Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 146th edition of the open forum!
Another week of comics are upon us. I want to start out by thanking everyone who comes here and checks out the site. It is fun to do. I enjoy the interaction of readers and posters. And everyone stays civil. That is huge. There is a lot of drama in the world of comics, comic spec, and comic spec sites. It has never bothered me that readers come here and go to other spec sites, or comic groups, or whatever. All are welcome. Comics are fun and it is nice to have a place where people act like people and just respect each other. If doing this, the site, flipping comics, talking about comics, was not fun, then it wouldn’t be worth doing. I have a job that isn’t fun, so wouldn’t want to bring that into the rest of my life as well.
With that being said I thought news out of SDCC was fairly tame. Other than Princeless catching everyone off guard, there was no big options that blew everyone away. There are none to be found of the first issue and no self-published copies have appeared.
I love the rumor of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Thomas Wayne Batman in Flashpoint. Look for those Batman Knight of Vengeance #1’s.
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
Anthony’s Pick ups for 7/26/17.. Feel free to share your pick ups and feel free to send over a video.

89 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. I gotta go to comic con last week, unexpectedly at that. I live here in San Diego and normally try to steer clear of it, or at least I have for the past 8 years or so, I used to regularly attended. But after so many years of passing on free tickets, I finally went and I am glad I did. Going to comic con as an actual comic book reader was a vastly different experience. Still bummed that I didn’t get a Batman 24 foil cover or WW 26 foil but it’s okay just being on the floor was crazy cool. I did snag a Batman 24 third print, as no LCS down here happen to order/get any of them. The black and white cover is nice.

  2. Picked up a couple New Avengers #10 “1st Thane” for the quick flip. It’s in quotes because I wouldn’t call it an appearance. Infinity #4 should get some heat as Thane’s 1st full appearance once people go back and actually read the books, but the market is saying it’s New Avengers #10 for now.
    I found a few ghosts in the wild that never turn up…
    Wolverine #305 Mcniven 1:50 variant
    Wolverine #308 Carnage 1:25 variant
    and my find of the year for $20. (yes, twenty bucks!)…
    Red Hood Lost Days #1 Mattina variant ?

    1. Yeah, New Avengers 10 is more of a cameo…. Short pane glimpse of Thane as a child. Infinity #4 is the better appearance if you ask me.

  3. Waiting for my WW SDCC foils to arrive..pre ordered 2 copies.Also, just found out New Avengers # 9,not 8, is 1st Black Order…don’t sleep on this is a ghost of sorts because of this.

  4. So I’m finally finished painting! Admittedly, I could have been done a week ago, but ive been taking my sweet ass time. I even managed to get caught up on my physical issues, not even close on my digitals though.
    Picked up a Batman 24 3rd print and a Deadpool Mary Jane variant the other day. Both at cover. I got my summer convention South Park the coon pop figure this week as well.
    Tomorrow I am getting:
    Action comics
    All-star Batman
    Batman/the shadow
    Detective comics
    Doom patrol
    Edge of venomverse
    Hal Jordan
    Secret empire
    Shirtless bear fighter
    Dr aphra

      1. I grabbed that blue venom last week or the week before. They’d been flying off the shelves but I managed to find one buried at the back of the dispaly. My.local stores almost all display them two and three deep. More than half of the stock you can’t see so you have to remove and replace a ton. I’ve stopped putting them back. I just pile them on the floor and say they need a better dispaly system or at least know what’s under there so I don’t have to dig. Half the time I find a more popular one, and the stores are like oooohhh so that’s where that one as, someone was looking for it earlier. To which I always respond, well this one’s mine!

      2. You would think that the newer ones would be at the front but no, it’s almost as if every night they take everything down, jumble it up and put it back at random.

  5. Been on a roll lately, picked up some killer stuff this week:
    Sandman 1-75 vertigo
    Superboy 89 First mon-el
    And 83 different silverage superboy, adventure comics, action comics, Batman books. Be happier when they get here Thursday.

    1. I have a collection coming to me this weekend. Guy has a full run of Sandman, Full Run of Dark Knight Returns which includes the very rare German Hardcover Signed and numbered by Frank Miller. NM 87, 98. Asm 300. And about 6 long boxes more. Early TMNT Eastman and Laird stuff. Said he wants me to have first crack at it and doesn’t expect to get rich off it. Fingers crossed.

