Skybound Megabox October 2017 Lucille Patrol

I got in the October 2017 Skybound Megabox in this past weekend while I was away at NYCC. Megabox is the Skybound quarterly subscription box which is chock full of toys and comics. Here is the October Megabox unboxing.


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5 Responses to Skybound Megabox October 2017 Lucille Patrol

  1. agentpoyo says:

    After NYCC, didn’t you say you were gonna do away with comic books and go the toy route? Toys were the big winners this year on the flipping front.. 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      I am keeping mega box. I have flipped things out of it each time to pay for it. The Megabox variant for Kill the Minotaur is a $40 books now.

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  2. F Stop says:

    The glow in the dark walking dead shirt from this Mega Box is pretty dope. If you haven’t looked at the white in the letters in the dark yet it’s pretty cool.

  3. Patrick Ray says:

    There is also a bloody variant of the Dwight action figure for any completists out there

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