Wednesday Open Forum

Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)
We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.
The 151st edition of the open forum!
As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?
And my pickups this week:

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  1. For those that don’t know, the Walking Dead #171 pink signature variant has an extra page of panels with more background on Princess at the end. Skybound tried to average it out to 1:10 or 1:12. Not your typical incentive variant.

  2. Yeah, so I think it’s time for me to find a new shop. Went in just now to see if they had any of those pink sig covers. They didn’t but they had multiple stores in the area, said they’d check. They asked what the difference was and I told them it has extra pages and a bit more rare. I told them what they were going on eBay, because I was curious to see how much they’d charge me if they get any in (as they have more issues in the back room they have gone through yet. They also have multiple stores in the area, they have like 6 stores all together) and they said they would charge me for more than cover due to this. I asked how much? And he said he was wasn’t sure but it’d be around eBay prices. So I said thanks and picked up a few issues on a different comic I’ve missed in prior weeks. As I paid and I walked out I felt a bit of remorse buying from them, as I couldn’t believe they’d charge more after I was the one who shared with them the info. Even if they sold me the comic at cover but decided to sell the rest at about $40 a pop (current eBay sales) I still would be sad, but at least they would’ve have honored one cover price sell lol. But either way, guess I’m on the look for a new shop. Sucks, because they offer 20% off cover on their comics if you have a membership with them and there’s only one other store in my area that does that, or well at least that I’m aware of.
    Anyhow, sorry for the long story. But I’m at a crossroads here on looking for a new shop. I’ve brought it up a few times that they tend to dip into the speculation market a day or two in, but more recently the day of, with Weapon X7 being an example.

    1. You can’t really use day before Wednesday eBay prices. If it’s a 1:10 variant it’s not worth what people are asking on eBay and the market will flood with them tomorrow. My LCS orders very minimal copies of everything but Walking Dead I’m sure most LCS order more copies of Walking Dead then almost any other book they sell. Also look at issue #100 the covers with Negan on them go for more money then the covers without Negan outside of the ultra limited Lucille variant.

      1. Yeah, I wouldn’t shop there if they flat out told me they’d set their price at eBay prices, especially after I was the one that informed them of the variant.

    2. Yeah my LCS had a one per customer limit on any of the Walking Dead 171 covers and you had to get them at the front desk. Walked up asked for cover B and then asked if they had any of the pink signatures. They said yes but for $70. I said okay well then I would like a cover A then please. I love my LCS and they are the best one in town but I have noticed too often them putting certain ones up on the wall and jacking up the prices on books the day they are released.

        1. Cool. I got one at cover price which will piss other customers off at my LCS. I tipped them off to the existence in order to secure one. One copy is staying in my collection

    1. Well a glacier is “a slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains or near the poles”. Please make your checks out to….. But seriously seems like a good pickup. Never heard about it until now and I now I want a copy.

  3. Saving most of my money for Rose City Comic Con this weekend. Gonna meet one of my heroes, Weird Al Yankovic.
    I bring books to get slabbed with whichever company has a table. It used to be that both CGC and CBCS would be at my local cons, but with the recent contracts signed, it appears just CGC will be at RCCC this year. That kind of sucks because I have a stack of signed books (like a What If Venom signed by Skottie Young) and only CBCS verifies pre-signed books. So it looks like this will be the year of me slabbing unsigned books.
    I’ll be slabbing my NYX 3 which I think could be a 9.8. I’ve pretty much decided that I’m going to break open my 1973 DC Super Pac A-3 with an untouched Brave and the Bold #106, Phantom Stranger #24, and Wonder Woman #205 and slab them. I bought it for the WW 205 cover. I’ll probably sell the other two books. I’ve also got a Marvel Super Heroes 8 I’ve been wanting to slab.
    I’m debating whether or not to have Dominic Cooper sign a Preacher book SS. I have a stack of AMC Preacher 1’s and regular Preacher 1 I could have signed. I’m leaning toward the AMC cover just because Jesse is modeled after Dominic on that cover. $60 for an autograph is a bit too high for me though. My copy of the regular cover would be low NM, but the paper around the bottom of the top staple is pulling away a little. I don’t offhand know how much that would lower the grade.
    I’m happy as always to see Brandon Graham and sad that James O’Barr cancelled. I’m thinking about maybe getting a sketch from Aaron Lopresti since he will be the only one there that has professionally drawn Plastic Man. Skottie Young will be there too, but he always seems too busy.
    Maybe picking up this week:
    Dastardly & Muttley 1 (I’m a huge Dastardly & Muttley fan, but I don’t like what they did to Muttley. However, this is an Ennis book, so there is that chance it could be good.)
    Lark’s Killer 2 (I’ve been a fan of Willingham since Elementals and Ironwood.)

