Alana Tries PGX, Unboxing and Review

Aloha CHUniverse, today I would like to share my unboxing and overall experience with PGX grading services. While I own many graded books from all 3 of the big graders this is the first time I’ve sent books my self to be graded. I chose PGX for a few reasons, price, turn around time, and in house pressing. Price is really important to me because CGC would want a lot of money on some of the books I had graded with their crazy % pricing based on Fair Market Value. Turn around time, being my first time sending high dollar collectibles I definitely want them out of hand as little as possible. Finally in house pressing saves $ from having to send to a pressers then to a grading company, also less people messing with the book. I sent books that are all important keys that all deserved grading let’s see how I did!

This cost me $55 and $13 to grade it. I knew it was a 9.8 if not higher came back 9.8

Another variant that came back as a 9.8, I bought two of these direct from Bulletproof the day they went on sale believe they were $40 each. Flipped one for $300 when it was hot and kept one for myself. Both store variants I sent for grading came back 9.8 this shows don’t be to quick to drop $100+ on guaranteed 9.8 graded store exclusives, just buy them raw from the same vendor and spend $13 and get it graded yourself.

Was hoping 9.8 on this. A 9.6 goes for about $200 a 9.8 goes for about $300. Paid $120Ā  for the three different incentive Gwenpool variants from Howard the Duck # 1, 2, 3 when they came out. This one is for Mel and Poyo.

Was hoping for a 9 or 9.2 on this. Purchased on Amazon for $70 about a year and a half ago. Listed as like new but had some scuffing and grime. Further scuffed it removing the grime with a dry eraser pad.

Really wanted a 9.8 on this, but the backcover killed me with a crease. Sadly I never really check back covers when I buy books. Paid $70 on this a couple years back.

Came back a 9.4 was guessing between a 9.0 and 9.6. They pressed it and got a little damage out the corner. That damage was from just everyday storage one of the reasons I wanted these books preserved. Happy with this nice solid grade. Paid $40 for this 6.5 years ago.

Thought this would be a 9.8 I have another 1st print to send for grading maybe it will do better. I believe this book has the most reprints of any comic. Great book, great artist I love all the Goth keys. Think I paid $30 on eBay for this with 1-5 1st print a couple years back my other copy was $30 just for issue #1 around the same time.

This was getting so old and damaged no choice but to get it graded to preserve what’s left of it. This is a big winner for me was thinking 1.8-2.0 so 3.0 is great. Paid $120 6.5 years ago. This one cost $20 to grade because of the age.

8.5 on this was hoping 9.2-9.4. At least I know where my copy stands now. Paid $35 for it 6 years ago, at least its newsstand.

This one another back cover killed me. Was thinking 9.2+ paid $20 a couple years ago.

I thought this was a 9.8 I still don’t understand why it’s not. One of my most beloved books, another Goth key. Paid $45 for it 6 years ago.

I knew this wouldn’t be the best it’s covers right corner has a chip that’s hanging on by a thread. Paid $50 about 6 years ago, Still a solid VF copy.

This one kills me too. Thought it was a 9.8 but seeing it graded now, I can see a couple stress marks on the spine I didn’t see when it was bagged and boarded. Can’t complain paid $20 for it 7 years ago for this key

Paid $10 for this 6 years ago, back then these didn’t come up for auction on eBay very often so I wasn’t really able to be choosy on grade when getting my copy. I thought this would of been a 6 but pressed out nicely to 8.0

Thought this would of been 9.2+ but nope, wrong again. Another Goth key. I asked, especially for mine to be mounted backwards for display purposes. I love that PGX took care of my special request that is hard service to come by and shows the great communication you have with them while your books are away. Getting books graded backwards let’s start some trends CHU.

Bought this a couple months back on Amazon I knew about the restoration. Was advertised as 8.0-8.5 restored when I bought it. Only paid $300 on it was a great pick up.

Say what you want about restored books this looks sharp. Again bought on Amazon from the same comic restorer as the book above also the same price $300 another great deal from a couple months back.

This is the best news of the bunch and has a great story. I owned three low grade copies of this book 1.8-3.0s when Punisher hit Daredevil season 2 I sold my two worst copies for $350+ each. In that time this copy came up randomly in suggested items from eBay when it was listed. It was listed as a low grade copy possible trimming for $280. I could tell this was not trimmed just off set cover printing error. So I bought it with the money from one of the sold copies and then sold my last low grade copy the next day for $400. I was thinking 4.5-5.0 because I don’t know how the cover being offset effects grading or not. 7.5 is good money in the bank.

