Free Comic Wednesday: Boston Comic Con Variant Set

Here is one of those “Must Win” giveaways. Thanks to the Fan Expo store for sponsoring this one. Boston Comic Con (August 11-13) is just around the corner, in honor of it, we are giving away a set of the exclusives available there.

One winner gets all three of the following:

Joe Jusko Corner Box Variant for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #1

Joe Jusko Virgin Corner Box Variant for Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-man #1

Robotech #1 Artgerm Foil Variant

You can pre-order the exclusives at the Fan Expo store right now!


1. Enter your name in the comment section below.

2. No purchase necessary. But stop by and check out the exclusives at the Fan Expo store

3. One entry per person, we have ways of knowing.

4. Winner drawn at random

5.  Winner will have 48 hours to contact me before we move on to the next winner.

6. If this is your first time commenting on the site, be patient, the comment will need to be approved.

7. Drawing will be held August 13th.


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195 Responses to Free Comic Wednesday: Boston Comic Con Variant Set

  1. Jimmy Chen says:

    Jimmy Chen

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    Ryan Hassan

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    John Williams

  4. Humberto Arriola says:

    Humberto Arriola

  5. Jason MInk says:

    Jason Mink

  6. Ralphyn Ocuma says:

    Ralphyn Ocuma

  7. Daryl T says:

    Daryl t

  8. David Wilton says:

    David Wilton

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    Jodie Webb

  10. J. Coleman says:

    J. Coleman

  11. John Radke says:

    John Radke

  12. Paz N, says:

    Paz N,

  13. Chris Ahart says:

    Chris Ahart

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    Derek Magnus

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    Brad Hemmann

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    Angelo C.

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    Jay Nelson

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    joseph Lozada

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    Terrence Wood

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    Adam C

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    Chris brugonone

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    Khanh Nguyen

  23. Christopher Brooks says:

    Chris Brooks

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    Naz Bharwani

  25. Elvi says:

    E Cooper

  26. Bil Ganhs says:

    Bil Ganhs

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    Brian Wood

  28. Kamjohn Youthjug says:

    Kamjohn Youthjug

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    Alexander Kanegai

  30. Jeff Pierce says:

    jeff pierce

  31. ill says:

    James Lusung

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    Roner Macatangay

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    Richard Guevara

  34. jesse Stillman says:

    Jesse Stillman

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    Ryan Faylogna

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    Mindy Zhang

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    Keith A

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    Giovanni V. Crisan

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