Teether #1 Comicsheatingup.net/Thecomicmint.com Exclusive

Regulars on the site know I am a horror fan. I scan previews and advance listings for books that look cool. I found Teether months ago and put it in a preview post. Well the book will be out 1/3/17. We have teamed up with The Comic Mint to do an exclusive 300 copy variant. Here is the first look at the cover art. More info to come

12 thoughts on “Teether #1 Comicsheatingup.net/Thecomicmint.com Exclusive”

  1. You have my address Anthony.. some days I feel I should just give you access to my paypal to just buy crap when you hit up the local shops so you can stop texting me your pickups and just start sending me some of them instead. 🙂

    1. The listing will be handled by The Comic Mint as I don’t have the time for shipping 300 books at the moment. And speaking of pickups, I have a video for tonight

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