Another Goth key. Nice 9.6 paid $45 a couple years back this is the highest graded that I see available currently on eBay.

Bought this knowing it was trimmed paid $2350 for it and only $20 to grade it. In this grade restored it goes in the $4500-$5000 range. A nice investment book and a great buy in. Very happy to own this.

So there you have it I give PGX a 98/100 or in other words a 9.8 on there grading and pressing services. To grade and screen for pressing these 20 books came out to $360 + $40 to ship and insure them the way there. So $20 avg per book on my order that really beats the $150 it would cost just to grade Tales of Suspense #39 from CGC. I know some people dislike PGX but I have to say, the communication was great, the price is amazing, the in house pressing is what every grading service should have, the case and encasing is extremely professional, turn around time was about a month from the time they received the books this was during convention season even. I will definitely be adding PGX to my comic collecting arsenal, as a matter of fact I’m already getting my next order ready to send off.


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  1. louierobm says:

    Really appreciate this Alana! Great advice, I was thinking of getting a few things graded.

  2. Keld Soerensen says:

    Very nice books!

  3. Karl says:

    Thanks Alana.

    I guess the question is, how will the final sale value of each of these books compare with the final sale value had they been done by CGC.

    As a nube to the world of comic investing it became apparent very quickly that CGC is far more trusted and respected by buyers and that was reflected in price the books were advertised for / sold for.

    With that in mind it would be interesting to know what you, and the other readers, would pay for a PGX rated 9.0 against a CGC rated 9.0 and if the difference in cost of getting them graded would potentially be insignificant.

    Great topical topic as I’m preparing to get a few graded and was by default going to use CGC (that said most of mine are modern comics that are yet to boom so would be paying the lowest CGC rate).

    At present my “pride and joy” comic is a 1st Print Omega Men #3 with CGC 9.6 rating (1st app Lobo). It’s not so much about the potential of a film coming but rather that the comic was released on the day I was born and that I have always loved Lobo!

    • agentpoyo says:

      The whole CGC being more worthy amongst collectors is a perception we should start changing I think. People flock and pay more for CGC based on their name, ignoring the flaws and their own bad track record they have themselves.

      I think the problem with most collectors who buy graded books and are CGC only snobs are buying the slab and not the book. Those buying CBCS and PGX are buying the book, that just happens to be preserved in a slab.

      • cbasquit86 says:

        I am not a CGC snob but I do prefer them over the other companies. But I think an argument can be made for two different categories: buying for personal collection vs buying for investment and flip potential. If you are buying for investment/flip potential, i’m sorry but CGC is the way to go. They are going to be commanding the highest price for the foreseeable future. Now if you are buying them for personal, of course you should always buy the book and not the case, but when you have a company with a track record for being paid on the side for higher grades or when internally they are grading their own books at the wrong grade to make themselves money, I will stay away from a company like that, even if 20 years passes and they completely change ownership. I think there are as many snobs against CGC out there as there are CGC snobs themselves.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I think that’s the perception we need to change though as collectors. If we start buying and promoting other grading slabs other than telling people to just go with CGC (because it’s now the de facto standard), we can start leveling out the playing field. None of them are flawless in my opinion. Honestly, I like to keep my books free…. Even for the personal collection.

      • cbasquit86 says:

        At the end of the day, when you buy a CBCS or PGX, you are still buying into the fact that you are trusting this company to have made an accurate grade. Sure someone can take multiple pics on eBay of the book, but you never truly can tell the grade or all of the flaws until you get it in your hand. I do like CBCS and have a few of their books in my personal collection because they have a great history and track record, but I will never put my money’s trust in PGX

      • Karl says:

        Wow never heard about bribes being paid but I guess “it’s only logical” that it happens…..

        I may be new to comic investing but I have been trading for years in stocks and commodities and perception is everything (just look how quickly markets rise and drop based on a speculative news report).

        As such I do feel that CGC is the best due to the perceived reliability and credibility (even for personal collection, after all we would probably sell any of our colletibles at the right price or if we’re in a sticky situation and need money quick…)

      • agentpoyo says:

        Gonna put my conspiracy theory hat on for a second and make a claim that “where there is money involved, something shady has occurred at one time or another”. That old saying.. “money is the root of all evil” is probably the most accurate statements of all time.

        I would love to read any facts or evidence about the bribes that took place at PGX, if there is anything though. I’m sure there’s a story at every workplace but we can all agree, unless there’s facts from evidence, it’s all just hearsay for the most part.

