Ryan Reynolds Leaks First Look at Cable in Deapool #2

Some people had some concerns about Josh Brolin playing Cable, but Ryan Reynolds just squashed all of them by releasing first look photos of Brolin as Cable.

Cable, who first appeared in New Mutants #87 (this one will probably rise even more now that the photos are out), will make his big screen debut in Deadpool 2.


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15 Responses to Ryan Reynolds Leaks First Look at Cable in Deapool #2

  1. Brian Springman says:

    He looks FANTASTIC!

    Super pumped for this film!

  2. Jorge Navarro says:

    Yeah,,,,I am going to need to see his feet before I pass judgement…..

  3. Nicc T says:

    This is a great. Excited for this one!

  4. flockdeseagulls says:

    Not a big enough guy i feel, just like negan on TWD

  5. DougC says:

    Pouches, check. No feet, check.

    Comically oversized harpoon gun, check.

    Okay, let’s make X-Men great again.

  6. emiobeg says:

    Looks like Gordon Ramsey 👨‍🍳 to me.

  7. 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

    Ha it’s a good look. They did a great job. I’m fine with him being a little leaner and not as buff. If they were going for complete accuracy he would also have a Leifeld curly perm mullet kind of thing going on.

  8. That teddy bear tho LOL

    • Anthony says:

      I keep thinking of the Hope storyline when I see the bear.

      • I’ve heard that a lot, but I wonder if they are going to go a comical route with it. That he was the child of 2 X-men cast into the future, and even though he is really old now, he still keeps the teddy bear as a reminder of where he came from (but also a point of ridicule as he’s a grown man with a security blanket).

      • I also, personally, completely bailed on the existence of Hope; the same way Marvel bailed on their original intentions for her. The character grew up to be a total brat, and has almost completely been written-out of the books. If they did try to incorporate Hope into Deadpool, I’d rather see them swap her out for Rachel Grey-Summers, and play with the idea of Cable raising his younger/older/younger sister who’s also got a time travel tangled existence like he does.

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