      1. Nice! I’m in the middle of buying a collection from a lady who inherited them from her uncle who passed. So far has been some awesome finds. Nm87 nm98 a whole run of nm. Some good stuff, got 3 kids in school now so school supplies are being a real buzz kill. But luckily I seem to be the only buyer she has lined up.

  6. Haven’t been buying too many monthlies lately, I did pick up one copy of the Dell Otto Defenders variant. Dell Otto is awesome! In celebration of SDCC I did pick up a nice copy of Batman 181. Had that on the radar for a while and it just keeps inching up, so decided get it and be done with it. Odds are when the Gotham City Sirens movie starts getting more press the book will see even more movement.

      1. Awesome! I wish I paid $5 for mine, but it is so crazy these days with characters that are going to be big on the big screen! Jimmy Olsen #134 is another prime example! Book was $30 in higher grade for the longest time up until about four or five years ago and soon “may” approach Iron Man #55 territory. I have a few books I need to press. Looked though my collection and only a handful would benefit, but they would probably do well.

        1. I have to dig out my Jimmy Olsen 134. I got one years ago for like $5 too. Lol. Used to have a store that priced all the silver and bronze at $5 around the corner from where I worked. I bought it all.

  7. Thank you for keep the site going. This is the first spec site I found so it will always be my favorite. I check out the other’s once in awhile but this is the only one I comment on.
    Over the weekend I put together another set of He man/Thundercats I picked them all up for below cover the copy of #1 is the coloring book var. I think I’m done with the newsstand variants, the last couple weeks the stores have been slow putting them out and they have been trashed when they do. At one shop I went to I was looking at the back issues and they had them bagged and boarded but they put the board inside the comic. I thought it was a little weird. Have any of you guy’s seen this before?

    1. Yes I have and unless both sides are acid free I don’t recommend it. Even if they are acid free I don’t recommend it. They obviously do not know what they are doing. Was it a Books A Milion?

    2. Half Price Books does this so people can see both sides of the older books. Not ideal, but they don’t let you open the bags unless they are the ones behind the counter.

      1. None of my Half Price books does this. Most books don’t even have backer boards or sleeves. Really kills me when I see the holder half full so all the books are leaning and pushed down, with huge spine creases from the weight of them all. I usually don’t bother skimming those, damage is already done.

  8. Not a ton this week. But one that I’ve heard nothing about that caught my eye is Zojaqan #1 from Vault comics. Seems like it could be a really cool read. I’m also picking up Heavenly Blues #1.

  9. I got a ton of variants this week, already received my Turner Supergirl and Spider-Man SDCC sets in the mail. So I guess I have to say aspenstore has redeemed themselves after last years Harley debacle in my eyes. Not big on Turner unless it’s Supergirl so I love these sets.
    2x Unknown comics SDCC variant sets
    2x foil SDCC DC sets

  10. Anthony, I’ve been following this website for quite a long time. I love it! Thank you!
    I wanted to share my Image Blind Box experience with everyone. A little different than yours. My box was purchased from Midtown Comics for $200, shipping included. My box contained:
    No hand drawn sketch covers
    No Negans
    No virgin covers
    No blank covers BUT ALSO
    No duplicates!
    I received all 17 B&W covers – a full set
    8 color covers – The Few, God Country, Curse Words, Plastic, Redneck, Rose, Royal City and Sun Bakery.
    I wanted God Country, Redneck and Rose. Was a little pleased with getting those six. I’m not upset with my box but I gotta wonder how EBAY dealers have 3 and 4 sketch covers. The way I look at it is that I don’t buy many of the books others on this site are buying so I don’t think I’m any worse off. Hey, it comes back to that old saying, “you gotta play to win.”

    1. That is true. I have sold 5 of the 26 comics I got in the box. The box cost me $175. I have gotten back $68. So only $107 in the hole. Lol. But it is a gamble. Congrats on you set of sketches. Thanks for commenting. And thank you for following the site for a long time! Appreciated.