        But yeah, most still flock to CGC only because they’re taught to flock that way. We should change that.

        Maybe articles like this that Alana wrote and shared her experience only helps the other players in the game long term, one can only hope.

        I’m just gonna keep my comics free though.. I like to pull them out and smell them as often as I can.. šŸ˜‰

      • cbasquit86 says:

        Unfortunately I won’t be able to provide any solid proof of PGX internally grading up comics that are not that grade to make money, because there are no official reports of it. But a quick google search will find you multiple stories from customers and forums. Granted this could all be slander and BS, but where there is smoke, there is fire, so I choose to stay away. In reference to them not detecting restoration very well, again, I do not have any 1st hand experience with this, but another quick google search can find you hundreds of cases of people claiming this, so I choose to not roll the dice.

        What I will say from personal experience is that I have 2 circumstances where I bought a PGX comic that was a blue label with no notes of interior missing and gotten them regraded by CGC, only to find out the comic had missing interior cut outs and they came back green labels. This happened on 2 expensive and highly sought after books, and completely crushed my margins on reselling them. Due to that happening to me twice, I will never trust PGX again.

        This all being said, I am glad it all turned out ok for Alana and maybe they truly have fixed some of the issues they used to have, but I won’t be the one to test that.

      • cbasquit86 says:

        You could argue that I should have cracked open the PGX books myself to ensure no cutouts before submitting to CGC, but again, we should be able to trust these professional companies to do their job and detect these things for us, that is why we pay them

      • agentpoyo says:

        Trust no one but yourself. This is why I do a best guess on my comic grades, slap them in some archive grade mylar sleeves with some other thick archive grade backer boards and save a bunch of money by not paying for someone else’s opinion. šŸ˜‰

    • Lonzilla says:

      All of the books in my personal collections will eventually get sold one day and CGC just brings more $$$ in the aftermarket. So, short answer, that’s the route I go

  4. Bobby Mansfield says:

    Very informative. Looks like PGX is a solid option if you’re on a budget. Thanks for the knowledge!

  5. Donato Congialdi says:

    Glad to hear you had a great experience ..I use Pgx often and always happy with their service prices and turnaround time..

  6. Bill says:

    based on this info, I might use PGX. At least until the CBCS tamper proof thingy comes to a conclusion

    • David Lyons says:

      CGC suffers the same thing, as does PGX. CBCS has at least addressed the issue (heat seals) and acknowledge things … unlike two other companies. Hell, CGC flat out stated that their new cases were fine and didn’t damage books or have any of the “issues” that were very real and obvious to even those that don’t have much experience with grading. Just saying.

  7. Tom says:

    Really interesting, thanks for posting this. Now if only they could be persuaded to open in the UK…

    • Karl says:

      Tell me about it Tom!

      Although Scott’s Collectables in London do offer a great service, quick turnaround (considering it is being sent half way round the world and back) and really reasonable (Ā£25 for one month turnaround).

      I thought about sending direct from UK but as places like Scotts send multiple thousands a year they spread the postage cost across all the customers making really cheap!

      But yes wouldn’t be great to have a service based in UK… perhaps we should start one….

      • Tom says:

        Agreed – Scott’s Collectables are great, but I’ve got a bunch of books that I’m fond of, but which are worth very little, so at $13 to grade, that would be of interest, but not at Ā£25. If I had more time I’d definitely look into it as a business!

  8. Dan Piercy says:

    I will never use PGX, have a great day.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Why? What value does your comment hold if that’s all you’re going to say? I’m just curious, that’s all.

  9. OC_Guy says:

    I don’t have any major issues with any of the grading companies. I do know PGX has its opposition with quite a few, but their prices and turn around times are very good. I have a handful of their books in my collection including a 8.0 Iron Man #55 and to me it looks like they nailed the grade. However, PGX on average does not get the same returns on most books. The gap in many cases isn’t huge but it is still there. I don’t think I would have a problem sending new books to them due to the reasonable prices and quickness of return…Just for the sake of the protection encapsulation provides.

  10. Karl says:

    Also, whilst we’re in this topic, I have a nube warning for you all!

    Watch out for fakes!

    I bought a “Sex Criminals #1” ultra rare variant CGC 9.8 for about $75 (60 of our finest English pounds).

    When I got it the slab was skinny (less than half as thick as my real ones) the label on back was exposed and there was the tiniest of cracks on the top corner.

    Luckily for me the person who I bought it off refunded me straight away, but I do worry that he will sell it to someone else.

