Mattina Dark Night Metal #3 Virgin Sets sell out in hours.

The super creepy Mattina Dark Nights Metal #3 Virgin cover, the one with Robin being fish hooked by The Batman Who laughs sold out in just a few hours of being listed.

The books were listed as sets and individually and the shops who were carrying it blew through their inventory quickly.

The black and whites and the regular cover are still available but going fast. You can find them at the following shops:

Frankies Comics
The Comic Mint
Amporphous Ink
Golden Apple Comics

And in the UK at
7 Ate 9 Comics
Sad Lemon Comics


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23 Responses to Mattina Dark Night Metal #3 Virgin Sets sell out in hours.

  1. Alana says:

    It’s a good deal on the regs and Black and whites $6 each at comicmint. Has a $3.99 cover price so a couple bucks over + shipping. Luckily I checked my email yesterday morning, I knew of the variant coming had no idea it was going up for sale when it did. I debated doing a variant Envy on it Friday night, but because of recent woes for showcasing Mattina books I chose to write up the JSC SpiderGwen #24 variants. Wish I bought two copies of the virgin variant but only had enough for one copy with its hefty $60 price tag. I’m going to hear about it too, spent the money for the cable bill on it.

  2. Nazrali Bharwani says:

    On a side note
    I dont think Golden Apples has them. I just checked it out and the books are no where to be seen on that site.


  3. JayClue says:

    Very nice looking cover. However, I’m done with store variants. I may pick one up cheap if i happen to come across one for cheap, in the future. If not, I may just put the image on a Tee for $20. 😉

  4. Matt Cox says:

    I got to Mattina Variant Sets of 3, already flipped them

  5. agentpoyo says:

    I’m done with the 3 cover sets myself. Don’t care how much they heat up.. history tells us over time they almost always drop in price, so if I ever did want one, I’ll just wait. Patience is a virtue.

  6. A. King says:

    I completely forgot about these.

  7. I went back and forth, but finally decided to pass on this one. Metal is super hot right now, but it may cool off in a month or two. Also $60 is a lot. You can pick up some nice Silver Age books at that price!

  8. koopavelli says:

    The Virgin cover looks awful IMHO. Adding the extra image over the top of the old one basically makes BWL look like he has T-Rex arms. Prefer the regular cover…and MUCH cheaper at that.

  9. David Beach says:

    Koopa- I read your post- “T-rex Arms” & went back & looked (LMFAO I spit diet pepsi all over my keyboard, so you owe me a keyboard bud) 🙂

  10. Ken M. says:

    Looks like Frankie’s, Comic Mint, and Amorphous Ink are out of the B&W cover, but Sad Lemon still has the color and B&W sets for now (for those that are interested).

  11. thehound says:

    The virgin cover is really nice and looks like they are already pre-selling at a premium on ebay (which I hate). Personally done with store variants, just my preference. Don’t like people selling books they don’t even have in hand and claiming “NM” condition. But on a flip side this is the only way they make a profit on these books. Once they are released the under-cutters will be in full swing and I’ll try to grab one at cost or possibly less.

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