Replacement Darth Maul #3 Variant Image Surfaces

We had told you previously that Marvel goofed and reused the Darth Maul #3 David Lopez Variant for the Darth Maul #5 David Lopez Variant. Marvel admitted the slip up and now have released the correct cover. 

The correct David Lopez variant, shown below, was supposed to come out July 19th.


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13 Responses to Replacement Darth Maul #3 Variant Image Surfaces

  1. agentpoyo says:

    It’s gonna come out July 19th? Next year? 😛

  2. Adam Lebednik says:

    I wonder if this or the mistake will grab any heat.

    • DrunkWooky says:

      Could go either way. The first is a bona fide printing error. This replacement might be overlooked.

  3. A. King says:

    I have both #3 and #5 with the same cover’s.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I was able to nab #3 variant at cover, saw #5, didn’t grab since I already had that cover. 🙂

  4. Birdman says:

    I also have both #3 and #5 with the same cover…I couldn’t resist b/c I have all the variants for this series. I hope Marvel is intending to release the correct Lopez variant for #5 — I really like the image! On the flip side, I am curious why Marvel produced so many variants for this series and the Hans Solo series? If I recall correctly, there were multiple 1:25 variants after issue #1 for both limited series. While variants can be fun to collect, I think Marvel went a bit overboard here.

  5. JayClue says:

    Any news on this weeks Star Wars error comic? The 40th anniversary numbering on Aphra #9 & #10.

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