Mel V's Variant Picks of the Week for November 29th 2017

What up CHU? Its that time of the week for new comics to be released which means Variant covers. It has been a fairly light end of the year, but we got some good books coming out so lets get into the gettin into. 

GI Joe A Real American Hero #246 Cover D Incentive Mateus Santolouco Variant Cover – Very dynamic, action packed cover featuring Dawn Moreno. Great use of color, it gives the appearance of movement.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #31 Cover D Incentive Harvey Tolibao Variant Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In) – Old Man Logan facing off against the Scarlet Samurai. Giving the Samurai the “bring it on” look.

Eternity #2 Cover E Incentive David Lafuente Variant Cover – High priced variant on a book that will see a big drop off on the second issue print run. I like it. None up on eBay yet.

Ninja-K #1 Incentive Mico Suayan Brushed Metal Variant Cover – This one will cost you. High dollar book. Cover made of brushed metal. All of them should come back 10.0’s

Reactor #1 20 Copy Incv Johnson – Almost no one orders 20 copies of a vault book, even with Donny Cates name attached. Most shops won’t even go to that part of the Diamond Catalog. So most shops won’t even get these in. None on eBay. With that said, you find one, grab it.

19 thoughts on “Mel V's Variant Picks of the Week for November 29th 2017”

  1. I pre ordered GIJoe about 6 weeks ago. I ordered 2x cover a and 2x cover b, thinking this would be her 1st. Now I’m stuck with more copies than I want. However, when I preordered, the shop keep said if they get any incentive variants for this issue, that I would get 1st crack at it. Fingers crossed that I can get that GI Joe Variant. Cool cover.

        1. Yeah… I rarely spec on IDW books…. And if they do heat up, they don’t stay hot for long it seems. The Death of Snake Eyes I held some for too long and I sold some of those for under cover. I should had known to dump them all at release time.

        1. Yeah, I had hoped my shop got some of those RI but they got none. Most people never go for the kids section but its also rare for them to order heavy on the kids books as well. If anyone wants the RI My Little Pony variants… I can literally get them all the time.. Tbats the only book they order heavy on for kids.

      1. Ya. I think I’m done with preordering multiple spec issues, months in advance. I feel like I get burned every time. From now on I’ll preorder 1 copy, and Wednesday Warrior it if the book actual heats up on release day.

    1. It’s an order 20 of cover A to unlock unlimited cover B. So not really a 1:20. But how many LCS will order 20 copies is the question?

      1. Brian Springman also pointed out in Anthony’s pick that they lifted the buying requirement apparently as well. So now any store can order them without buying 20 of cover A.

        1. They buying requirements were not lifted. It is still listed on Diamond that way. Brian thought they changed it from a 1:20 Variant, which it never was. It was order 20 to unlock the cover. Still other than midtown. None online.
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          1. Damn him.. damn him with his information.. 🙂
            As for the cover being a 1:20 variant.. that’s only the buying ratio to unlock. For all we know, someone could buy 20 regular copies and then ordered 50 of the variant after it was unlocked. I doubt that actually happened but this is one we’ll likely never know the real ratio unless Vault comes out and tells us exactly how many were printed of each cover.
            What I hate about this “unlocking” to buy “Cover X” is that it’s trying to get shops to buy more copies of something they might not necessarily sell or move quickly. For all we know there will be a ton of leftover variants and they’ll just slowly make their way into the market.
            It’s all just a marketing trick to boost their publishing numbers and sales, not based on actual demand. Shame on Vault, I don’t like this new trend to be honest.. it’s kind of shady.

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