AgentPoyo here with some Walking Dead #175 news coming out of NYCC 2017, a day late (sorry, I was busy) but nonetheless, still newsworthy.

A new story arc that sets the new precedence of where things are likely heading in the Walking Dead universe.

New World Order is the new story. New characters, new alliances and likely a whole lot of new enemies. Are those that remain starting to organize and push for a more structured society perhaps? This very well could be the path taken in a world of zombies and chaos.

Here’s the full press release:



NEW YORK, NY, 10/05/2017 — Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment revealed the ominous cover artwork for the forthcoming THE WALKING DEAD #175 by creator/writer Robert Kirkman (OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA, INVINCIBLE) and artist Charlie Adlard.
Kirkman took to the stage today for his “Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Beyond” panel and revealed the buzzworthy cover that will be featured on THE WALKING DEAD #175. This reveal followed on the heels of Kirkman’s Wednesday announcement about his new ongoing series co-created with artist Lorenzo De Felici, OBLIVION SONG.
This jaw-dropping new story arc of the bestselling THE WALKING DEAD will feature all new friends, all new enemies, all new threats, and will appropriately be called, New World Order.
THE WALKING DEAD #175 will take 2018 by storm and hit comic stores on Wednesday, January 3rd.


  1. I saw this coming…it’s a very Matheson move. Should give the title some momentum as long as they don’t go jumping the shark.

  2. This is unexpected. It could be just the thing The Walking Dead needs to shake things up. Or it could introduce piles of new characters among the existing flood of characters, and continue the trend of minimizing the use of most of the characters. I don’t really see how they can fix things, though. There are so many characters and not enough pages to keep them all relevant. And sometimes Kirkman handles their exposition so awkwardly because there is so little time to throw information out into the open about little-used characters who’ve been spending a lot of time in the background… But I do want to see the book continue to thrive; it’s a shining example of a long-running non-Marvel/DC book with a premise you would not think could have carried on this far, yet still manages to hold your interest, and shows no signs of stopping. Meanwhile, I am sad to see “Invincible” ending, but will be glad to see more Ryan Ottley artwork popping up around the comic book world with his newfound freedom. And I’d hope they revisit the world of “Invincible” someday, but with Kirkman wanting to end the series on a high note, it’s possible the Invincible Universe will be obliterated on the final page just to ensure it’s never revisited, lol.

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