Generations #1 Hulks Gets Francesco Mattina Cover for 2nd Print

Believe it or not, Generations Banner Hulk & Totally Awesome Hulk #1, out August 2, 2017, is already sold out and going to a second print. The second print has already become available at Diamond and features a cover by Francesco Mattina.

Here is the rub, the cover was originally a store variant for Comics Elite. It was going to be a part of a five issue connecting cover set.  Not sure what happened but the art, that was originally going to be a pricy variant, is now a cover price 2nd print. Almost makes this seem like a value buy. (Perhaps they will use the other covers for the second prints as well). 

The second print can be pre-ordered at Frankie’s Comics.

Here is the original cover as it was advertised.


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16 Responses to Generations #1 Hulks Gets Francesco Mattina Cover for 2nd Print

  1. over-inflated bubba says:

    is it me or do these generation one shots have an dc convergence vibe?

    • agentpoyo says:

      Kind of, but this book really made me realize how much I hate Cho as Hulk. Hulk doesn’t smile, Hulk doesn’t care about his hair.. Marvel screwed the pooch and they ruined Hulk. He’s now just this cheesy green glob they make really horrible covers of him posing on. Yes, Hulk doesn’t pose either.. There’s nothing Totally Awesome about the Hulk now, unless it’s Banner.

      • OC_Guy says:

        YOU nailed it! Marvel comics needs new leadership in a bad way!

      • Richard G says:

        Good points! Agreed –

      • I think that is part of the character’s charm, though, Poyo. Totally Awesome Hulk is at the other end of the Hulk spectrum. He is surfer dude Hulk, and influenced by teenage boy hormones in Hulk form, and the types of scenarios we wouldn’t see Banner Hulk facing. I do think we need Bruce Banner back as the Real Hulk, but I also want them to keep Totally Awesome Hulk around. And since they swiftly de-powered a lot of the Hulks all at once, there aren’t as abundant an amount of Hulks existing in the Marvel Universe right now (though I do see they brought back Red Hulk, but now as some other older military general guy with a mustache who is practically the same as General Ross, go figure). I was okay with them de-powering the Hulks since it was out-of-control that Banner’s entire supporting cast was gamma powered… Ross, Betty, Rick, etc… IMO, that is part of what screwed up the “Heroes” TV series, when practically every single character on the show developed powers, so there were no plain human characters left!

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s exactly my point though, Surfer Teenage Hulk belongs on Saturday morning cartoons on the kiddie channel.. not headlining the primary Hulk comic pages.. The Cheese ‘O Meter is through the roof with Totally Awesome Hulk, quite frankly there’s nothing Totally Awesome about him.. but that’s my opinion.

    • Anthony says:

      TFAW has all the first issues of the Legacy books in a bundle 29 books for $68

  2. Stanley says:

    Some fans seem to hate arrogant showoff Cho as Hulk. Perhaps, he should be a villain instead?

  3. David Billadeau says:

    Skaar should come and whoop his as!

  4. David Beach says:

    Maybe Totally Awesome Hulk will be Weapon H’s intro into the Marvel Universe (when Weapon H escapes the container he was created in Cho will be the first to try and stop him, & to show the readers just how dangerous & bad ace Weapon H is, he cuts Cho literally in half w/out as much as a parry from Cho). It could be the last page & all the readers would see Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Domino, etc just standing by agasp at what just occurred with a hint of fear at what’s to come…

  5. A. King says:

    I saw a preview of Cho going back to Planet Hulk.

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  7. emiobeg says:

    Unfortunately Totally Goofy Hulk kills it for me. Pass

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