Mel V’s Variant Picks for 10/25/17

What up CHU? Mel V. back with more variants. Some weeks are slower than others. This is one of them, but here is what I am feeling this week. 

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #33 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover – My girl Jenny Frison with another great cover. This Wonder Woman on the Pegasus is just incredible. Cover price variant.

Ash vs The Army Of Darkness #4 Cover C Variant Pasquale Qualano Cover – Cool looking Amazing Spiderman #316 homage. Love the way it looks. Another cover priced variant.

Black Panther Vol 6 #166 Cover B Variant Wes Craig Lenticular Homage Cover – I love homage covers. This Black Panther cover throws back to a classic Wolverine cover. Just great.

Black Panther Vol 6 #166 Cover F Incentive Ryan Sook Variant Cover – Man, this Sook cover is awesome. With the Black Panther movie coming out, and with Claw being in it, this captures the feel of what we hope we will see in the movie.

Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers #6 Cover B Variant Tom Whalen Guest Artist Cover – Tom Whalen has done some great covers for some books like Transformers and Back to the Future. He does a great job on this Street Fighter cover featuring Blanka

Eternity #1 Cover F Incentive Felipe Massafera Wraparound Variant Cover – Alex Ross quality on this cover. Felipe didn’t leave anything on the art table on this cover.

America #8 Cover D Incentive Jen Bartel Variant Cover – No-one orders this book. This cover will be a ghost. Sleeper pick on this one.

Silver Surfer Vol 7 #14 Cover B Incentive Jack Kirby 100th Anniversary Variant Cover – Classic. Who doesn’t love Jack Kirby and his cosmic characters.


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16 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks for 10/25/17

  1. bluebullitt01 says:

    Not feeling the ASH VS ARMY OF DARKNESS variant, Mel. The simplicity of the cover just doesn’t evoke the same feeling as ASM #316.

    Maybe I will be the first ripple to start the Hater Wave….

  2. Richard Guevara says:

    I picked up one of the america 8 ratio variants on eBay for 16. Love the art work on it. There was one up for 10 plus shipping but the description put it at a 9.4 grade with spine ticks and color rubs so I passed on that one.

  3. Kevin Verdine says:

    If that silver surfer cover was anyone else but Kirby it would be talked about being the worst cover of the year. Even hall of fame baseball players strike out.

  4. azbarbarian says:

    You must admit that the regular cover for Eternity #1 is really good though.

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