  4. I was first in the door and it appeared the employees had already pulled the pink covers from the stacks of TWD. I continued to shop and watch several people riffle through the stacks until every copy of both covers were damaged. Makes me think that despite the giant print run, 9.8’s are going to be harder to find than normal. Uncirculated preordered copies will be the only ones that grade high.

    1. I was the first in the door at my larger LCS. They had about 25-30 copies of the TWD 171 variant. I riffled through them and found 1 pink copy. The Pink version has 7 extra pages of story at the back of the book.

  5. My lcs got one pink and one blue cover…and just as I reached for it another guy lunged in and grabbed them both. Pissed isn’t even a good word for what I was!
    Guess I’ll settle for the second printing, I’m sure one will be coming.I hope this isn’t a trend Image is going to start, more stress for collectors.
    Anyone know what the extra pages were about? Anything important?

  6. Bit of a long list for this week, think I need to give my wallet a break.
    BANE CONQUEST #5 (OF 12)
    INJUSTICE 2 #9
    METAL #1 2nd Printing
    ASTRO CITY #47
    WALKING DEAD #171 – no signature issues that I could find
    VENOMVERSE #1 (OF 5)
    IRON FIST #7
    X-MEN GOLD #11
    MADE MEN #1
    Black Sable #1 A & B

    1. I got most of the ones on your weekly review video but also got a couple of superman #30.
      I managed to get three copies of kingsman 1 per store variant and have 5 signed regular variants of kingsman and also a few of the sketch variant.
      I’m planning on selling them as a set once I get the signed ones (one signed, one incentive and one sketch) but that depends on the market when the signed ones arrive which should be next week (may sell the signed ones individually…..

  7. My pickups included………
    Astonishing X Men #3 I know that this comic was picked by each of the guys in their weekly picks but I really liked the Regular cover, Logan throughout the ages. Got one for the PC.
    Star Wars Adventures #1c
    2 copies each of Inhumans and Guardians the Rock variants. I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned these. They should have let Scottie Young do the Guardians cover with a baby Rocket.
    I looked through TWD for a pink signature but found none and the regular covers were all creased so I called my main shop and told them to put one in my pullbox, and finally I have completed my 2nd set of the Star Wars 40th anniversary variants. I found the last two I was missing today covers #7 and #17 all the rest are pre-ordered so I don’t have to worry about finding them.

    1. I’m hoping that xmen #3 drives up demand for issue #1.
      I have a few copies of #1 lying around which if I sell now will make a loss on.

  8. Only got 2x WD #171 cvr A (in-store)
    Wd 97-102 negan holding lucille covers got a good deal so bought it even though i have a set already

  9. Light week for me but picked up:
    Venomverse 1 (Crain)
    Venomverse War Stories 1
    Walking Dead 171 cover A
    Already commented above but my LCS had about 6 copies of the TWD 171 pink signatures and wanted $70 for them, and were limited to 1 per customer on all of the books. Heading out of town for work tomorrow and will try to find a few shops along the way to see if I can luck out.
    On a completely separate note. My daughter is really into the show Rivendale and she just asked for Archie comics to see if the show follows the books. Figured someone on here could save me the money and let me know if the show is book accurate or not.

