New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/16/17

Anthony from Comicsheatingup and Terry Hoknes from get together for their weekly conversation about the hot new comics of the week. Here is this week’s for delivery 8/16/17:

15 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 8/16/17”

  1. i thought totally awesome hulk #22 would be on the list for big picks. right now the comic is selling out for 3x cover price

    1. I’ve got 5 copies of hulk #22, in the short time I’ve been doing this I’ve notice s that hulk seems to be far more popular, or in demand, than spider man or xmen (for example totally awesome hulk #21 is really hard to find even now whereas you can still buy all the xmen and Spider-Man ones for face value even those that came out weeks ago).
      Would be interested to know if that’s due to popularity of hulk or huge print runs for the others.

      1. TA Hulk has a fairly small print run in comparison for one, but they have introduced Kid Kaiju in one book, and this Weapon H story line has been very popular.

  2. Holy smokes 85 bucks for sheena at midtown??
    I do like the variation for Spider-Man 2.
    Awesome work gentlemen as always. Metal is a must have for me too!!

  3. Looks like TWD is in trouble. Can’t imagine AMC would want to keep the show around now they are facing a billion dollar lawsuit from Kirkham, who has also turned his back on the company by signing a deal for his other properties with another company and now this billion dollar lawsuit.

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