    2. Nice….I did not get any sketches, B&W, Negans, Virgins or blanks. Got 4 Sun Bakery and lots of other duplicates. Nothing but color covers.

  11. What up CHU!!!
    Here is my SDCC experience. After many years of waiting to get tickets, I was finally able to get in. I got tickets for both Friday and Sunday. Friday: got there around 7am. Had to wait in a huge line to get the bags and badges as well as register the boys. I we where lost for 30 mins trying to find a way to go downstairs. Found out that the exhibit hall wasn’t going to be open till 9am LOL. Waiting for another 40 mins in this other huge line upstairs. Finally was able to go down in groups. Once we hit the ehibit hall WOW!!! So much to see. Got in line for Bandai and got my boys some DBZ stuff. Some guys gave us tickets for Hasbro in return for getting them some stuff. It was cool cuz I was able to get Optimus Prime with the Tire piece. Wasn’t able to get any of the foil variants. I did get to meet Artgerm, J Scott Campbell, Frank Cho. I also got to meet Jason the genius behind the deadpool unicorn short film. He was out of everything except small T-shirts lol. I took my Polaroid camera and got them so sign the pictures except for Artgerm and Jason.

  12. The experience that I got on Friday was people are rude. My got banged-up, my wife almost went at it with a lady cuz my wife said excuse me about 5 times and the lady was just looking at my wife and didn’t even move. My little one got hit with a backpack and I oldest got pushed around till he finally started to push back lol. Security ducked cuz every 5-mins you would hear them “KEEP MOVING” like if we where a bunch of cattle. It was anoying. Also everything exclusive or signing needed a ticket or wristband. Did not know that lol.

  13. Sunday: Move hectic then Friday. Everyone says it’s the most lay back day, but it’s not. It’s the same as Friday except they close the doors at 5pm lol. My boy and I got to play the yugioh game and got the token cards made. This day we where more prepared to where everything was. Was able to get the boba fett samurai prototype. My was got to meet the Hatley Quinn team which was Amanda, Chad, and Jimmy. I also got to meet John Romita Jr and was able to tell him how much I love his dad’s Spiderman art. I also got to meet Jock and got a quick Batman sketch. Scott Snyder was there as well. Got my wytches book signed and my Polaroid pics. I got the Lucille Pen Bat from TWD. Also got the ash can for Gasolina. There was only 3 copies of Redneck SDCC. Was able to get 1. The others where all best up. Got to meet Artgerm again and my wife got her Hatley Quimn book signed. No one got hurt on this day LOL. OVER ALL GREAT EXPERIENCE AND CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

    1. Let me tell you, I hate crowds and yes, people are rude. Last year at NYCC I had some guy trying to get past me but it was shoulder to shoulder where he was trying to squeeze past, which was me. Something in his bag scrapped me as he was forcing his way through which really started to annoy me. So as he’s finally getting through, the crowd kind of broke up so I had enough of this guy and shoved him as hard as I could as he passed by me, almost making him fall. He turned around to give a glance and I just kind of gave him a whatever glare…. I was really hoping he fell so I could step on him or maybe kick him.
      So yeah, don’t mess with the Poyo at cons… Mind your manners and wait like the rest of us or I’ll get fed up cause you don’t want to see this claustrophobic chicken take matters in his own hands. 🙂

      1. I hate crowds as well…Really hate them! The last con I went to was the Anaheim con Maybe five or six years ago….Was great..Many people didn’t know about it so it was not crowded at all….In one day got first five rows of the Shatner, Adam West/ Batman TV show Reunion as well as the Billy west Futurama panel. No waiting, just walked right in five minutes before they started! Also, won a Stan Lee signature…At the time he was charging I think $40 for them…Probably the best overall convention I ever went to. Haven’t been to one since…hard to top that one.

      2. Yeah some dude’s badge got cough onto my son’s bag. My son kept walking and the guy started to yell. My wife turned around and said “What the F@#$?” And the dude untangled his badge and left lol. My wife is a person that u don’t want to mess with lol.

