Female Snake Eyes Makes First Cover Appearance in GI Joe #245

IDW did a bit of a bait and switch with the covers for GI Joe A Real American Hero #245 Cover A, here is the cover shown through Diamond up until Wednesday for the A and B covers:

GI Joe #245 Cover A was very different and actually featured the first cover appearance for the Female Snake Eyes, Dawn Moreno. The real Cover A appears below along with some clarification on the characters appearances.

The real Cover A features Dawn’s first cover appearance, the issue also features her in the story in costume. Most of the go-to online stores are sold out of cover A but you can find a couple here. There are only a few copies on eBay, mostly cover price. Dawn’s first appearance as the female Snake Eyes is in GI Joe #244. She appears in costume as the new Snake Eyes. Dawn’s first character appearance is in GI Joe #226. There was a regular and action figure variant for this issue.

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      1. Yeah, same here. If the character ever takes off and stays popular, I’d say this is the issue to own. #226 will still be important though. But I think 244 will be the long term winner.

  1. Nice. Now that the shenanigans have come to light, even less people will be reading GI Joe…..good job by the pumpers on this one. Bright move.

  2. lets not player hate yet. I really see female snake eyes catching on. #226&244&245 are long term sopecs. witch is weird for idw books as they don’t have much. cost play love when snake eyes starts getting cost played like no tomorrow that fan base will buy the pop out of it . however I belive the real issue to serch for is the issue where snake eyes dies #testify blind adam out

    1. Unfortunately, the issues where Snake Eyes dies are all garbage now. Death’s don’t hold up like first appearances. I just dumped some Death of Snake Eyes books a month or so back and I barely made cover price on them. At least I dumped some at their peak price as well, I held back on these in hopes they kept going up, sadly they didn’t.

  3. Wow that’s kinda crazy, I had pre-ordered just a few of #246 but the synopsis on TFAW says:
    “an ALL-NEW SNAKE-EYES RISES FROM THE ASHES! Bullet points: * First part of a bombastic five-issue arc that ends in a very special over-sized issue #250! * America needs a new hero! The birth (and re-birth) of an all-new Snake-Eyes! *”
    False advertising? lol

    1. Not entirely, the other issues are first appearances but it seems #246 is where they’re pumping her up as a new hero. But yeah, it’s definitely misleading. Since I don’t read GI Joe myself, that’s why I was mistaken on the actual first appearance myself (I was spec’ing it was gonna be in #245, not knowing she made her clothed appearance in #244 already).

  4. Like like idw screwed everyone again
    244 1st full appearance as
    Just when the pumped death of snake eyes and killed him an issue earlier then the one they pumped

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