Shattered Comics Daredevil #597 Presale Open

Shattered Comics has opened up their presale for their homage cover to Daredevil #158 , the Daredevil #597 Shattered Variant Homage (Daredevil #158) is live right now and has started selling pretty well.



Daredevil #597 Shattered Variant Homage (Daredevil #158) is another mosaic cover done by Matt DiMasi, and this time does not have the black border around it making it look even better. The original mosaic was presented to cover artist Frank Miller. For those not in the know, issue 158 is the first Frank Miller Daredevil cover.





Frank Miller, Matt DiMasi, and Little Giant Comics’ Jason Brodnick

From Jason Brodnick:

Mosaic artist and all around cool dude Matthew DiMasi did a recreation of the Legendary Frank Miller’s Daredevil #158 using shattered ceramic tile! Each piece takes 100-150 hours to complete over the course of several months. Matt hand draws each image, literally shatters 4×4 ceramic tile and then painstakingly applies each tiny piece one at a time. Once all the pieces are applied, he and his son apply the grout and it gets sent out to have the frame painted. The image you see on the cover of the Shattered variant for DD 597 is an image of the actual tile mosaic that Matt did.

Matt and I had the pleasure of bringing the original piece this variant was made from to Frank Miller’s studio a short time ago and Frank signed it! Frank is a super cool guy and a LEGEND in the industry! What a huge honor it was for Matt and I to meet him. HUGE NERD MOMENT!


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12 Responses to Shattered Comics Daredevil #597 Presale Open

  1. JayClue says:

    Shipped to Canada for the low low price of $33 (2x the actual cost of the comic). Phooey. Do comic shops in America have stock in the USPS?

    • agentpoyo says:

      That’s Canada upping the cost. I can ship anywhere in U.S. for the low low price of $2.63 up to a pound. 🙂

      • JayClue says:

        How does Canada ‘up’ the prices of a courier or mail service? Tony can ship me a comic for $8, while I can ship a comic anywhere in the states for $5 US. $33 for shipping is due to a lack of interest on the stores part, in finding a cheaper way to ship internationally, IMO. There is lots on interest in Comics up here, but almost everyone I talk to, including LCS owners, do not buy these American store exclusives because of the ridic shipping fees. Then you see these stores selling off ‘bundles of unsold exclusives’ while if they found a way, similar to how Tony does it ($8 shipped to Canada), then I would imagine they would increase the sales of the exclusives by approx 8-15%. With expensive international shipping, everyone loses. American stores don’t get the increased sales and Canadian comic collectors don’t get viable access to the books.

      • Anthony says:

        Have it shipped to me and I slap a new label on it. Gonna start a business.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Oh…. I was just poking fun at Canada…. I hear ya though… I dont understand the shipping costs from some sellers. I know some try to profit from shipping, I think thats crappy. Throw an extra buck or two on shipping to cover materials costs and time but beyond that… Nope!

      • JayClue says:

        I base my estimate of an 8-15% increase in sales based off of population. Canada’s population is approx 1/10 of the USA.

      • JayClue says:

        Lmao. Shit, now feel stupid for the detailed rebuttal.
        I charge nominal shipping. Exactly as you said, just enough to cover all costs involved. No more. I figure the lower the shipping, the more enticing for the buyer.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Nah man… Its nice to know the costs. Then people can call others out. I wouldnt have bought them at that price for shipping.

      • JayClue says:

        That’s $33 US. When I figure the exchange into it, it works out to $43 CND. Craziness. I used to buy a bunch at once and gave them shipped to try to negate the shipping. I just don’t bother any more with store exclusives. There is one shop in my area that has tons of variants from all over. If I see store exclusives there, I will pick the ones up that I like sometimes.

  2. Sam Finley says:

    Daredevil 158, not 157.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    If this was a true homage…. They’d honor the 35 cent cover price tag the original #158 had. 😉

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