Signed Comics Watch: Neal Adams Signed Deadman

Here is a chance to get a Neal Adams Signed book for your collection without having to pay Neal Adams con signature prices!!

You can pick up an exclusive for Deadman #1 Continuity Comics Variant for $10 here.
The Glow In The Dark Signed variant can be picked up at cover price here.
Just for comparison, they have a Dynamic Forces signed version for $169. Neal Adams is selling the GITD version for $50 signed on his site and the Continuity Comics version for $60  on his site.

20 thoughts on “Signed Comics Watch: Neal Adams Signed Deadman”

  1. Thanks, was able to grab one at a $45 savings over Comic Con price! Great art by Adams on thisvone, but as per usual an incoherant story filled with lots of bizarre dialogue.

  2. Yeah, his price for just his signature at cons is absurd. I just keep on walking past his booth when I see him and his price tag..

  3. $5 for a signed Adams book?!? I’ll buy that for…..$5!!!… Yeah, it looks as though it is the glow in the dark cover which is listed as being signed. And agreeing with poyo, those convention prices for signed books can get pretty steep so this is a no brainer!

  4. I typically don’t buy signed books from midtown but this is just to good to pass up. Neal charged me $35 at Wondercon for a signature. At SFCC 2017 he was charging $50.

  5. Wondering if midtown made a mistake in the listing. $5 is cover price for that issue. Wonder if they pulled it till they figure out the pric. Did anyone get a copy?

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