    1. The Archie comics (reboot) are more lighthearted than the darker tone of the show, but the Riverdale comic is about stories in the show “universe”. Both are good.

  10. As a Comic Shop Retailer with a B&M since the late 1980’s :: Shops get help staying open and paying the bills by raising prices on Books .. as long as there is a willing Buyer, why not .. ?? Now, if you pre-ordered or were promised a copy at Cover or close to it, you should get the deal ..
    I don’t do it frequently, but I have done it .. Guilty .. I also know I’ve sold books at cover that went on to be pedaled on eBay for 3 or 4 times the money, or more .. and that’s fine by me ..
    Point is, a Retailer has the right to get market value if they so choose .. the bins full of 2 for a Buck Books from years of stacking up are subsidized by that extra markup ..

    1. I will say for special incentive variants, yes. Mark it up by all means, try to judge the value based on how long you’ll be sitting on the copies of books you probably can’t sell for quite a while or never that qualified you to get the incentive variant or other variant.
      But shops that sell books that heated up prior to release day that they did nothing particular special to obtain (all you did was order the damn copies based on how many you think you’ll sell without sitting on a bunch of them for ages), I say this is a big fat no and they should be called out.
      Now, if it’s a a few days later or a week later and then the book heats up, by all means, it’s fair game for a shop to raise it’s price by the secondary market I say.
      I agree with you to an extent but take for example TAH #22, if most comic shops just withheld all their Totally Awesome Hulk #22 on release day and tried to sell them for 4 or 10 times their cover price, then we got some problems. I’m not saying this happened on this book but it happens at times from the stories I’ve read and also what I’ve experienced myself.
      As for this Walking Dead #171 Pink Signature variant, it was just thrown in the mix as a ratio’d variant. I think most shops should give their loyal buyers a chance at it if they got them for cover, cause it required nothing special for shops to get, only by ordering cover B to my knowledge. So for shops to raise the price on release day for this issue, I’m totally against.
      I’m also not opposed to a shop to pull a few extra copies off to the side if they have them and then make available later. I use to give one shop a heads up on books, I’d even pick the better copies up to the register and would hand them to them and mention.. “put these aside, they’re selling for X amount already online… ”
      If I ran a shop, I wouldn’t do such a thing for the variants I had to do nothing special to obtain. But then again, I give comics away for free, even shipping.. hooked up a CHU reader last week. Cause I’m awesome like that! It’s the only way for us ugly people to make friends.. Muhahahahahah!!!
      That’s my two cents though.. hate it, love it.. I don’t freaking care!

    2. But the smart shop owner, and I am not saying you aren’t, should also be scouting his 2/$1 bin for books that are heating up. I pick a shop regularly from his dollar boxes for books that are $20-$100 because he doesn’t get off the chair to look at his inventory or current trends. You are most likely one of the smart ones because you are coming to a site that says “hey these books are going up in price.”

      1. My regular Customers, that have been with me for years, get the Gold Treatment .. if Diamond shorts me books, or books are damaged, I’ll buy on eBay and sell at cover to my regular customers, regardless of what it costs me and I’ve done that for years .. no customer of mine is ever left hanging .. Now, the one time person I’ve never seen before that read on line about a hot book and comes looking, not so much ..
        My advice to Collectors as well as Speculators has stayed constant for 30 years :: Buy the best Quality Silver / Golden Age that you can afford as well as Key Bronze and Modern .. you generally cannot go wrong .. the “Flavor of the Month” is usually a passing blip on the Radar ..
        And, yes, I regularly visit various Sites as well as CHU .. at 72 years old, it’s tough to keep track of what’s what these days .. I am thankful the folks that curate these sites do a good job ..

