Avengers Infinity War Trailer Drops

The official Avengers Infinity War Trailer has hit the net and it looks fantastic. Check it out below.

19 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War Trailer Drops”

      1. Ohhhh man! You asked for it! (literally)
        It felt epic, and grandiose, and a culmination of all these different facets woven together.
        I understand the scale and prep of the world they have been developing… and it’s all very well orchestrated.
        However, it was also loud… and noisy… and felt cliché.
        I understand we know all of these characters, but there are very few I genuinely care about.
        My love for the Marvel movies have waned over the years.
        I felt genuine love for Iron Man and Captain America: The First Avenger.
        The Avengers movie was extremely well done, and quippy; a true Joss Whedon masterpiece, but it was more popcorn flick (and truly a great launching pad for phase 2).
        But then Guardians of the Galaxy was my last true love. Ever since that film, I have not liked anything since. Whether it was the fact that the Marvel formula was obvious, overused, or expired… I yearn for something fresh. I yearn for the love for the characters again.
        This did nothing for me. I felt no pulse. I didn’t expect to however. This movie isn’t meant for that, and ultimately, not meant for me.
        That’s why I know I am the minority.

  1. Strong trailer. I hope they figure out how to make Thanos more than just another Generic Super-Powered Space God.
    Interesting to see so much emphasis on Dr. Strange. Also I’m glad to see Spidey featured prominently.
    Notably absent were the Guardians of the Galaxy… but I suppose they might be saving them for the 2nd movie.

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