Attack of the Killer B's: Harley Quinn #30 Frank Cho Variant

DC’s B cover priced variant program has been nabbing some of the best artists and putting them on cheaply priced, but sometimes hard to find alternate covers. Harley Quinn #30 by Frank Cho is one of those covers that just pops. It features a witched out Harley, just in time for Halloween.

Harley Quinn #30 is another example of why I have been hoarding Frank Cho covers.

7 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's: Harley Quinn #30 Frank Cho Variant”

  1. Best thing happened is Cho getting booted from Wonder Woman to Harley. You can see how much he enjoys doing fun covers. A recall back to the type of stuff he did with Liberty Meadows…dammit, Frank! Bring back Brandy!!!!

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