Free Comic Wednesday: Unholy Grail Merlin Set

Thanks to Mike The Greek from More Great Collectables for sponsoring this giveaway. Up for grabs tonight, the four variant Merlin set by Jason Pearson for Unholy Grail #1.

One winner will get all four books!

So here is all you have to do:

Rules are simple:

1. Enter your name in the comment section below.

2. No purchase necessary. But stop by and thank Mike the Greek at More Great Collectibles

3. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.

4. Ships free in the US foreign winners agree to chip in for shipping

5. Winner drawn at random

6.  Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before we move on to the next winner.

7. If this is your first time commenting on the site, be patient, the comment will need to be approved.


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