Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/20/17

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each which potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here is this week picks of the week for deliver 9/20/17:
Light week this week, which is great. I have Baltimore Comic Con this weekend and NYCC in two weeks. Need to build the cash reserves back up.
Returning Favorites
Black Hammer #13 – Jeff Lemire cover pays homage to the classic death of Superman cover. Great story and this cover is awesome.
Half Past Danger II Dead To Reichs #1 – I loved the first series. I cannot wait for the high flying adventures in the second series.
Descender #24 – Still at the top of my stack of reads every month. Need to see some movement on that Sony option that took place before the book was released.
Glitterbomb Fame Game #1 – First series was so good, and creepy, I cannot wait to dig into this one.
Invincible #140 – Robert Kirkman’s epic superhero tale. It is one of the best on the market. Sadly, it is ending soon.
Black Eyed Kids #14 – I love this book. Great read, creepy as heck. Someone needs to turn this into a tv show.
For the Cover
Harley Quinn #28 Frank Cho Cover – I really just collect these for the cover. Awesome looking every month.
Aquaman #28 Joshua Middleton Cover – Middleton has actually made people care about Aquaman.
The Cover of the Week
Shirtless Bear-Fighter #4 Cover B – Just a dang cool looking cover. Listed on eBay for $12 and up.
New Image #1
Angelic #1 – Not sure how strong the launch on this one will be, but it is a new Image series so you can expect it to sell out at Diamond and go back for a second print.
Gasolina #1 – New horror series from Image. Looks strong and the ashcan may drive some interest to it. Could be a little to cerebral
Small Press Pick of the Week
Dark Ark #1 – I picked up the retailer appreciation variant. This one, like many Aftershock books, will have a slow start and will need to pick up a fan base. But Cullen Bunn has a way of getting books optioned.
Pick of the Week
Misbegotten Runaway Nun #1 – This one will probably do nothing long term, but it has a small print run and many Action Lab books have a great following, so you never know. I can say there is only one on eBay and the bidding is up to just under $10. That is setting the market price out of the gate. Cover B is the key here.
And in case you missed it, here is this week’s New Comic Spec Review Video

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