        1. I should have turned around and clothes lined him.. that would have been awesome but I really didn’t want to put Anthony in awkward moment of bailing me out of jail.. 🙂

            1. Actually, Tyson would have had to bail us both out, I’m sure you would have backed me by kicking the dude in the head… Since you were in front of me in the crowd if I recall….

        2. I am getting him the chicken mask off amazon this year so he can be incognito while doing pick up videos live from NYCC. They have an interesting hotel room this year. Bunk beds.

    2. Wizard world New Orleans is the place to be if you don’t like crowds, I had 15 books to get signed and slabbed I was literally done with that within the first hour I was there. Fully expected the Neal Adams booth to have a line but nope walked straight up to him and forked over my money for sigz.

  14. Awesome site!
    Being relatively new to comic book buying I have found your site massively educational!
    I got three copies of Marvel Infinity #1 in standard cover, Jiminez cover and the black and white one per store variant.
    Im hedging on Alien Bounty Hunter becoming big, Walhberg seems to be great at everything whether it’s staring in a movie, making movies (like Ted) or producing to shows (entourage, ballers). So I’m sure he’ll do great with a comic and it will most likely come to tv.
    As such I bought 4 copies of the standard cover and also two much rarer ones those being the Vault Burnett exceed sketch black and white (100 print run) and the same but in colour (250 print run). If it goes to tv I’ll get them CGC’d and hopefully make a big profit on them.
    I picked up a Luke Cage Power Man #24 (first app of black goliath) for about $15 (£12.99 in U.K.). Fishburn is playing him in upcoming movie so hopefully will go up from what I paid.
    I picked up a selection of Shadow Man #1 (both 1997 and 2012) for very cheap. This is more of a long shot but there is talk of the movie coming in next few years.
    I got the savage XXX cover……
    Over the last week I have bought a few of the trump vs time Lincoln and the duck tales #0.
    From two weeks ago I bought out a number of comic stores in England from their Calexit stock.
    I also ordered a number of the rare varient covers including the Hoknes 3 cover edition. I believe that with time Calexit will BOOM big time! So politically edgy (I am a political consultant in my work life and i believe that this is so topical). The author is donating all he proceeds from issue #1 to helping budding politicians getting into the limelight, this alone if successful could boost prices of the comic… of a to show comes (which I’m confident it will) I think this series of comics could be the next walking dead in terms of the values of 1st print first editions….

    1. Thanks Karl and welcome. According to the publisher, Alien Bounty Hunter is “being produced for the screen” by Mark Wahlberg. Which is a draw for me. The exceed variants I am considering getting too. I pre-ordered 10 of the regular covers so I want to be locked and loaded if/when an announcement comes. Nothing on IMDb yet though. I am considering the Savage Dragon XXX cover too. All in all good pickups on your part.

  15. Big week in terms of books I’m reading! Not necessarily hot spec…
    Plastic #4
    Namwolf #4 (variant)
    Secret Empire #7 (Campbell variant-three issues to go for the full set!)
    Dr. Aphra (40th anniversary variant-welcome back Vader)
    Weapon X #6 (2 copies)
    Redneck #4
    Savage Dragon #225 (XXX cover-shop had one copy for cover and these are selling in the $18-$20 range already)
    Good hunting everyone!

  16. So, I’ve been putting together 2 full sets of the Star Wars 40th covers. I noticed today, when putting my Doctor Aphra #10s away that they are 26/48 in the 40th series. Doctor Aphra #9 is also marked as 26/48 in the series. So, either Doctor Aphra #9 or #10 is an error. They can not both be 26/48.

  17. I found 2 copies NM of Princeless 1 in the wild. Had to pay $8 a piece, but I think I can squeeze a bunch out of them. Helps we pay off my giant Midtown bill this week!

  18. Got my Image Blind Box in the post today pretty much the colour variants with a few duplicates. However one duplicate not complaining about is Here’s Negan- very pleased to find two copies in the box. Maybe a sketch cover would have made it an awesome box but happy I took the gamble

      1. Yeah, sell one. Austin Books had a Blind Box available, they upped their price to $500. I was like nope, nope.. nope. Was telling the guy too many videos and stories where people getting tons of duplicates and no sketches, etc. Told him I like to gamble but not for $500. My luck, I’d get a box like Anthony and would lose out $400 after trying to sell them at $10 or so buck each.

