Attack of the Killer B's (Marvel Edition) Venom Inc #1 Adi Granov Variant

Adi Granol has released the art for his upcoming, open to order, Variant Cover and it is very sweet! You can check it out below.
Hopeful Marvel will learn from DC and do more cover price variants by top tier artists, like this one.
Venom Inc #1 Adi Granov Variant will be released December 06, 2017. (This is not final art since it does not contain the trade dress)

12 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer B's (Marvel Edition) Venom Inc #1 Adi Granov Variant”

        1. Well it hadn’t been announced when I posted so I wasn’t supposed to say, but yes, there is a limited to 600 copy combined store variant out there now. Frankie’s, has them, comicmint has them, Amorphous Ink has them, 7 ate 9 has them, and Sad Lemon has them.
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    1. You’re talking about specific online retailers are getting the virgin covers right? I know the comic Mint and a few others are getting them in virgin but they’re not cover price.

      1. Premium price to remove lettering from the front cover.. nope, not gonna do it. Just find a high resolution picture myself, print out, hang on wall if I like it that much. 🙂

      2. Lol Poyo that’s the way to go. I know Virgin covers look so much nicer but paying an extra $20 for me is a bit steep. Rather use that to buy more books I’ve been looking to try out/read or a book I really want.

      3. They are cool, but agree wth Poyo I rarely ever buy them. Part of my likes to see the Issue # and what title it is. Maybe some people frame them and that is the reason. Idk.

  1. I don’t think this is one of the really good Granov covers. S/M looks like his classic work and that’s all good—but Venom looks….weird somehow….like he’s unfinished or an afterthought. It just doesn’t seem to fit the picture for me….

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