Wednesday Winner: Infernoct #1 1:10 Variant

Both Poyo and I had this on our lists this week. It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your books. It is even nicer that by the end of the day the books are selling for multiple times cover price. Infernoct #1 Variant is one of those books.
Infernoct #1 Variant had all the makings of a winner coming out of the gate. Small press book, horror themed comic releasing in October, and about 100 copies released through Diamond (this according to Scout Comics at NYCC 2017).
Recently completed listings on eBay have gone for $49.99 for the regular and variant. The regular cover is selling for cover price. The NYCC Variant is selling for $19.99. The first appearance in the Ashcan has one recent sale at $7.75 for a copy.

20 thoughts on “Wednesday Winner: Infernoct #1 1:10 Variant”

  1. Winner should be the Kid Lobotomy #1 Gold Variant that’s Recalled. Prices will be crazy before long on whoever has one to sell……like I do 🙂

    1. I’m with you on the Kid lobotomy recall. Infernoct wont have the legs that Kid Lobotomy has. Infernoct isn’t as original and its up against a lot of Horror titles some of which are established and very good already. Scout is competing with themselves as well which seems odd for an up and coming publishing house to do but it is a throw everything against the wall and see what sticks market.

      1. How do. Please elaborate. Image, as of late, has been throwing a ton of titles at the wall to see what sticks. Not many IDW books have long term legs (not including 30 Days Of Night)

      2. Anthony is practically on the scout comics payroll the way he gushes about them. I hope he makes a killing flipping their comics to make up for it.

        1. Payroll. I wish. I have a basement to repair and a rental property that needs a new tub. There are some great creators at Scout putting out some great books. I would love to see them continue to succeed. I had nothing to do with Infernoct’s success. Incredibly low amount of copies made it on to the market. Many stores didn’t bother to order 10 copies of it to qualify so the number of copies printed was low. I knew about this in advance and gave people the heads up (purpose of web site.) I have been meaning to mention Kid Lobotomy, but to be honest, I am sick, had a ton of eBay orders to ship out (some Scout but mostly Shattered Comics ASM 129 Homages) have a full time job that is crazy busy, coach Baseball and have a rental property that needs attention because the previous renter tore it up. That pay check from Scout would really come in handy right now (also not on the following small press publishers pay rolls but love their books: Amigo, Aftershock, Bliss on Tap, and Bongo comics)

    2. The problem I see is.. the recall affects the value for most that are seeking it. Are people wanting it cause the book is good or because it’s an error and now hard to find? I think recalls usually jump in value for those seeking them. Demand while the book was already hard to get makes the value jump more.
      As for being original? Kid Lobotomy is far deeper in that category. Seems like a ripoff mashup of Addams Family and Frankenstein. There’s nothing original about it if you ask me. Perhaps over time it will become it’s own story but when I read the description, saw the regular cover.. first thing that came to mind was Addams Family.
      Both have potential I think though, I just picked Infernoct over Kid Lobotomy since it’s story is a wee bit more unique (yeah, not ground breaking, typical horror story but still is original in it’s own form).

      1. “As for being original? Kid Lobotomy is far deeper in that category. ”
        Meant to read as.. “As for being original? Kid Lobotomy is farther in such category”. I really hate the auto correct on my phone.

      2. I think the second issue of Infernoct the book hits a good stride. The first issue seems like haunted house story. But the series is way more in depth than that.

    3. Prices seemed to drop. There can be more than one winner and I meant to write up Kid Lobotomy but I have been packaging up a ton of books. (A lot of Infernoct related books in fact.)

    1. I will have to look it up. My big problem with Fried Pie is the Comics on my local books-a-million are usually just jammed in and people fold them over to look at what is behind them. I never get there on a Wednesday to get good quality copies.

      1. Very true. I saw 5 copies and 4 of them were folded over. My BAM has the worst shelving system for comics. I wanted to mention to you that the manager at the store said that BAM is looking into making its own comic shop. Sounded like crazy talk to me.

        1. I have talked to the comic guy at BAM many times and it never goes over well. Lol, not worth trying any more. Most of them are just part timers who do not really care for comics.

    1. they all would be. The variants essentially were printed at the same time. I would have to look back but I think the book first was previewed in Image Plus #9

    2. Long term winner if it happens.. Cover A. It’s always cover A that wins long term, despite Tony Moore’s awesome variant cover B on this one.

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