Walking Dead Cast Member Joining Fear the Walking Dead Officially Announced

There has been much speculation and conjecture over which character from the Walking Dead would be joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. Odds on favorite was Abraham but it turns out they went in another direction. 
Looks like Morgan is going to make the crossover from Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead. Don’t bother chasing his first appearance, as it was in Issue #1, so that isn’t going to be an approachable flip.
However, we find out the one mystery character we saw this season that Carl met is Siddiq. He first appears in The Walking Dead #127.

One thought on “Walking Dead Cast Member Joining Fear the Walking Dead Officially Announced”

  1. Walking Dead #127 was a spec hit when it was released but now you can find them for cheap again with a bunch of recent sales around the $5 range. Siddiq plays a bigger role later on though, in the comics he’s the love interest of Rosita before she hooks up with Eugene. In a Hacks Email, Kirkman states we’ll be seeing more of Siddiq so it can go either way in the show, he could be a character they can kill off quickly or he sticks around a while.
    My hunch is they brought him on a bit early due to Heath being sort of absent (if you haven’t noticed, that actor is busy now and hasn’t even made an appearance this season yet) so I’m sure they’re gonna play him off as he was scouting for Alexandria, missing all the fun with the All Out War going on.

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