Attack of the Killer B's: Artgerm Mera #1 and Supergirl #17 Variants

Attack of the Kiler B’s showcases B covers featuring top shelf creators on cover price books. Her is a Two-For of Artgerm upcoming covers.

Up first is Mera Queen of Atlantis #1 Artgerm Variant it is out February 28, 2018

Also upcoming is Supergirl #17 Artgerm Variant. This is out January 10, 2018. The cool thing about this cover is he uploaded the original art to his Twitter, and then uploaded a slightly different version showing off subtle changes he made after getting some fan feedback. He is doing a series of covers featuring Supergirl in her iconic costumes.

Here is the original for comparison:

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      1. He just released the artwork to the Captain Marvel Cover. No one has a clue to what it’s going on yet though.

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