Miss out on the Dark Nights Metal Midnight Release Variant? We have you covered

Dark Nights Metal has been a huge success for DC. It features the return of a beloved character (we released the spoilers but don’t want to give it away if you haven’t seen it yet.) The Dark Knights Metal Midnight Release Variant sold out at comic shops, for those that got it, and dried up at Midtown yesterday before the release of the book. If you missed it, our friends at Jesse James comics has a the hook up.
Dark Knights Metal Midnight Release Variant is available from Jesse James Comics for $7.74 shipped. Not bad considering it was a $4.99 cover price. If you missed out, or your store didn’t get them, here is a good chance to grab them.

14 thoughts on “Miss out on the Dark Nights Metal Midnight Release Variant? We have you covered”

    1. The regular cover is the one with the foil. But all still use the thicker cardboard cover stock that is not as forgiving as regular stock when slightly bent. Most of if not all of my local shops Metal books were really beat up with lots of spine dings. I snagged one copy, the better of what I could find but all the others were not worthy to me.

      1. /\ This.
        Every copy of Metal my lcs had was dinged on the spine in the same place, and on that cover looked probably 10x worse than if it was a lighter color. I figured I’d check elsewhere over the weekend, see if I found better.

  1. Seems prices are higher here for the standard midnight variant here in UK.
    Two auctions are at £16 with an hour to go…. that’s about $25 with postage.
    Expect to see that rise over $30 in the last moments of the auction.
    I’ve got two copies up both at £7.50 with nearly 3 days left on auction….
    I wonder if they sell for a higher price on 1 day auction or 3 or 5 day auction. Normally the longer the better but is there more demand closer to the release date?

    1. Ah, the 1 day vs 3 day or longer decision. It all really depends on the heat of the product. If it’s really hot to start off, shorter auction windows while everyone is trying to secure their copy is the likely path to take, if you make it too long, you might result with more watchers before bidders and they could likely find the book elsewhere, knowing they had time to still bid. Then you find your once hot book is now cooling off and you lost out on the “hype” portion of the value from the immediate demand.
      The time you want to extend the time of the auction is when it’s not necessarily a book on fire but it’s still a book you know will sell, so 5 days or longer exposes potentially more buyers to bid on it.

      1. Thanks for the advice!
        Yeah that copy of metal sold for what would be $25.
        No change in last hour of auction.
        But then hey if you’re going to let your auction end at 3pm what do you expect.
        All my auctions end at 8pm and ideally will schedule it to end on a Sunday (doing a few 1 days auctions with metal and hulk TA Hulk so they’ll end today and tomorrow).

    2. Also noteworthy, seems hot books that start with lower starting bid prices attract more potential bidders.
      I’ve done auctions and or watched where those that start off at like 99 cents seem to draw in more bidders at times, then you get people in the bidding war mentality. They’ve already bid, when they get outbid, it’s almost like some lose a sense of reality and it becomes more about winning the auction now rather than trying to get the item at a lower price.

      1. Poyo couldn’t agree with you more!
        Ive found that when selling anything on eBay whether it’s an old games console or some useless kitchen gadget that the mrs has bought in a moment of “that looks really useful” but then get home and realise that the normal way of doing it is already easy…..
        There was a copy of hulk #22 that’s auction started at £11.50 and ended with no bids.
        At the same time I’ve seen at least two copies sell for more than that which started at around £7…..
        Psychology eh…. people wanting things for the sake of a win or because they want something that others can’t have.

        1. Oh for sure people end up wanting it for just the sake of winning it..
          I watch Storage Wars and I know most of it is scripted but they display the perfect examples of bidding wars where it’s just about winning rather than bidding with any logic or reason.. when they were willing to only spend $500 for a locker ends up being $1500 cause someone else started to bid them up..

        2. Same mentality kicks in with some people on highways. Ever start to pass someone going slower but then suddenly as you start to pass them, they seem to start speeding up?

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