Mel V.’s Variant Picks for 10/4/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your weekly variant picks for the week of OCT 4TH …woot woot NYCC IS HERE! I can’t wait to meet up with Anthony and Poyo and whoever else is coming to NYCC from CHU .. Lets get into what’s coming to the stores tomorrow

All-Star Batman #14 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque – Snyder ends his run on All Star in this issue, outstanding rendition of Batman from Albuquerque

Astonishing X-Men Vol 4 #4 Cover B Incentive Adi Granov – Not the best Granov, but its still a Granov.. Collectors of his work will seek this out

Batman Vol 3 #32 Cover B Variant Olivier Coipel – Check out Anthony Spoilers to see what happens in this issue..The Cover B to this should do well.

Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1 Cover B Variant Adam Hughes Cover – Adam Hughes always delivers ..this could be a very interesting cross over read for fans of the noted characters

Hercules Wrath Of The Heavens #2 Cover C Variant Looky – Visually stunning cover to an under looked series. Keep an out out for this on at your LCS. Sold out online and none on eBay at the time of this writing.

Spirits Of Vengeance #1 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Trading Card Cover – Rarely do I put gimmick covers on my list because while there are great looking ones, there are just too many. But once in a while a stand out catches my eye, this is it …Great job Mr Cristopher

Venom Vol 3 #155 Cover F Incentive Francesco Mattina – A lot of people don’t share my same love for this cover. I’m still surprised it hasn’t sold out yet at Midtown ..anyway.. this is my cover pick of the week. I really did like how it’s Venom about to rip into some robbers wearing Spiderman masks, think about that.. It’s awesome


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  1. agentpoyo says:

    Tyson from ToyBoxOne will be hanging around as well.. See ya in a few days Mel!

  2. Richard Guevara says:

    No Justice league #30 Cover B? Think the artwork is a pick up for me.

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