Wednesday Winner: Walking Dead 171 Pink Variant

It is nice to walk into the local comic shop on a Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer when some of your books are going for multiple times cover price. Walking Dead #171 B Pink Signature Variant is one of those books.

We called this one early on. For those that were lucky to get a copy cheap, or at cover price, be prepared to cash in.
The books started out at cover price. As people found out, prices quickly jumped up to $50. One copy closed at $75. All in all not so bad for a secret 1:10 cover.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Walking Dead 171 Pink Variant”

  1. I called around when shops opened and every single one I called wanted $50. Maybe the price will drop in the future where I can get my hands on one.

  2. I went to 6 -different stores in the Philadelphia and surrounding area and none of them had this variant. that sucked. I wonder if you had to do a special order or if stores just held them back to sell high on fee-bay. I want one but I won’t be paying that much, so unless the prices drop, i’ll be misssing out.

    1. This upsets me cuz this is what happened to me. Like well thanks, I tried helping you and now you guys screw me over.

  3. Fortunately, I managed to get a copy at cover. But I was torn between keeping quiet and getting to stores at opening (to rifle through the stack) or calling ahead to find out who had them and risking a mark-up. My alternate shop opens earlier so I hit it first. They were already aware of it and said they received no pink variants. I promptly called two other stores in the same chain and they also said they got none. Crap! I started wondering if it was a regional thing. Then I called my regular LCS before opening and made him aware — none in the shelf stacks (crap again!), but he needed time to look at all the ones pulled for subscribers. On my way to him, I hit a smaller shop (in the same chain) and they had none. Uugghh! When I finally got to my regular LCS, he told me he found 3 and offered me 1 at cover (success!). He said he was going to mark-up the other 2 (he hadn’t settled on a price before I left). I got lucky on this one!

    1. I understand artists should be able to get copies of their own books but the price gouging is just uncalled for if you ask me.

      1. I agree. I always say there are topics that are black and white (i.e. illegal and legal) but there’s a bunch in the gray. Profiting off your own book by signing it and gouging the price is disgusting to me. For that reason I do not and will not support Adlard in any way…. whenever I find something unscrupulous, I cut them out.

        1. This is why I never pay for an autograph as well.
          I get if a comic writer or artist is signing a bunch for some person who’s gonna go get them graded to make profit off such signature but if it’s just fans wanting signature, even personalized, if you charge for such a thing, you’re just turd.

  4. This secret shit pisses me off.
    For those of us who don’t have big shops nearby, there’s literally no chance to score one because between both covers, the shops aroind me get maybe ten total. If they had known, more could have been ordred to give some of us a chance.
    I just don’t see the point. It doesn’t boost sales because the orders are done already, and it just pisses of serious collectors.
    Don’t even get me started on adlard selling his comps (dick move).

    1. It doesn’t bother me that much, what bothers me is just the instant price gouging..
      Adlard selling his own crap is okay but I have problems when he sells things that are first, hard to obtain and were very limited and secondly, at unreasonable prices. It’s like, get over yourself.. you really that hard up for cash?

      1. The extra content kills me too.
        Seven extra pages.
        Meaning my regular copy is an incomplete issue.
        This is NOT how you rewars your readers. Most of us have been screwed out of content.
        Not cool.

      2. Well that’s good to know. Makes the pill slightly easier to swallow.
        Thanks for the heads up Tony!!
        I have one more shop in my area I know if that may have one still.
        Fingers crossed!

  5. The LCS that my buddy and I go to (that I’m putting someone’s kid through college with as much as I spend there) got three copies. The owner would not sell my buddy two copies (one for me) because I wasn’t there. We buy each other’s hold stacks for the other all the time. Not cool. I’m probably going to be looking for a new LCS.

  6. I found a shop in my area with one copy that they are selling for $50 which isn’t bad considering a single copy is now easily going for nearly $100 on eBay. They said they would hold it for me and I can grab it tomorrow when they open. It will make a nice addition to my collectible Image-covers!

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