Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 59

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. As always, I want to take a moment to say hank you. all for the friendship, encouragement, advice, support and love. Thank you Tony for allowing me to  write for the site, its an amazing sandbox. I love you
guys and your one of the greatest blessings in my life.
Deadpool vs Punisher, Nightwing #26 &  The Champions #11 were my reads of the week. Rick and Morty Pickle Rick was the best cartoon of 2017.
Anyway, on to the comics
1. The Unfunnies #1-4 – wow Netflix acquired Millarworld. #awesomesauce and congratulations to the greatest comic book creator of all time. I can’t wait for these new shows and new comics to come out. I would love to see a Unfunnies animated series . It does seem as the unfunnies are the red headed stepchild of his creations and the books are fun and cheap $1-5
2. Carebears #1 Star Comics – How come the Carebears have not made a major come back yet? Gem did, freaking My Little Ponies did, maybe they did and I just missed it. Star Comics did a Carebear series that lasted twenty issues and are tough to find in high grade issue #20 is a ghost but now I want to own the first appearance of the
Carebears $5 and up
3. Kick Ass 3 #1 Adam Hughes Variant  – Mark Millar Kick Ass and Adam Hughes, whats not to love or speculate upon here? why so cheap $5 and up
4. Legionnaires #14 – Adam Hughes art and cover I am surprised that some of Hughes early work is so cheap. This series is a cult classic and can be found in dollar boxes and as high as $3-5
5.Marvel Super Action #1 – black and white magazine, early Punisher appearance. The Defenders is on Netflix now. Punisher trailer showed up at the end of all eight episodes. The trailer is amazing. There is also a double cover error edition out there as well happy hunting
6. Mad Magazine #233 – why did Mad magazine make Pacman man of the year? In 1982, his cartoon wasn’t all that good. It was funny however I did spend quarters upon quarters on the video game with my best friend, RIP,  Katie as those were the best of times comic books, pizza, Pac Man and your smile but the cover to this magazine is just fun $5 and up
7. Avengers #167 – This is the Avengers teaming up with the original Guardians of the Galaxy. Movie comes out next year and this is a nifty appearance of both teams together $5 and up
8.  Marvel Two-in-One #4-5 – the second appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2 hits on dvd soon, new movie, the after credit scenes  good time to be a Guardians of the Galaxy fan
9. Comics Scene #9 – there are three things in this world that need much much love; cosplayers, Pizza Hut, and classic fanzines. Comics Interview, Amazing Heroes, old Previews, Wizard, and Comics Scene. This has a Punisher cover and article with gems of information, and the Punisher is blowing up $10
10. Avengers #177 – another bronze age Guardians of the Galaxy appearance $5 and up
11. Regular Show #1 – boomb and its cartoon network deal #awesomesauce.  First Regular Show in comics just a fun book and show don’t spec to high on this, $5
12. Rick and Morty #3 Second Print – Rick and Morty is the best thing to happen in popular culture since The Walking Dead. Across the board, Rick and Morty are hot. Comics, toys, Pops, shirts, and the show, it is just great. I loved Pickle Rick and Summer is great. I am surprised that second, third, and later prints of other issues like #2-6 are still cheap but for how long $5-10
13. He-Man Eternity War #1 Matty Collectors Club photo cover variant – didn’t realize this great series had this nifty variant limited to under 3,000 copies. For he-man fans it is just a must have $30 and up
14. Legend of the Dark Knight #38 – first modern Bat-Mite. Between the Dan Jergens mini-series and Brave and the Bold cartoons, I fell in love with Bat-Mite. So, I had to find what his first post-crisis appearance was, well this is it, and it is cheap $2-5
15. Detective Comics #462 – final pre-crisis Bat-Mite appearance . Bronze age Detective Comics are great spec picks, especially common issues like this, which has zany stories. Everyone wants a full run of Batman and Detective $10 and up
16. Detective Comics #518 – the Suicide Squad was a decent enough movie . Harley owns it and Will Smith as Deadshot was fun in it. This is an early Batman vs Deadshot fight and early Deadshot appearances are worth the spec as Suicide Squad will get a sequal and Deadshot is the heart of the team $5-10
17. Wizard Magazine #120 – Wizard Magazine is coming back, the one time king of comic mags. Kevin Smith is the greatest film maker of all time.  King of the fanboys. This has a Bluntman & Chronic cover which was used in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. This variant was given out at the premire of Strikes Back and is a tough find $10 and up
18. Giant Sized Defenders #5 – early original Guardians of the Galaxy appearance is part of the first Starhawk story. Just a great time for Defenders/Avengers fans $10 and up
19. Conan Universe Handbook – this has no real spec vaule. It is in dollar boxes or just under ten bucks. A lot of information and maps on Conan from Marvel, cool stuff happy hunting
20. Planet Hulk Sourcebook – I can’t wait for November 3rd.  Thor vs Hulk on the big screen. Can’t wait to see what they do with Planet Hulk. This showcases the different combatants within the Planet Hulk story and is overlooked when finishing the set $5-10
21. What If Planet Hulk – This is one of the best what if stories in modern times not spoiling it, but does feature the first Skaar, son of Hulk, how often do you see What If’s come true? $10 and up
22. Fantasy Masterpiece Volume 2 #1 – reprints the Silver Surfer #1 andis a great way to read and enjoy this silver age classic but all Surfer books should be on the radar as they are cheap right now
23. Marvel Saga #1-25 – this entire series is one big gem. 1986 reprints of silver age Marvel Comics. Reprints four characters at once found in fifty cent and dollar bins, but so worth the hunt and investment. As the originals get pricey and go up and up in price, these become more desirable.
Once again I love you guys. I thank you for the last two years. Hopefully see you all at  new York Comic Con   Have a great week as now I am going to watch the animated planet hulk movie.
blind adam out