      2. Cheers. If it weren’t for this site I would have chickened out on getting a box. Sorry some of you didn’t get a good lot. If it weren’t for the Negan’s would have been a bust. That said was an enjoyable unboxing & hope either dc, marvel or image do a blind box again

        1. I really am happy for you. One of the things I like the most is when people make money off things we talk about and I think you’re going to make money off this one

        1. That’s what I’m saying, I watched video, did I have a brain fart and miss if you had picked it up or not?

    1. Lol Anthony, you bought the slabbed Savage! I was so close to buying that one but I bought the Shipwreck #1 instead.

      1. I am watching the seller now. He ended up Priority medium box mailing them to me because I was super patient with waiting in the books. So I spent $30 and the shipping was a good $15 of it.

    2. I also bought the All Star Batman #1 he had up. I messaged him after a week to ask if he had shipped the books yet. He apologized and said he’d ship out the next day.

      1. Yeah. He has been good about it. Said he got caught up at work and apologized. Shipped Priority. I left five star positive feedback for him. A ton of slabs up cheap from other sellers. Will post later today.

  19. My pick ups this week were:
    ASM #493
    Doctor Aphra #10, reg + 40th
    Detective #961
    Weapon X #6
    Secret Empire #7, Sorrentino variant
    All Star Batman #12
    JLA #11
    Edge of Venomverse #3
    The Vision directors cut #1 & #2
    Plastic #4
    Shirtless #2
    Redneck #4
    Alien Bounty Hunter #1
    Batgirl #13b
    TMNT #72, Whalen variant
    Namwolf #4 variant
    The Howling #1, Sienkiewicz variant $12.50 NM
    Street Fighter & Friends: 2017 swimsuit special #1, Vampirella homage $20
    2 full sets of The Button, Lenticulars, for cover

  20. LCS
    Image + 16
    Shirtless Bear-Fighter 2 reg cvr
    Redneck 4 reg cvr
    Darth Vader 2 reg cvr
    Saga 45
    Aliens Defiance #12
    All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #4 Cover A Regular Aaron Kuder Cover
    All-Star Batman #11 Cover C Variant Sebastian Fiumara Cover
    America #4
    Aquaman Vol 6 #25 Cover A Regular Stjepan Sejic Cover
    Archie Vol 2 #21 Cover C Variant Greg Smallwood Cover
    Batwoman Vol 2 #4 Cover B Variant Michael Cho Cover
    Black Hammer #10 Cover A Regular Dean Ormston Cover
    Black Monday Murders #6
    Britannia We Who Are About To Die #3 Cover B Variant Juan Jose Ryp Cover
    Captain America Steve Rogers #18 Cover B Variant Paolo Rivera Mary Jane Cover (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Comic Shop News #1572
    Courier From The Ashes #3 Cover A Mike Capprotti
    Daredevil Vol 5 #22
    Dark Days The Forge #1 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Jim Lee & Scott Williams Foil-Stamped Cover
    Defenders Vol 5 #1 Cover D Variant Skottie Young Baby Cover
    Dept H #15
    Eclipse #8
    Galaktikon #1 NEXT WEEK
    Horizon #12
    I Hate Fairyland #13 Cover B Variant Skottie Young F*ck Fairyland Cover
    Iceman Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Kevin Wada Cover
    Luke Cage #2 Cover A Regular Rahzzah Cover
    Man-Thing Vol 5 #5
    Mighty Thor Vol 2 #20 Cover B Variant Patrick Brown Mary Jane Cover
    Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys The Big Lie #4 Cover A Regular Fay Dalton Cover
    Normals #2
    Old Guard #5 Cover B Variant Leandro Fernandez Pride Month Cover
    Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1 Cover B Variant Sam Spratt Marvel Hip-Hop Cover
    Plastic #3 Cover A Andrew Robinson
    Rapture (Valiant Entertainment) #2 Cover B Variant JG Jones Cover
    Red Sonja Vol 7 #6 Cover B Variant Ben Caldwell Cover
    Royal City #4
    Slasher #3 NEXT WEEK
    Star Wars Darth Maul #4 Cover B Variant Chip Zdarsky Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover
    Super Sons #5 Cover B Variant Dustin Nguyen Cover
    Superman Vol 5 #25 Cover B Variant Jorge Jimenez Cover
    Swordquest #1 Cover D Variant Classic Game Art Cover
    Vampblade Season Two #4 Cover A Regular Winston Young Cover
    Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Alpha #1 Cover A Regular Skan Cover (Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Part 1)
    X-Men Gold #6
    Archie (2015 2nd Series) 22C Got one!
    Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) 360
    Normandy Gold (2017 Titan) 2A
    Spencer and Locke (2017 Action Lab) 3B
    Spencer and Locke (2017 Action Lab) 4B
    Star Wars Darth Vader (2017 Marvel 2nd Series) 3A
    True Believers (2008) 1
    Wonder Woman (2016 5th Series) Annual 1

