Wednesday Winner: Totally Awesome Hulk #22

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop and pick up your books on Wednesday. It is even nicer that by the end of the day the books are selling for multiple times cover price. Totally Awesome Hulk #22 is one of those books.
Featuring the first appearance of Weapon H, Totally Awesome Hulk #22 has asking prices on eBay as high as $25 currently. Recently closed sales have been as high as $18.
Reports have been coming in that these were sold out pretty much in every comic shop.

22 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Totally Awesome Hulk #22”

  1. Sad that when I got into my LCS only 1 was left and it had a nick on the left side. Still picked it up but sad about the condition. It’s for the PC so it’s not too bad.

  2. One of my LCS had a big stack, no one seemed to care for it. Once I showed interest, within 5 minutes the weirdo running the store grabs the whole stack takes it behind the counter and refuses to sell me any of them because he need them all for his “list customers”. I was annoyed.

      1. I used to think there was some kind of rule as a comic book retailer that you couldn’t mark-up comic books on their first week of release. But so many have done so over the years, I am figuring there is no such rule. Comic shops that do that sort of thing lose my business.

  3. I’ve had a great week…. had many copies of this, metal #1 Midnight Variant (plus one copy of the 1:100 and the jet pack variant set with virgin cover) and also coming across a few near mint Mister Miracles as well.
    I’ve got a load of them on eBay with bidders already bidding at least 4 time face value for most of them.
    Quick question though.
    As this is first official appearance of Weapon H is it worth holding onto a few copies for future?

    1. I’m holding my copy for long term gambling. But yeah, hold one at least because soon enough Marvel will release his own series because “We Demanded It” 😉

    2. Honestly you never know. Depends on what they do with the character. If he is just in the mini series and a little bit after, then no, make your money and move on, if he stays around, sure. Never hurts to keep one. I say that but have a ton of comics that I just kept one of and wish I had sold.

  4. The place I found 3 copies online for cover guild of blades in Michigan canceled my order for the three copies and said they had one copy. So I bought that then they cancelled that order and said they are not selling it. Glad I got one my LCS what a sham.

    1. Not related to this subject, but you posted a link to a Walmart sale a little while back. I should have saved it back then but forgot to do so, and now I can’t find it. Is that sale still going ($4.99 a pack, I believe), and if so, do you still have the link? I did a search at the Walmart site, but nothing was coming up. Thanks.

  5. Found four left at my LCS – last time I was there I wanted 5 of the Wonder woman 25 Variant. They limited me to 2. However, I was only able to grab 2 of the TAH 22 at cover price. Lucky Me. Seems like the demand is dying down tho on the bay. I also read the comic and it was meh.

  6. The store I went to yesterday was sold out. I did not get any of the previous issues but I’m going to get one of these if I see it for cover.

  7. So TAH #20 had the 1st appearance of Bobby Andrews who became Beta. Given the way the story turned out, is his 1st appearance worth anything? Or does Weapon H sort of negate Bobby’s importance/1st appearance?
    I’ll hang up and listen.

    1. I think the 1st appearance of Weapon H would probably somewhat negate Bobby’s 1st appearance similar to how the 1st Venom negates Eddie Brock’s 1st.

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