Man Jumps Out Time Square Midtown Comics Window

Numerous New York Websites are reporting that a man jumped out of the second floor window at Midtown Comics 40th Street and Seventh Ave. Time Squares location.

The event happened yesterday around 4 PM when a drunk man began to run around, knocking into people, and then running through the second floor window and landing on the concrete below. The man was taken to the hospital but has not been identified at this time.

Comicsheatingup checked with Mel V., our resident New Yorker and frequent Midtown shopper to make sure it wasn’t him. (It wasn’t).

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23 Responses to Man Jumps Out Time Square Midtown Comics Window

  1. Brennan says:

    Is Poyo back from NYCC yet?
    Maybe it was Poyo??


    We just sold the last variant sir….sir?

  3. Alana says:

    I was thinking maybe BlindAdam took a wrong turn when I first saw this.

  4. For I am Super. . . Aww, No I’m not.
    Beware Green Lantern’s Light… step,
    Is it a Bird, is it a plane, really, you can’t tell the difference… It’s a dude.

  5. Alana says:

    Does anyone know the one comic he was shoplifting? Also he reportedly bot the security guard.

  6. Daniel Hernandez says:

    I thought Mel V. pushed his way to the newest Tommy variant and some dude was just minding his business too close to the window.

  7. he just heard about a new Fantastic Four sequel starring the same actors as the last bomb…

  8. A. King says:

    This is what happens when you try to make Poyo eat at Hooter’s.

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