Poyo’s Picks for August 30th, 2017

AKA: Poyo’s Washed Out Picks for August 30th, 2017

It’s been raining non-stop for almost 3 days now. Hurricane Harvey made crispy central Texas very wet and soggy. I’ll take it though, probably won’t see any more rain after this for another 3 months or so.

Now let’s hope my local shops didn’t get flooded out and I can pick up the picks I make here cause we all know my picks are the best picks. I just wanted to see how many times I could say picks in one sentence before it started to get weird. This week is small, being the 5th Wednesday of the month as well but I think there are still a few potential winners.


Black Racer and Shilo Norman Special #1 (DC) – Mister Miracle a few weeks back was a hit, so this one has a chance for that under ordered go-to DC book this week, especially with some Bill Sienkiewicz artwork. It carries a $4.99 price tag and I doubt most got their shops to order this book, so it’s gonna be that potential hard to get book I’m expecting. I’ve been known to be wrong 99% of the time though.


I got two Marvel picks this week. Princess Leia 40th Anniversary covers for both Mace Windu #1 and Star Wars #35. Seems these kind of get looked over, not all shops ge them and then the Leia covers start fetching top dollars down the road. So grab’em if you find’em, stash them, there’s a chance these will be a nice flip down the road. Or hold for long term gamble, there are still tons of Star Wars fans yet to be born.

The honorable pick goes to Secret Empire #10. Now, most books that are concluding a series title like these don’t get much love or don’t heat up but you can’t go wrong with the Dell Otto variant cover. Cap in Hydra Armor is just freaking awesome. Hail Hydra!

Small Publisher Pick

G.I. Joe #8 (IDW) Tom Whalen Variant – My local shops just don’t get these Whalen covers and if they do, there’s usually just one to choose from. These sell out quick online and are just hard to find for the most part. As I don’t seek them all, there have been a few covers for me that are just non-existent. So grab’em, stash’em or flip’em if they start to heat up. These are flip worthy just as they are keep worthy, can’t go wrong with Whalen art. These are the types of covers you could frame and hang.

Indie Pick

Amazing World of Gumball 2017 Grab Bag #1 (BOOM!) – I don’t know about the rest of you all but I think I enjoy this cartoon more than my kids when they watch it. My favorite character is Richard Watterson (the dad). He makes me laugh out loud at times. Love it. This likely won’t heat up or be a big spec book but it’s gonna be highly entertaining to read.

Now on with my new picks to AVOID… there’s just one this week.

Secret Empire #10 (Marvel) J Scott Campbell Variant – Why? You ask. This is that cover you only grab if a) you find at cover or for a fraction of the list price most online retailers list them for and or b) you love Campbell so much and want to have his babies. The only thing this cover has going for it is that Thor has a helmet on so it was very hard for him to make her look like Mary Jane. Also this cover looks like it has nothing to do with the story itself. I wish they stuck to covers that coincide with the actual story. I suppose you just can’t please everyone now can ya?

That’s all this week folks. Love them, hate them, hate me and or my picks, I don’t care. Shawn B will be around a year from now to rip these picks apart.


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  1. A. King says:

    I’m just a couple of back issues away from completing my 2nd set of 40th anniversary variants.

  2. Tweed says:

    Im sad to say….Amazing Gumball is really good! Very witty!

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