    3. I understand it from a business point of view just not from a buyers. To me first day on the shelves should be at the cover price, with the exception of known ratio variants where a retailer had to order X amount to get Y comics. From my gathering this was kind of sneaked variant so its not like the store ordered a specific amount just to get those books. Not going to leave my LCS because of it, but when there is a cover price variant on the wall for double the price the day of release (as was my case of Secret Empire # 10 Dell Otto variant and a 23 X mark up on TWD) it makes customers a little perturbed. As a buyer I know that if I come day 2 after release then it is fair game, but hopefully day 1 is for the buyer who waits for the comic book shop to open, or call in sick to work (guilty), to try to get the books they want for their PC or for flipping.
      We live in a day and age where we can get all our books online, but some of us still like using our LCS, not because it is saving us money but because of the thrill in the hunt, the personal interaction, and we want to see LCS thrive.

      1. First day on shelves should be cover price outside of incentive variants some stores even do their incentives at cover. It’s a trade off, if I sell something to a BM store they always pull the well I got to make money on it and I have to sell it to them for cheaper then I could sell it on eBay. So in turn they shouldn’t be selling books at eBay prices but cover prices the day they come out.

      2. My husband recently saw a stack of Mister Miracle #1s at the LCS, they know we don’t buy anything without a reason so they asked why he would want those books. He told them what it was going for and asked if they wanted to keep any copies the owner let him buy them all and was happy to move back stock sitting lost in some boxes stacked to the side.

      3. I get how some will say it’s the LCS books and they can price however they want. But I’m with most when it comes to regular covers/covers they got for normal price and jacking up to eBay prices the day/week of release. It’s a piss off loyal customers to be honest. Also if a shop owner is able to do that, why shouldn’t a customer be able to go up to a shop owner and ask to be able to buy new releases for $1/2 off as there’s a ton of eBay sellers who sell new releases with that big of a discount.

  11. Sadly we are going on week 2 with no new comics at our LCS due to shipment delays from Harvey. Most of my pickups/variants are from pre-orders from online retailers, but nothing in hand. I’m sure our LCS are getting tired of the daily calls asking for the new books, as well.

    1. Man I hate to hear that. Are you within the coastal area there? Remember to think of the bright side man, its one thing to not have new comics coming in but there are so many who just lost all their stuff (comics included). Hope your not one of them and hope things get back to normal soon.

      1. No, my family and I were very lucky. I work in an emergency room, however, it’s been grueling and rough talking to so many and hearing their stories. My heart breaks for everyone affected. I think many just want a sense of normalcy to help with the healing process. In no way am I upset as it’s totally beyond anyone’s control. My hope is also that those on the east coast are spared from Irma.

      2. Good deal man and glad to hear you are good. My bro and sis in law live in Houston and were spared from any of the flooding. I can’t imagine what it is like on the front lines at the E.R. and yeah Irma is looking like a beast right now and hopefully more people take the needed precautions.

  12. I picked up
    Batman #30 (I’ve only read up to issue 6 lol. I am so behind it’s terrible. But to be fair I didn’t start collecting until issue #23 then I went and bought a bunch of back issues for $1 a piece online)
    Champions #12
    Harley Quinn #27 Cho Variant
    Seven to Eternity #9
    Justice League Rebirth #28 Cover B (jumped on issue #26 and really enjoyed it and #27 so I added it to my pull list)
    So it looks like my pull list has officially more DC than Marvel.

