Variant Envy: Daredevil #597 Shattered Comics Exclusive

Matt DiMasi has been busy doing more homage mosaic covers. He recently finished one for Daredevil #158. This is Frank Miller’s first work on Daredevil. The mosaic was presented to Frank Miller. The Daredevil #158 mosaic will be featured on Daredevil #597 as Shattered Comics second exclusive.

Here is the completed mosaic for Daredevil #597. The book will be out January 10,2018. The books will be up for pre-order around 12/20/17. We will have more details when available. Unsigned copies of their previous variant, Amazing Spider-man #789 Shattered Comics Variant, is still selling for $40 plus on eBay.




And of course, Frank Miller being presented the mosaic.


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  1. Wells Floyd says:

    Gotta have it!

  2. Stephen Hale says:

    All over this!!

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