12 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 59”

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I’d go that far yet with Millar being the greatest comic creator of all time.. he’s probably in the top 500 list but not at the top yet..

  1. Even though I’ve gotten out of flipping and doing shows, books like Detective 851 give me pause as even PC books. The cover is dope and I probably sold 5 or 6 that id found in dollar bins for between 5 and 8 at local cons before the movie. That being said, I’ve still got a few I can’t give away because of what a dumpster fire the Suicide Squad movie turned out to be. It’s a sweet cover, but the meat rotted off that bone with the stale performances of the films cast and lack of a coherent narrative. Harley, as always, remains safe spec, but specing on anyone else in that film feels rissskkkyyyy. Look at the drop offs in 1st appearances of everyone else from that movie. When the reviews hit so did the value drops on 1st everybody whose last name doesn’t rhyme with Finn. Anybody that didn’t flip their 1st modern Deadshot missed out on selling a copy at the height of SS mania for enough to buy two at today’s value. Ditto for Croc and that even had Jason Todd to sweeten the meat.
    The Giant Sized Defenders 5 is also dope because it’s first Vance Astrovik. Not a major character, but one more thing the book has going for it. I bought these and GSDF #3 on the cheap a few years back after realizing I slept on getting a first wrecking crew for less than a 5 spot for my PC. It seems like can always find a 90s kid that’ll swap or buy for a first Vance if you tell them what’s in the annual and there’s still a ton of cheap GSDF 5s out there. Or at least there were before this article! Great write up!

    1. GS Defenders 5 is also Guardians of the Galaxy’s 3rd appearance. This comic can be tough to track down in high grade because of its square spine.

  2. Check out Legionnaires #16, it’s the famous Adam Hughes Dream Girl cover “She’s back!”) It also has a DC Universe variant, which could make it extremely rare.

  3. “Adam Hughes art and cover I am surprised that some of Hughes early work is so cheap”
    How about Alex Ross? His Princess Leia variant goes anywhere from $30-75, meanwhile his very first professional book ever, Terminator Burning Earth, goes for $5. None of this makes sense!

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