  13. LCS
    Yoga Hosers
    Walking Dead 171 reg cvr No Variants at all at my store!
    Batman 30 reg cvr
    Harley Quinn 27 reg cvr
    Lark’s Killer 2 Frison cvr
    Action Comics #454
    Action Comics #714
    Avengers Vol 6 #10 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover (Secret Empire Tie-In)
    Black #6
    Comic Shop News #1578
    Comic Shop News 2017 Fall Preview
    Darth Vader Vol 2 #4 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover
    Elsewhere #1 Cover B Variant Andrew Robinson Cover
    Everafter From The Pages Of Fables #12
    Fantastic Four Vol 3 #54
    Fissure #3 NEXT WEEK
    Giant Days #29
    Hawkeye Vol 5 #9 Cover A Regular Julian Totino Tedesco Cover
    Heartthrob #1 Cover B Variant Jamie McKelvie Cover
    Heathen #4 Cover A Regular Tess Fowler Cover
    Iron Fist Vol 5 #6
    Jessica Jones #11 Cover B Variant Mr Oz Cover
    Predator Hunters #4 Cover B Variant Francisco Ruiz Velasco Cover
    Samaritan Veritas #3 Cover B Variant Stjepan Sejic Images Of Tomorrow Cover
    Savage Things #6
    Seven To Eternity #8 Cover A Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth
    Sink #1 NEXT WEEK
    Slasher #4 NEXT WEEK
    Solar Flare #5
    Spider-Man Deadpool #20 Cover A Regular Will Robson Cover
    Spider-Man Vol 2 #19 Cover A Regular Patrick Brown Cover
    Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses #26
    Supergirl Vol 7 #13 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover NEXT WEEK
    Superman Vol 5 #28 Cover B Variant Jorge Jimenez Cover
    Swordquest #2 Cover A Regular Goni Montes Cover
    Totally Awesome Hulk #21 Cover B 2nd Ptg Stonehouse Variant Cover (Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Part 4) NEXT WEEK
    Vault Of Evil #16
    Weapon X Vol 3 #8 Cover A Regular Skan Cover NEXT WEEK
    Wonder Woman Vol 5 #30 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover NEXT WEEK
    Zombie Tramp Origins #2 Cover C Variant Celor Sexy Cover

  14. Pick-ups this week:
    Walking Dead #171 Cover A-visited three shops in my area and only one had Cover B’s and none were the pink variant
    Captain Phasma (1:10 variant for $4)
    Darth Vader #5 (Terry Dodson 1:25 variant for $6)
    Star Wars Adventures #1 (1:50 variant for $10)
    PC pick ups for the week:
    Filled in a hole in my Star Wars Action Figure Variant collection, Star Wars #2 Han Solo. Got a great deal for $42 shipping included.
    In terms of the debate on Ebay prices for 1st day releases at LCS stores, if the store owner thinks he can get Ebay prices for a new release, go ahead and try. Just understand that I won’t be the one buying your copy. In today’s fickle and ever changing marketplace, if you really want to get something for your collection, my suggestion is to wait a couple of weeks to a month and buy it then after the hype has died down and the market has moved onto the next hot thing.
    It is pretty rare, in my humble opinion, if something gets valuable, increases and never comes down. God Country #1 1st printing Cover A’s were selling not that long ago all day long for $40-$60. If you wanted one now, $17-$18. Remember Seven to Eternity #1 Cover A 1st printing?
    Raw books were selling $75-$100. Now auctions are ending at $45-$50. Not to sound sacrilege, but the holy grail of modern spec, TWD #1 and #2 first printings will also come down at some point (most likely when the show is done and out of the collective consciousness).
    If you are willing to wait, you can usually get a great deal down the road. For me to buy that hot comic that the LCS has raised the price on, it needs to be at a discount from Ebay for me to be even interested. Usually 30%-50% of going Ebay rate is my limit, unless it is something I just gotta have.
    In terms of spec, for me to flip it, my own rule of thumb is that i have to make 3-4 times cover for me to put the effort in. After listing and Ebay/Paypal fees, it isn’t worth it to sell a $3.99 book for $5.99.
    Again, just my personal preference. Everyone has their owns ways and if it works for you, keep doing it.
    Thanks for the really long post and good hunting everyone!

  15. I picked up…
    Seven to Eternity #9, Cover B
    The Walking Dead #171 Cover A
    The Walking Dead #171 Pink ($20)
    Darth Vader #5 – If you aren’t reading this series, you should.
    Star Wars Adventures #1, 1:10
    Captain Phasma #1
    And from the back issue bin, ShadowMan (1997 Acclaim) #1, which I hadn’t realized was written by Garth Ennis.

