10 thoughts on “One to Watch: Spawn #280”

    1. Death. Destruction. And deception. Spawn piles as much pain as he can in his attempt to protect a young girl who very shortly will be a NEW SUPERHERO much stronger than Spawn himself.

      1. Looks like issue 279 has a girl on the cover. Could this be someone who was in prior issues but 280 is the first reveal as a hero?

      2. “A NEW HERO PREMIERES! Look for this exciting new character as she makes her heroic debut. Only ONE ISSUE left until the thrilling conclusion of “DARK HORROR!””
        That’s from #281. So could 280 be a cameo and 281 1st full? Could it actually be Cyan which means Spawn #3 will be the grab?

      3. In the 180s of spawn, we see old lady cyan, who is an achivist/mystic of sorts, and shes developed a spell to seal away a vampiric spawn/purgatory person, which was supposed to be the most powerful being of all. Whats been happening lately seems to finally be touching back on that (100issues later). Theres a weird gap in the spawn mythos where the twins were satan and god, and then we somehow see them back in baby form after the jim downing arc, and that was never explained either. Heres to hoping for some full circle closure.

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