    Luckily this one was fairly obvious but I would love to know if there is a good source for identifying fakes as I’m sure there are many far more convincing ones on the market….

    • Anthony says:

      Their cases have changed several times with several different labels. I have Cgc slabs I have gotten back from them in slabs that seemed thinner.

      • Karl says:

        I did check that out and granted that is the case.

        But this one had a small crack at the top and when I looked closely i could see a crack on the cover and a scuff mark on the corner.

        As such I don’t see how it could have been a 9.8.

        Based on the sellers quick refund I think I was right… have you ever come across a fake or know anyone who has?

        I read that some people crack them open, take out the 9.8 copy and put it a much worse (and obviously cheaper) copy and then send the nice one to be graded again.

        Hard to know what it true or not but this one just didn’t feel right….

      • Anthony says:

        I have not come across a fake or know anyone who has. I know there are other weird third party graders out there that I would never trust. Midwest Grading Company and Vault Grading Company come to mind.

      • Karl says:

        Ps. Pun intended on the first sentence in my previous comment….

  11. Robert A Miller says:

    These new labels are a vast improvement over their old ones.

    I get what people say about CGC commanding higher prices but the grading itself has been way off lately. until the CBCS case thing came up I would have put them on top, the grading there has been top notch.

    One old complaint about PGX was that they tended to overgrade a lot, glad to see you thought most of these would be close to what they graded.

  12. Vann says:

    Interesting article—glad you shared it. If anything, this gives us all “food for thought” about using PGX’s services or perhaps even buying a slab or two when a book you like is offered….

  13. Moebius!!!! says:

    Great books and I’m glad that you had the foresight to have them pressed as well. Early on I had sent some books to get graded and didn’t have them pressed. I learned to save money in the long run to press the first time around especially if its a key or important to me. It helps to gauge the condition of books if you already have some graded books in your collection. It takes a lot of the guesswork out the equation beforehand. My experience with PGX goes back to 2005 and it was a terrible one. I received cracked cases and cases with rub marks etc. the quality control was so terrible that I havn’t gone back since. First impressions mean a lot to people when they’re plunking down all that hard earned cash. Anyway..thanks again I’m so happy that you had a good experience and you’ve inspired me to send a test batch to PGX in the near future.

  14. Howie says:

    My only hesitation in recent history was their labels. I may put a couple through for resale just to help the campaign…but I’m definitely using them for some personal books once I move next month (KILLDOZER!!).

    CGC just has too many red flags and CBCS is just..I don’t know…I don’t like them.

    I can say that I had one CGC book that graded a 9.8 that shouldn’t have.

  15. Rob Pillsbury says:

    Rob Pillsbury

    • mnlakehomes says:

      You get what you pay for. In terms of quality of graders, quality of pressing, quality of the case and knowing your books won’t get swapped, I’ll take CGC. CGC has by far the most experienced graders in the industry. The rest of the companies are amateur hour compared to CGC. Did you all see the video last week of the guy who opened CBCS cases and swapped a 9.0 for a 9.8 and you couldn’t tell that there had been any tampering. CGC is the only case that you can be assured you won’t have tampering or else it will be obvious. CGC graded books sell for higher amounts as a result.

      • Anthony says:

        There has been a follow up video of label swapping with Cgc cases.

        Sent from my iPhone


      • agentpoyo says:

        There’s gonna always be someone who can likely swap out the labels or replace the books without making it appear as if the case has been tampered with. This goes for any of the slabs.

        Do you have a list of the graders at CGC to compare with the list of graders at PGX or CBCS? You do know CBCS was founded by the head of grading at CGC right?

        “Steve Borock was hired by Comics Guaranty Corporation as its Primary Grader and Restoration Detection Expert when the firm started up in 1999 and subsequently established the grading standards used for third party grading. He was promoted to President of CGC soon thereafter, a post he held until late 2008. During his tenure at CGC, he had the final word on every vintage comic grade that was assigned and his reputation for fairness, honesty, and impartiality was a key component in CGCā€™s acceptance among the community of collectors and dealers.”

        So the guy who likely graded most of your current CGC slabs if done before 2008 now heads up CBCS..

        I think most of claims all other companies are “amateur” is without merit unless you can prove such things with actual evidence, which you likely do not have. All you spewed is hot air for the most part.

        So this comes back to why people flock to CGC and pay more for it? Probably since it’s people like you that spew nonsense baseless facts. You are part of the problem in why the others in the grading game are still not given their chance to prove themselves.

