Free App Tracks Key Comics and First Appearances

Any tool in the arsenal is always a good thing. I have been using an awesome free app lately worth checking out. The App is called Key Collector Comics and it is a very robust data base of key books and character first appearances. It is available on both Apple and Android platforms. The App has a 5 star rating kn the Apple Store.
I had a chance to talk to creator Nick Coglianese. He has been working on the database for years and has put a lot of time and effort into the project.
You can check it out at Key Collector Comics Website for more info and a free download.

29 thoughts on “Free App Tracks Key Comics and First Appearances”

  1. I’ve been using this app for a couple of months now, and I always recommend it to my friends and people I run into at cons. Super helpful!

  2. Hey Anthony. Thank you for mentioning Key Collector Comics. I very much appreciate all the exposure I can get. I woke up this morning to some stronger overnight downloads and now I know why.
    Also thanks to those who commented! But as far I I can tell, the site seems to be working fine. Thanks again everyone. Please review and share if you have a chance. -Nick

  3. Let’s blow this thing up and sell on here. I’m about sick of eBay. Is there any other options besides that or Craigslist? I don’t want to be killed trying to unload a nice run of batman.

    1. You just became my best friend. The app is one month old. You have no idea what I have planned. You’ll see two big updates coming this month. And even bigger after that.
      But you’re right Kevin. lm putting all my money into developing it and have nothing for marketing. Literally everything into making this the best thing it could be and I’m not even thinking about financial gain. I came up with an idea that I knew was good and wanted to see it happen in the best way possible. That’s why you’ll never see an ad interrupt your experience. I’ve already turned a couple down. If things go right. It’s going to be the innovation the comic book collecting market deserves.
      So yes. Please help blow it up!

  4. How are the key issues compiled? I notice that the lists are not completed yet. Perhaps there could be a submission feature in the app to allow users to submit content for approval. This could allow for a very rapidly growing database.

      1. I was poking around in the app and I noticed walking dead in particular had some firsts and some deaths but not all of them. Few other things as well. I’ll see what I can notice some more and get around to emailing.

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