  16. My pick-ups included…
    Batman – A
    Green Arrow – B (Grell’s variant brought back fond memories of when GA & GL shared a title)
    GL’s – B
    Harley Quinn – B
    Justice League – B
    Nightwing – B
    Superman – B
    Astonishing X-Men (both 1:25 variants)
    Darth Vader (both covers — the reg. cover is better than the 1:25 variant – go figure!)
    Inhumans: Once & Future Kings (Stelfreeze variant)
    Captain Phasma – A (disappointed the Brooks cover – best of them all – was so limited at 1:100)
    Spidey Deadpool (Itsy Bitsy Venomized variant)
    Venomverse (Crain variant)
    Venomverse War Stories (Lim variant)
    Star Wars Adventures (all 5 covers – glad I asked for these ahead of time, particularly the 1:50)
    Kingsman Red Diamond (retailer apprec. variant)
    Seven to Eternity – B
    Walking Dead (A and B-pink variant)
    Thanks, CHU, for the heads up on the Walking Dead pink variant…which I got for cover…I would not have known otherwise…it’s one of the reasons I love this site. None of the shops I frequent got the Venomized (Magneto) variant for Astonishing X-Men…I think the ordering requirements were too high. I am excited for Star Wars Adventures (really love the 1:10 Cvr C variant)…I’ll be sharing this title with my 10 year old son. I thought most of the variants for Captain Phasma were lousy…didn’t even like the homage 1:50 (!) variant…Marvel could have done much better. Getting weary of everything being Venomized…what’s next, everything being Poisoned?!

  17. Hello again everyone! Hope your week has been good to you!
    I’m a day late but what are you going to do about it??
    Yesterday I grabbed :
    Black bolt
    Doom patrol
    Justice league
    Green lanterns
    Seven to eternity
    Spider-man Deadpool
    Star wars
    Walking dead
    Yoga hosers
    Image +
    No new toys or prints or anything sadly, I chose to pass on fanexpo this year. Part of me regrets it because I wanted to get a Tony Moore zombified pickle Rick commission and my Jim lee fan expo varients (thanks Tony!) Signed.
    I chose not to go due to the cost and the crowd and time this year. A friend went tland said it was probably the worst year yet. The crowds are getting bigger, more aggressive and there just to gawk at the ,(crappy) celebs and the swag is nearly nonexistent.

  18. I went early to my LCD and to my surprise there was like 25 copies of WD 171 on the shelf but only 5 of the Princess variant.
    I rummaged through the 20 or so Cover Al’s and found 5 with the pink signature!
    Bought them all plus a copy of Princess cover.
    Comic Shop guy didn’t ask, I didn’t tell!

    1. So, you didn’t give anyone else a chance at any? I’m all for shelf clearing a day or two later but on release day is frowned upon by Poyo. Makes me sad. We have a guy at one of the shops that does this, even admits it. He doesn’t even sell them either he says, there’s not even a reason for him to buy all the copies. Luckily I think because of this guy, now the store limits 3 of a title total, so 3 different covers, you don’t get 3 of each, only 3 total even out of the variants. 🙁

      1. I usually wait a little while before I clear the shelf at the comic shops,but if I see something in a Barnes and Noble or Books a Million I will clean them out because if I don’t they will be trashed later.

        1. Barnes and Nobles I’d clear the shelves myself, I don’t consider them a comic shop that most comic collectors even goto to buy comics.

  19. Hey I get you man, but I see an opportunity and I take it.
    I already sold 2 on ebay and traded 2 to a buddy for his copy of Venom #1 1:100 Quesada sketch (Agent Venom series)
    The last one remaining in the PC.
    So although I got me 5 copies, 4 of them did end up in other peoples hands.

  20. Sad Lemon has a sale on different sets of variant covers by Gabriele Dell’Otto for those that are interested. The exchange to USD adds to the cost a little bit, but it still seems like a pretty decent deal.

  21. I’m gonna take a few week break on spec stuff. If you sale on eBay you need to remember we are losing buyer or bidders from Houston area and all of Florida. Think about it.

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