  16. Brian Soucie says:

    Great write up. I recently used PGX for the first time. Sent them my TMNT 1 2nd print and I couldn’t have been happier their service. Great communication and presentation. Book graded a accurately with what I thought. I will definitely use them again for PC preservation.

  17. Richard Cuello says:

    Alana.. you’re so brave. I almost consider you a hero. šŸ™‚

  18. Derek Magnus says:

    I use PGX and have been happy. I cannot complain. With shipping it comes to 15 bucks a book usually and I am a book kinda guy. Where am I going to get a case and an outside opinion of a book for $15. Most of the ones I slab I would never “look” at again for fear of damaging. Thank god for trades. Couple of them were newsstand couples of books that survived the bike ride home, a few reads and came back as 9.2. Batman #357 and Avengers Annual #10. They deserve a case.

  19. J. Dan Patane says:

    I just want to say those are some AMAZING books.
    Thx for sharing this!

  20. Donato Congialdi says:

    Pgx new labels are definitely better than old ones. I am sending some bronze 9.8 pgx books I have to be reholdered with new labels.. Only 11.00 each.. Good deal to me..

  21. Christopher B says:


  22. cbasquit86 says:

    I really wish any of the top 3 grading companies would offer a cheaper service to encapsulate your comics without the grading aspect, just for preservation purposes. I know you can buy Comic Skin for your books but even that is a bit pricey per book

  23. Alana says:

    Theres two PGX horror stories from when they first opened, one is a customer said he sent in a first print TMNT and received a third print back after he opened the case. This is a hard one to prove because it’s a he said she said and was started on the CGC forums. The customer could of been the scammer in this case, but according to him he did receive the current FMV of the book from PGX’s insurance. So not really a problem if he got a settlement. Hopefully something like this never happens but you can protect yourself. I took photos of all my books before shipping and photos of any defining marks. I also took photos of the publisher page of books that have more then one printing. The second bad story of PGX involves a comic dealer from Oregon that supposedly worked at PGX and graded his own books. There is this low grade Robin 1st appearance that comes from him that has been graded 3 or 4 times by PGX and has a different grade each time. To be honest the grade on the book is about right and old low grade books can be very subjective. Also the older a book gets its grade can increase overtime. A book from the 50’s is going to get away with more flaws then a modern book at the same grade. You have to factor in age, scarcity, and when it’s graded. There has been numerous early graded CGC books that graded higher when sent in 10years+ for regrading. But both these stories are from the start of PGX. EVERY new company has problems when they start. I really researched PGX before sending, and outside of these two situations they have all good reviews and happy customers. Our president makes more mistakes in one day then PGX makes in a decade. I do understand the difference books sell for CGC and PGX. In older mega key books the price difference is minimal same in 9.8 graded moderns. In other situations it’s usually $10-$20 cheaper then it’s CGC counterpart, and while there are some collectors that only will buy CGC there are more collectors out there looking to buy a bargain and to save some money. Not all of us have the money of a Saudi prince or Nicolas Cage. But all these books I had graded are personal collection and it’s more about encasing the book then what it comes back graded. None of these will be for sale anytime in this decade unless I have another copy that grades higher, or for some reason I buy another copy of a book I already have. (I actually do this sometimes if I see a smoking deal) I like having certain books accessible and protected so I can easily display or show them to someone without worry of damaging it. An ungraded book is lost in my many boxes of comics and to pull it out could take hours, not to mention flipping through and possibly damaging other books in the process. PGX even sent me 30 bags for my 20 books I had graded, those extra bags went on my bag less CGC books.

    • Cody says:

      Not really a problem if he got a settlement? What if he had never opened it? PGX would’ve stolen his book and gotten away with it.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Last I read or heard, Nicholas Cage was close to being broke…. They say he loved buying expensive rediculous things…. Like he built a castle I think that proved to be too much to maintain since he doesn’t get the roles that command the money he once made.

  24. Alana says:

    If I were to take 20 of a brand new modern like Totally awesome Hulk #22s and send them to PGX and get 9.8s on them all. I could then sell them on eBay $10-$15 then the CGC 9.8. That CGC 9.8 will still sell but in the time it took for him to find one buyer the seller of the cheaper PGX counterpart would of sold 5 copies.

