be based on the wholesale cost or the cover price) for the donated copies. And how many of you would care about a store exclusive variant for Defenders #4 if you hadn’t heard about their “charitable” act?

      1. Any artist out there know what’s the pay or agreement to do a store variant? Is it part of your contract through the publisher or is it paid for and contracted by the store?

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