  21. Not much for me this week….
    Act. #984a and b
    Redneck #4
    I did get Darth Maul #5 variant(same cover as #3) for $10.

  22. Must say that I haven’t bought stuff in a while, but I may have to run out and grab Saga #45 now that I see it is out this week. I really hate the speculator market, but with that being said, you guys do a great job with this site and I still enjoy reading up on the comic book market news and appreciate that you all don’t over-hype the any particular books. I did try selling on ebay with one of the “hot” items (it was like a spider gwen third print with different cover or something), and after shipping and ebay fees, I made maybe 19 cents, so yeah, i’m not real good at this, but I understand where people could prosper a bit. The point where I had to stop buying was when I went crazy trying to get all the best deals on ebay and started spending way over my budget. I paid about $2500 for the retailer version of Saga #1 (CGC 9.8) and a couple of others (regular saga #1 CGC 9.8, signed also i think) about a year ago and was really sweating it if my wife found out (she still does not know to this day). my goal is to sell soon, before we get a crazy TV show or movie announcement that will just spoil the true beauty of the actual comic. I thought I saw that retailer version on ebay for about 5G earlier… I’m pretty sure that they won’t get that much, but it is fun to dream and know that I may have a potential gold mine on my hands (at gold’s current rate, it’s at least two or three ounces worth maybe…). Thanks for keepin the open forum alive and letting me throw out my two bits.

  23. I picked up
    JLA 10
    Redneck 4
    Secret Empire 7 – the Andrea Sorrentino cover
    And last but not least
    Amazing Fantasy 15!!!!!!……the true believers reprint of course LOL
    And I hope it’s okay to post this on here. It’s a link to a Facebook video. I can’t stop laughing at how terribly good this is.
    It’s a video of some crazy Chinese version of the Avengers playing some kind of game of soccer or something. But I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have lol

  24. My pickups yesterday included…
    Action Comics B
    Batgirl 2xB (great cover!)
    Flash B
    Teen Titans A (Black Manta!)
    Wonder Woman B
    Cable 1:25 variant
    Captain America Steve Rogers
    Edge of Venomverse – both covers
    Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur
    Secret Empire 1:25 variant
    Doc Aphra
    Weapon X
    Black Hammer B
    Crosswinds C (only C cover I could find)
    Plastic A
    Redneck A
    Savage Dragon (XX variant)
    Shirtless Bear Fighter A
    Mindbender B
    Alien Bounty Hunter (b/c it was suggested on this site)
    My LCS was shorted on Detective B and Redneck B. I could not find a Skottie Young Bear Fighter variant at any of the three shops I visited. Batgirl B’s and Savage Dragon XX’s were scarce, and no Heavenly Blues anywhere. I am wondering if Weapon X #6 is a big deal b/c it has the 1st appearance of H-Beta (Hulk/Wolvie hybrid) at the end…!?

  25. Still a week behind with my pulls, so these are from 7/19:
    DEPT H #16
    INJUSTICE 2 #6
    SECRET EMPIRE #6 (OF 10)
    X-MEN GOLD #8 SE
    X-FILES #16
    Once again, a couple books were damaged, so those remained at the LCS.

    1. And I got alien hunter, heavenly blues, savage dragon xxx cover, 4 copies of marvel team-up 55( first infinity stones?) surprised this book isn’t sky rocketing yet.

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