    • Alana says:

      $10-$15 less than******

    • cbasquit86 says:

      Fast track for CGC is $9 and from my experience makes the turn around times lately about 1 month without pressing, and a CGC will sell for at bare minimum 20% more than a PGX, even with the Fast track fee I still think its worth going CGC over PGX for quick flips. Even if lets say the CGC sells for the exact same amount as the PGX, if any buyer on the planet has the choice between buying a CGC and PGX off ebay, they are always going to go for the CGC so out of those 20 books you are selling them way faster. But no PGX in the same grade is ever going to command the same as a CGC. Im not being a jerk im just speaking in facts.

    • cbasquit86 says:

      I also live about 45 minutes from the CGC headquarters so I am not factoring in shipping time, that would probably add another week or so to the equation

      • Alana says:

        If CGC had fixed pricing they probably would of got my business. But sending in these books the FMV would be hard to determine for me and my husband both seasoned comic collectors, and who knows what the bill would come to. $400 for 20 books is fair once you start getting more pricey then that, I rather spend the money on more comics instead of protecting them for peace of mind.

  25. A. King says:

    I never understood why CGC always sold for more. The first comics I had graded I sent to CBCS . The next batch I sent to CGC, I had no problems with either on. Maybe I’ll try PGX next. I have heard people say their cases are stronger than the other two.

  26. Jesus says:

    This is my issue with CGC when I sent out my books with my LCS. All of the books where the same title from different people. I sent my in as well. It came back with such a low grade that I was frustrated for days. I couldn’t believe that my book with the same title and from the same LCS rack had a lower grade then the others. But it goes to show you that even big companies like CGC don’t always get it right or the employee had a long day lol.

  27. Jeremy Abbott says:

    Do they give you access to grader notes?

  28. azbarbarian says:

    I like this post. You did a good job explaining your hopes with each book and the reasons you think they graded the way they did. I think this is helpful to a lot of people. Your post demonstrates that PGX can grade books well, IMO.
    I personally have never understood getting books graded for my PC. I do understand grading in order to flip a book for maximum value IF you are selling on-line. I pretty much agree with most of what Poyo said here about grading, etc.
    Every comic collector should learn to grade comics. It is not that hard. As far as preserving comics, quality mylar bags, such as Archives or Mylites with quality boards such as fullbacks or halfbacks should preserve your collection. I don’t have any stock in E Gerber, but I have used their products for decades and they hold up and do protect books well. I have had ‘archival quality’ bags and boards from other companies completely disintegrate (seam rips, etc.) in storage.
    I personally would never buy an expensive key book, in person, based on the label. I would need to see it, inside and out, for myself. A good example would be a TMNT #1. They were printed on such crappy paper that I don’t really see them holding up well, even in a slab.
    Too many collectors collect the label, not the comic.

    • Anthony says:

      I recently got a TmNT 1 in horrible condition. Massive spine tics the top was bent over. It was a wreck. I sent it out to be cleaned and pressed. While it will never be in the 9.0 range, I am happy to have it and can’t wait to get it back and read it.

      • azbarbarian says:

        That is awesome. I have a 2nd print I bought off the shelf new! I would love to have a 1st print, raw, in lower grade (which is more affordable to me). I remember once seeing a first print in a shop for $100. I really wanted it but I was a teenager and didn’t have that kind of $$.

      • Anthony says:

        It’s all hind sight. I saw an Amazing Fantasy 15 in beautiful condition back in the early 90’s priced at $8,000. I didn’t have the money but tried to trade my 88 Mustang 5.0 GT for it. Knowing the rarity and value of the book and its future potential I was all set to go. Problem was my dad wouldn’t bring the title over to sign it over to the guy. Now, that copy is worth god only knows how much. The Mustang? I hit a deer a few months later and messed up the car to the point it wasn’t right again.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Man, that reminds me of the time my dad and I saw a 69 Camaro SS…. Almost pristine condition, almost all parts original. The guy was asking $10,500.00

        Granted that would have been a lot of money for a first car, I begged and begged my dad to front the money, I already planned to make payments to him. He didn’t go for it, now that car would be worth 30k or more if I took care of it (which I would have). I did end up with an 84 Camaro for 3k…. I was still happy that being my first car but the 69 was and still is a dream car of mine.

      • Jesus says:

        Oh dude don’t even remind me. I had the chance to buy a 68 camaro for 5K. It needed some cosmetic work and the engine and trany where just rebuild. I didn’t have the money. I called him 1 week later to see of he still had it, SOLD!!!! šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­šŸ˜­

  29. Jesus says:

    In my opinion 87, 88, and 89 where the best years for the Mustang 5.0. That’s probably why your dad didn’t want to sign it over lol. He knows his cars…

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