Wednesday Winner: Supergirl #12 B Artgerm Variant

It is nice to walk into a comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your comics, it is even nicer when the books are selling for multiple times cover price by the end of the day. Supergirl #12 Artgerm Variant is one of them. 


The Supergirl #12 Artgerm Variant seems to be a hit. Retailers could not order enough to keep up with customer’s demands. Comic fans reported not being able to find copies, and many a speculator in my LCS were left without (I ordered in advance), even though we have been telling people to grab copies as far back as the middle of June. Online these were sold out in advance. Copies are selling on eBay for between $8 and $14.

Supergirl #13 also has an Artgerm variant, as does Supergirl #14 which are both available for preorder and should not be missed.


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13 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Supergirl #12 B Artgerm Variant

  1. James says:

    A ghost where I’m from but did get 1 copy.

  2. agentpoyo says:

    Yeah, my shop had none on the shelves. Only cover A.

  3. I pre-ordered a few via DCBS, but my local shop had none.

  4. Vann says:

    I have 55—I pre-ordered 50 and found another 5 today. This was one book that I wanted to load up on. Mission accomplished!

    • Adam Lebednik says:

      That is a solid buy in.

      • Vann says:

        I feel more than fortunate—as a result, I haven’t sold a single one yet, other than for cover price to other people I know at comic shops —I’ve covered 10 copies for people, so my magic haul has dwindled to 45 now.

        Many of the comments here mimic what I saw—absolutely no copies on the wall for sale. This book was just gone!

  5. A. King says:

    I only pre-ordered 3 so hopefully I will get them.

  6. Birdman says:

    My LCS got two in and saved one for me…so I do feel fortunate. But I found none at my alternate LCS after arriving 15 mins. after opening time. And I didn’t have the opportunity to hit my 2nd alternate shop at all…Wednesdays don’t always go as planned.

  7. Peter Renna says:

    Found 2 copies at the LCS I hit on my lunch break at work. Flipped ’em both for double cover before my work day was finished. I have 2 more copies coming from Midtown this week and another from my DCBS order.

  8. Wayne Dickson says:

    Mister Miracle is the one to get this week.

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